IP² NOIR – RAW BW Processing

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173 reviews for IP² NOIR – RAW BW Processing

  1. Brian Bochicchio (verified owner)

    The first word that came to mind about the course and profiles was sublime. To get the most out of this, watch the training and practice. You will be very pleased with the results. You will also feel more confident in your processing. Another outstanding product Blake!

  2. Heike (verified owner)

    … and I thought I knew a bit about Black and White …
    WOW! IP² NOIR opens the door to quite another dimension of processing power on sheer raw data!

    Blake created a wide variety of BW profiles for direct and quick use on RAW level, and in conjunction with the IP²Noir presets the package opens up the incredible potential of ACR and Lightroom when used in such a genious way.
    A couple minutes of editing instead of an hour!

    More even – IP²Noir can also be used with ACR as PS filter and provides quick access to countless possibilities for black and white finishing touches.

    DO read the manual 🙂 In tried and tested way IP² Noir comes with a solid foundation of educational videos and a ton of small but very useful reminders. Wonderful!

  3. Doug R. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic workflow for processing black and white. It let’s me get work done quickly and take my photos to places I wouldn’t have found on my own!

  4. Jeffrey McPheeters (verified owner)

    This is now an essential part of my editing process and not only does it perfect my black and white process; it is equally valuable in the overall color workflow as well, allowing me to improve drama and contrast using the black and white adjustment layers as luminosity mode effects.

  5. ian jenner (verified owner)

    Fantastic, always wanted to get great black and white ,now I can great product

  6. Glen Z. (verified owner)

    Just getting started using IP2 Noir but am finding the results to be amazing! Now have the ability to become so much more creative with my B&W edits. Before, I would basically edit my color image and then turn it into B&W. With IP2 Noir, the B&W conversion is just the start. And what can I say about all of Blake’s training videos? Awesome!

  7. Colin Monteith (verified owner)

    For those that want control over your creative side at each stage of monochrome post work with stunning results. There is no one step preset that comes even close. The videos are amazing and essential viewing.

  8. Dick B. (verified owner)

    If Blake doesn’t know a detail of B&W photography , it’s almost not worth knowing about. And the Critiques set is a required purchase with the RAW Processing Set .And the Critiques set also has a very interesting Bonus set which is mandatory viewing . Over the top ? Uhuh ..

  9. Catherine Steinmann (verified owner)

    I do a lot of B&W photography and the IP 2 noir has given me so many extra choices. It has also saved me a lot of time processing my images. Thank you Blake!

  10. Frank Shelley (verified owner)

    Blake, Glad I found this. Doing tons of scans from BW film and this helps bring out the shades and details. The good news is this is a brilliant product and you continue to show what a smart artist you are but the bad news is my retirement budget is slipping away from me!

  11. Jerrold Billmyer (verified owner)

    I like photography,both color and Black and White. But everyone has or does color to excess. However Black and White requires thought, understanding and the patience to create a good image. Blake Rudis embodies these qualities, because he has a deep background in art, he is an educator and more than that someone who can clearly communicate his message/lesson to the ‘student’. Also he offers a level of customer service/care that is rare, he answers emails, maybe even the phone (never needed to). But to use a popular TV term..’he has your back’. I have NEVER felt lost with any of his training. Thank you Blake Rudis!

  12. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    If you need to up your B&W editing game, this amazing package is for you!
    Blake’s both exhaustive and comprehensive IP2 NOIR course is truly a fantastic addition to the many excellent teaching/resource bundles this incredibly prolific, creative and extremely knowledgeable master has already put out there and for sure, this is one of his best ever!
    The wealth of practical knowledge from this course and the resources to execute the many aspects of producing beautiful and dramatic monochromatic results are all here.
    Do yourself a favor and check it out! Seriously!
    You will not regret it!

  13. Tim Cleland (verified owner)

  14. Geert Noij (verified owner)

    Best results and now always used it for B&W. Chapeau!

