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105 reviews for Palette Effects Extended Edition

  1. charles d. (verified owner)

    With the Zone Express and the Palette Effect systems, my workflow, and most importantly my