  15. Michael B. (verified owner)

  16. Paula P. (verified owner)

    The IP²Noir system that I recently purchased has improved my black and white processing tremendously by giving me the variety of settings that I can fine-tune to the end result that I strive for. The ease in which I can get to the final result is also a huge plus in time savings! The customizable features also give such freedom in how and why I edit in the steps I take. I have found that the time, knowledge, and experience that Blake brings to the development of every new tool he offers has made the decision of whether to buy or pass has become one of no question….if he offers it, it is worth it to my journey in improving and perfecting my skills as a photographer. I have made tremendous progress during the shooting as well as during the post production since the knowledge of how the product is used, adds to my decisions in the field before I ever click the shutter button.

  17. Juha Skarr (verified owner)

    I paid $ 49, but I also think $ 77 is worth the money, I’ve gotten some great results

  18. Richard Olson (verified owner)

    Outstanding presets helping to produce incredible Black and White images. IP2 NOIR via the various presets generates outstanding tonal ranges image files based on the initial RAW file. You can still tweak the presets output if necessary then open in PS for final processing. IP2 NOIR definitely improved my B&W images. IMO, better than Silver Efex Pro.

  19. anoe (verified owner)

  20. Judith G. (verified owner)

    Such powerful tools! Blake has done it again with this exciting new BW processing package.

  21. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    I do a lot of black and white conversions. And I rarely use presets. These presets are are an exceptions. I just can’t stop playing with them. I use them at the end of my PS workflow–go back into ACR and then use them. I highly recommend them if you do black and white conversions.

  22. Marilyn C. (verified owner)

    Game changer process and presets are wonderful for the heritage albums and multimedia presentations I do for others. Your teaching style resonates with my learning style as always.

  23. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Truly the best training of technique and insights for creating amazing black and white images. It has forced me to redo my best B&W’s with this workflow to get emotive results.

  24. Charles Simard (verified owner)

    Awsome as usual

  25. Robert Oberman (verified owner)

    I really like the program. I have been utilizing B&W for a number of years, but this program is fantastic!!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It opens up a whole new world – thanks

  28. Wiktor Pajor (verified owner)

    Just works great. Keep up the good work

  29. bernard adam (verified owner)

  30. David Curtis (verified owner)

    I have always liked Black and White processing and have used Blake’s processing techniques for a number of years. I have used the colour IP2 presets and have been delighted with the way it has speeded up my workflow.

    I was therefore excited when the IP2 Noire was offered and did not hesitate to buy it. I am very happy with the adaptability of the presets and the way it fits so well into my Adobe Camera Raw workflow in Photoshop.

    As always with Blake’s software nothing is left to chance by him, the accompanying education is first class

  31. Tom walker (verified owner)

  32. Bill Bowring (verified owner)

    Excellent short cuts but I prefer the actions in Photoshop giving complete control. Just a personal thing as I enjoy the process. The results from the presets are great though.

  33. James Thielen (verified owner)

    Another awesome tool and super teaching from Blake!!!

  34. Dale Fuller (verified owner)

    I love working in black and white. IP2 Noir is a solid base to creating stunning black and white photos. Blake not only gives a person the tools to create these stunning photos but empowers you to create your own profiles with his education materials . Who else gives you so much material for a great price?

  35. Grant K. (verified owner)

    Have had the IP² NOIR or a couple of days now and reckon it’s brilliant. (I do have another of B/W presets that will now be consigned to the “No Longer Needed” category.)

    I have to say I love your teaching, – tell them what they’re going to learn, why, (most importantly and I’ll elaborate a little more below) deliver the training, reinforce the main points of the lesson with practical examples and finally summarise the lesson (this is what you’ve learnt, etc).

    I’ve seen too many Photoshop/Lightroom Youtube trainers spruiking their philosophies without explaining ‘why’ you should do it their way (it seems as though it’s ‘their way or the highway’). As someone (like many) who’s thinking about handing over their ‘hard-earned’ for yet another photography course, and there’s plenty to choose from, I want to know why I should choose one over the other. It’s not hard to say, “I prefer this method (say, dodging and burning) over another way because…..”

    For this reason I now have one Youtube training channel that I’m prepared to subscribe to, that’s f.64 and ONLY f.64.

    So, first crack at the new program and I’ve got the results I was looking for.

    Blake, thanks again, I really look forward to your weekly posts knowing it’s a day of learning and improvement.

  36. Marnie Haig-Muir (verified owner)

    Great stuff, just what I’ve been hanging out for.

  37. Brian G. (verified owner)

    The education is great – the results of using the profiles and presets has got me very interested in processing in B&W – something I have not done much.

  38. Jennifer F. (verified owner)

    I always found my B&W processing to be a bit hit or miss and the Ps action Blake released not so long ago certainly improved that but these new IP2 Noir presets and profiles have hit it out of the park! Whether I start my raw processing with them or add one of the profiles as an artistic effect after all my normal processing has been done, I am so happy with the results I’m getting. They have reduced my processing time and increased my success rate! Can’t recommend them highly enough.

  39. Fu Shan Un (verified owner)

  40. David Cornwell (verified owner)

    Excellent in every way! I’ve turned to these wonderfully programmed profiles several times so far and am sure I will be continuing to do so in the future.

  41. Keith Grundy (verified owner)

    This has to be the best process i have come across. It has improved my Black & White Photo processing enormously. I could`nt achieve the results i was looking for. That is, until i purchased IP2 Noir. If anyone wants to improve their photos in this way, then i highly recommend you purchase IP2 Noir, as it`s worth every penny.

  42. Bernd B. (verified owner)

    IP²Noir works wonderfully in my B&W work process. It speeds up my image editing. This makes the workflow more efficient. IP²Noir profiles and presets are therefore highly recommended.

  43. Dirk (verified owner)


  44. Gary S. (verified owner)

    Given me a new way of looking at the process of BW conversion. The versitility of the Raw BW processing allows me to fine tune my conversions with a greater expectation of successfully attaining my vision in a shorter timeframe with greater precsion.

  45. Richard Berry (verified owner)

  46. Sherry Felix (verified owner)

    Lots of choices to get the look I want and it’s not just a preset.

  47. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

    Great Course! I am enjoying using the tones of the IP2 Noir in tailoring my colored Landscape with Luminosity blend mode. Makes for very interesting outcomes. Thanks!

  48. Don Waters (verified owner)

    Excellent insight to b/w conversion. Workflow education is very good. Enjoyed the profiles and presets and insight on making our own.

  49. Randy C. (verified owner)

    Very Easy to Use

  50. Harald Koch (verified owner)

    IP² NOIR is a game changer in my Black & White workflow.
    Thank you Blake for your great work.

  51. John Falloon (verified owner)

    Wonderful tutorial on black and white photography!

  52. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

    Works really well when you want to covert a photo to black & white, it so easy to use.

  53. Robert Van Maele (verified owner)

    When I first heard about IP² Noir for RAW black and white processing, I thought “How can this method be better than many other products for the same purpose?”.
    So I watched some videos about that product and was very impressed with the rich variety of features and ease of use within the RAW level workflow. This means you can transform any photo into an outstanding black and white photo without leaving ACR or Adobe Lr! You can use many of the presets that have been added to create different atmospheres and styles. And if you need to, you can easily adjust it to completely customize the photo in seconds …

    I am very happy that I bought this product! It gives me the intended results in no time!!!

    For that I recommend this product to every B&W photographer!!!

  54. Stephen Hall (verified owner)

    IP Noir is a really useful package of pre-sets and instructional videos for producing finely controlled black and white images. Thank you, Blake, for another excellent product.

  55. Gary F. (verified owner)

  56. Henry Stoffel (verified owner)

  57. John Van Winkle (verified owner)

    This is truly remarkable. I’m now going back over several year’s worth of files that I have worked on in color and making new monochrome images that I find are as good, in a different way, as the color images. Read, watch, and follow Blake’s tutorials. They are well presented and essential for your understanding of how IP² Noir Profiles and Presets work.

  58. Martin T. (verified owner)

    Really enjoying getting into B&W with this!

  59. Glen Thaxton (verified owner)

    What a time saver these profiles are. Thank you Blake for another killer product.

  60. Edward Sadler (verified owner)

  61. Eitan Raz (verified owner)

  62. Erny R. (verified owner)

    i bought it because i thought it would help in the processing of my infrared photos ,although not much colour in 720 converted camera . it does still work but in a different way to my usual workflow. i tend to use dxo as my raw converter then into nik silver efex then to photoshop . this just gives me different way to look at my workflow

  63. Claude S. (verified owner)

    To be honest I never though Black & White would be of interest in the digital era. I did a lot of B&W almost 30 years ago, spending hours in the dark room of the company I was working for. Thanks to Blake and this fabulous product I get started again.

  64. Peter (verified owner)

    All the products I have purchased are great, including IP² NOIR – RAW BW Processing but that is also because of the great video course that has been added

  65. Bob (verified owner)

    Exactly as Blake described – lots of ground work done for super BW images. There is a learning curve, it is not for every image, and there are points for tailoring to your own special, personal interpretation. I consider it well worth the price.

    Added: After digging deeper into the package, the included videos are a tremendous help educating one beyond the mere application of the presets.

  66. Colin Baterip (verified owner)

    If you want to kick start your or raise the game of your Back and White process I recommend you put your trust in Blake Rudis and f64 and buy this product. It demystifies BW processing and makes it easy and quick to achieve superb results, and all in double quick time.
    I first bought from Blake about 3 years ago and he continues to bring new techniques, products and education to market which quite simply exceeds every other photography educator out there (and I have personal experience with a lot of them). Every email and question I have sent him has been answered on the same day and not many people do that!
    Whether you are new to Photoshop or an experienced user, IP2 Noir will benefit you greatly. Blakes teaching method brings simplicity to complex subjects with great support material and a pace that’s easy to keep up with.
    Once you have purchased from f64 you will be able to join the Facebook group which is an active community of nearly 2000 like minded photographers with some great discussions and a number of regular contributors happy to help out, answer questions and give free advice.
    Seriously, if you are on the fence on whether to buy or not I encourage you to take the plunge, I am certain you will have no regrets.

  67. Тошко Христов (verified owner)

    If someone wants to see different versions of black and white photography, should try IP Noir. This is a product that can give you so many options that you will surely like someone. Like everything Blake Rudis does, this is again a great app for ACR.

  68. Bryan Cecchi (verified owner)

    Quick, emotive results and will now try more B&W as these profiles are made with (colors) densities to be controlled, light, normal, dark, Nior dark.

  69. Peter S. (verified owner)

    Explaining everything in an easy way so everyone can follow. Telling why he does tvinga. What it affect.

  70. Francis D. (verified owner)

    Great profiles and presets

  71. Jeff Nemetz (verified owner)

    I have been using Photoshop since 1998 but I’ve learned more from Blake over the past two years than anytime before! And now, being able to work with B&W images almost the same way as in the darkroom is exciting! As always, Blake really explains not only why but how to work with your file to absolutely make the image come to life! The attention to detail in the tool being studied absolutely makes you feel like you own it and that anything you can imagine is possible!!!

  72. Mahinda (verified owner)

    Very through videos and learned more about PS & ACR. Tried your BW techniques on my photos, and works really well.
    worth the money.
    Thank you.

  73. Mark W. (verified owner)

    A wonderful set of tools and, because they are so well thought out, they are really intuitive to use. Not being overly artistic I always struggle ‘visualising’ what I’m trying to achieve. Whilst these tools wont enable me to click a button and bang! the image is ready to send to Shutterstock, it does really help in being able to see the impact the various settings will produce.

  74. David Robinson (verified owner)

    I can now produce amazing B & W images in no time at all

  75. Leentje (verified owner)

    Still learning but love it, very happy with this purchase

  76. Brian MacDonald (verified owner)

  77. John Newton (verified owner)

    This is the tool that I’ve been looking for. I’ve used your 4 step process, with a pretty fair amount of success. However, IP2 Noir is a whole level higher. Thank you very much. The Video training is absolutely super.

  78. Ian Bailey (verified owner)

  79. Charles Fleischman (verified owner)

    While I am still learning how to use IP2 Noir I was successful in my first few images to achieve the results that I had envisioned with very little effort.

  80. Susan Nelson (verified owner)

    I love BW photos and have always struggled getting them to look the way I want, after ‘playing’ with IP2, I am able to get my photos looking how I want with just a few clicks. These are awesome!!!

  81. Charlie Isenhour (verified owner)

    The Raw B&W processing system takes B&W processing to a new leve. It’s great thanks!

  82. David K. (verified owner)

    This gives you awesome black and white photos in a few easy clicks.

  83. David G. (verified owner)

    Really speeds up my B&W workflow. I still do some tweeking but it is a real time saver. Thanks Blake!!

  84. Robert C. (verified owner)

    If you want to bypass understanding the nuances of how photoshop processes black and white – and jump to a workflow that will maximize your artistic ability, IP2 Noir is the only choice.

  85. Michael Poirier (verified owner)

    The presets are awesome and the videos are vary informative about the whole process

  86. Michael P. (verified owner)

    I like that Blake explains not only how to use the product, but also the why, providing excellent explanations of underlying methodology.

  87. David McCarthy (verified owner)

    Blake told me he was developing the IP2 Noir presets as part of an email I sent with some questions about B&W conversion. His video tutorial is well organized and the workflow delivery was very focused. I would like to see additional explanation of changing the shape and characteristics of the radial and gradient filter settings. I must say, that all of the the Preset packs I have purchased have become excellent foundational building blocks / starting points, for my ACR edit. Thank you!

  88. Keith Munger (verified owner)

    Leave it to Blake. This approach to B&W is amazing!

  89. Eugenio Garrido Martín (verified owner)

    Una vez más Blake nos vuelve a sorprender con su magia creando y “engañando a Adobe.

  90. Jerry Smith (verified owner)

    Outstanding speed and flexibility for creating B&W images! These are intelligent presets which combine for dramatic and distinctive images you’ll be pleased with and proud to print!

  91. Per E. (verified owner)

  92. ineke van Iersel (verified owner)

    To be honest, I wasn’t much into black & white, but I felt like it the moment Blake gave the first demonstration.
    And yes, he is good at showing something in an understandable way, which is difficult.
    Then I thought ….. just try! so I bought IP NOIR and I don’t regret it at all.
    Get used to it, go through the instructions and then try!
    At the moment I have little time so I haven’t made much yet, but it is a lot of fun to do .. ..

  93. Bertus van der Woude (verified owner)

    Super fast till great results!

  94. Ralf M. (verified owner)

    It helps me, to improve my BW processes.

  95. Frank Hunter (verified owner)

    Another great product from Blake

  96. Raymond Gilis (verified owner)

    I’ve never had anything with B&W. But I trust Blake (I followed his color courses). So I started anyway. And now? Now I make a B&W version of each photo to see where that takes me. Love it!

  97. Brent (verified owner)

    Blake has done an exceptional job on this package. I have tried many b&w preset packages and always find I end up spending more time tweaking the results than if I started from scratch. Not so with IP2 Noir. These presets are organized well and are easy to use to get great results. The other main difference I found with IP2 Noir was the depth of the training included with the package. Well done Blake.

  98. Rolf Sjölander (verified owner)

    Great as usual

  99. Steven Baggett (verified owner)

    I love the way Blake gives you the theory and all of the nuts and bolts associated with the presets and profiles. So you end up with a great set of tools , how to use them, and the knowledge to create your own. I now feel like I can create dramatic monochrome photos. I feel like he just can’t wait to teach you something as opposed to wanting to sell you something.

  100. soumaya s. (verified owner)

    No match to what Blake offers, thank you.

  101. Kathy B. (verified owner)

    I have always struggled with knowing what makes a good black and white image. The education really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

  102. Ian Tulloch (verified owner)

    The profiles and presets in IP2 Noir have really helped to improve my approach to creating good quality and impactful b/w images. They work very well in both LR Classic and ACR and are now a core part of my b/w processing workflow.

  103. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Once again Blake hits the ball out of the park so to speak with another very helpful product. It moves you towards plasticity that most of the presets don’t, because it’s used as a customizable jumping off point. I find it extremely helpful and time-saving in helping me target exactly where I want to go with a photograph.

  104. Juan Acosta (verified owner)

    excellent product. I am still in the process of going through the course. I really love it. thanks

  105. Mary C. (verified owner)

    Great product to have in one’s arsenal of tools for those who love B&W. The ability to adjust settings once a profile is picked is great. Wonderful time saver too! As always, Blake’s products are first rate. I would definitely recommend purchasing.

  106. Terry Schoneman (verified owner)

    This Raw BW processing is a couple steps above all other processes I have used. It takes the BW image to levels I didn’t think was possible and hadn’t even imagined…

  107. Javier Molina (verified owner)

    As expected from Blake’s grad products, this too is unsurpassed!

  108. Andrew-Oliver Gross (verified owner)

  109. David Sordi (verified owner)

  110. Howard S. (verified owner)

    Easy to Install. I’m now making my best B&W images ever.

  111. Ray (verified owner)

    IP NOIR is awesome in and of itself, but the training is what sets what Blake does apart. It is incredible to learn what is under the hood and how to absolutely make the best images possible. It is a very rewarding journey that I am immensely excited to be experiencing.

  112. Eric Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a new concept for me and I think one well worth exploring.

  113. Charles Thomas (verified owner)

    Find this to be a great addition to my work flow. Pictures that don’t work in color are made to work in B/W.
    Great product with great training videos. Worth the money.

  114. Daniela Constantinescu (verified owner)

    I like to have more control when I process my black and white images and it is a big bonus if I can obtain the best results while reducing the post processing time as well. I think your IP Noir does all that for me!

  115. Ben Anderson (verified owner)

    I like color and was never to impressed with Black and White until I bought and tried your IP2 NOIR. Have not produced any thing outstanding yet but I’m still learning and this has given me new insight to B&W processing. I would recommend anyone interested in B%W to purchase your system. I’ve tried the presets in a couple of different programs and they were ok but did not have the flexibility your IP2 Noir does.

  116. Helen Herbert (verified owner)

    Blake has made this simple to navigate for dough heads like me. Lots of presets at the click of a button giving choices of different moods. His introductory instructions are clear and precise as always given with great enthusiasm. Being a lover of B/W this programme gives me great scope for experimentation.

  117. Anonymous (verified owner)

  118. Chong Wu (verified owner)

    I am mostly a color guy with no concept of B&W. So I would not blame the presets for my inability to take full advantage of these presets.

  119. Dave (verified owner)

    Excellent set of profiles and presets and clear instructions on how to use them. Huge capabilities that will take a while to fully get to grips with. Thank you.

  120. SHUBHENDU BANERJEE (verified owner)

    Very new to photography and have a keen interest in black and white, When I started my black and white used to be grey I always though what I am missing, I follow Blake for sometime now, he is a great educator and make thing very easy, This product reduced by black and white processing from hour to minutes, very effective and easy to use. Along with that material which is included in the pack also help to understand the concept and help you mature as an Image maker.

  121. Robert (Bob) Keller (verified owner)

    This purchase fron Blake came at an awkward time since we were involved in a cross country move with selling our Colorado home. I tried to fit in a couple of times to go through the education part during breaks from packing. I have only been able to work on one picture in practice but already see that I should be able with time/practice to greatly improve on my previous rather poor results with B/W. Blakes technique of teaching is quite frankly, unsurpassed. I try to always make myself available for his sessions, but many times our schedule has made it impossible He always allows you to catch a recording at some future date. Out of rank of 5*, he is a 7.

  122. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Exactly as it says, saves hours

  123. Mark Stone (verified owner)

    Excellent way to create B&W images and Blake is a superb teacher.

  124. Eunice Magalhães de Coutinho (verified owner)

    As always, everything Blake does, is just too good!

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

  126. jan gryffroy (verified owner)

    Fantastic tool, easy workflow, superb results, thank you

  127. Gary Culbertson (verified owner)

    Some instructions were not broken down…not made simple

  128. Tom (verified owner)

    love the presets 1 the best ive ever used.

  129. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    With all of my internet issues this year, and travels, too, I haven’t had a lot of time to use this product. However,it’s way up there when I’ve utilised it. Way to go!

  130. Tomasz Tomaszewski (verified owner)

    It is an excellent program that greatly speeds up the process of creating a B&W version of a photo, and in combination with Photoshop it gives excellent results.

  131. Jose Manuel (verified owner)

    Excellent B&W process with infinite variations and possibilities.

  132. Brian Lamberty (verified owner)

    Blake Rudis is such an enthusiastic educator and creator.
    Zone System Express and IP² NOIR are involved programs simplified by Bake’s accompanying videos.
    Although my Photoshop creations are composites, not landscape photography, both ZSE and IP² NOIR enhance my workflow.

  133. ALAN SILBERLIGHT (verified owner)

    A fantastic set of presets! Once again, Blake Rudis provides top quality instruction!

  134. Mark DeMarte (verified owner)

    I love and have been a fan of B&W photography ever since I had my basement darkroom in my mother’s house during my college days. That attraction remained strong through the years even as I welcomed the rise of digital photography which, among other things, took me away from the drudgery of working with chemicals. While I appreciated the convenience of digital, my prints were never able to match up to the snap of the deep blacks and pristine whites I was able to get in analog work…until now. With IP Noir, Blake Rudis shows how to escape from making blah B&W pictures with tonal values that are nothing more than a bunch of grays, and produce imagery with life brought by a gradation of tones that range from pure blacks to a “whiter shade of pale”.
    Thanks, Blake!

  135. william adams (verified owner)

    As with all of the Photoshop tools that Blake has created (like Zone System Express and Palette Effects) this really does get your work to the next level. More importantly though, it’s not just the tools he gives you, it’s the training and understanding of how Photoshop and images in general work under the hood that goes hand in hand with those tools. I really feel that you’re able to hone your eye and your skills with this package and take your Black and White image making to a new level with more understanding. It has simple efficiency yet also has so much to it. Not just a set of presets, a whole training package with tools that dig deep into RAWs. I’m really happy with the purchase. Thank you Blake.

  136. Bill Daniels (verified owner)

    Really effective, and great fun to experiment with. Blake is an excellent educator and the materials he has lovingly crafted to support this product are first class. Fantastic value for money. Highly recommended. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  137. Rohan Nel (verified owner)

  138. Debbie Stein (verified owner)

    I love the presets you’ve chosen and all of the extras are AWESOME! Thanks sooo much 🙂

  139. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    I’m finally getting results I love with B&W processing! I’m finding it much easier with the profiles as a starting point and then fine tuning the image using the color sliders.

  140. Arthur Jacoby (verified owner)

    I see more possibilities and can be more creative. Thanks.

  141. Brice Harbert (verified owner)

    This is a great tutorial. I’ve been making B&W images for over 40 years, but never before had the capabilities that processing with colors in Photoshop provides. I’m getting much better detail in shadows. And I’m able to alter tonal relationships to improve contrast and to get the look I’m after. Blake Rudis walks you through the steps in an easy to understand manner. If you love B&W photography, IP2NOIR is a must.

  142. Hugo G. (verified owner)

    It is great. I used to teach Darkroom Techniques and this digital concept is amazingly faithful to the Zone system. I am speechless.

  143. WARWICK (verified owner)

    Clever use of Lightroom/ACR to accelerate a B&W workflow. Can achieve a great look whether used as presets in Lightroom or a complex layered mix in Photoshop.

  144. Rosemary (verified owner)

    A well thought out tutorial. Well explained and easy to follow.
    Lots of tools and videos included to help you create your masterpiece.

  145. John Thomas (verified owner)

    I loved every part of this. Everything that Blake is doing is making photography more fun and bringing me to another level.

  146. Armand S. (verified owner)

  147. Karen Hudnall (verified owner)

  148. Wojciech (verified owner)

    I like black and white and here I get what I have promised and even more for a quick creative fun. I recommend it to any photographer who wants to develop in this field. For now, I use the translator to learn and watch instructional videos.

  149. Michael (verified owner)

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

  151. Andrzej Kwoka (verified owner)

  152. Kathleen Dragan (verified owner)

    I thought my BW photos were pretty good until I used this. After installing it and watching the training videos, I used it on a photo to see just how good it was. OMG. The photo stood out, it popped, it was awesome. Then I overused it and felt defeated. I discovered this is not a push one button miracle worker. There’s a learning curve to this and since I’ve settled down and began experimenting, it has proven to be a truly worthwhile investment to producing great quality BW photos.

  153. Larry Buckley (verified owner)

    Have to be honest here, have only loaded the presets and filters, have not taken the training as of yet however my expectations are that the training is likely excellent. I’ll experiment when I get there. In the meantime – I give it a 4 because I’ll learn something when I dive into it.

  154. Peter O’Brien (verified owner)

  155. Warren T. (verified owner)

  156. marco spini (verified owner)

    This is promising to open new direction. I do not like complete preset and never use at the end. This approach to build pieces and leave freedom from first sight seems to be consistent on my way of seen. More in general i have almost all your tool and like it. Vote four since not yet extensively used.

  157. Robert A. (verified owner)

  158. Lisa D. (verified owner)

    I am excited to try these on some images. I haven’t started yet, as I am still going through the chroma training. I know I will enjoy these.

  159. Jan (verified owner)

  160. mike m. (verified owner)

    Excellent product with easy to understand/follow educational content.

  161. John G. (verified owner)

    Blake, you’ve put together a great set of profiles & presets for processing image to ‘Black & White’. if the presets arn’t spot on the fact that you can ‘tweek’ them to give an excellent result. I hope you continue to enjoy your knowledge gift of putting these profiles and presets together for us.

  162. Ellen Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Originally a black and white darkroom photographer, good presets and profiles these days are like finding that perfect camera bag for our equipment. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I was able to create a simple workflow with these profiles and presets. The way they are set up, allows me to visualize what I want my photograph to express, and yet, if i don’t like what i see, i can easily adjust each preset or profile to my liking.

  163. tsp kumar (verified owner)

  164. Jim Hafft (verified owner)

    Added entire new level to my black and white images.

  165. Oleksandr Velykoivanenko (verified owner)

  166. Timothy Rohman (verified owner)

    I am still learning all the ways that I can use this software, but so far I am loving it. It has made my initial RAW Processing so much quicker. I love the different options in each of the sections and still going through finding my favorites. This software has really helped me to work some of my images so much quicker in black and white. I can’t wait to finish going through all the training material to make sure I am using this super helpful software package to it’s fullest. Blake always looking to help the rest of us work smarter and not harder. Love it.

  167. john d. (verified owner)

    very good instruction. Some of the best for B&W that I have come across

  168. Joe L. (verified owner)

    There are many sources of B&W Presets and Profiles but Blake did a deep dive into the most professional way to make beautiful Black and White images. I definitely will do more B&W processing with this great collection of B&W Profiles and Presets. Thank you Blake, for doing all the hard work in developing this package. And at a great price too.

  169. Kathy Gabriel (verified owner)

    Love love love this, I use this as a tool in my bulk sessions, selecting a few special images to show clients. I still prefer pallets effect in photoshop for my fine art edits. But I love the possibilities noir creates for me at the raw level.

  170. Daniel (verified owner)

  171. robert bailey (verified owner)

    Always looking to improve my workflow and image processing. This was extremely interesting and I was able to glean some good tips from it. Worth every penny. Thanks f.64!!

  172. Tom Stabell (verified owner)

    Have to work a while to get a good understanding of the whole thing. Really satisfied so far!

  173. Jim Young (verified owner)

    Blake, I’ve learned so much from all your courses, including IP2 NOIR Raw Processing. Keep at it!!

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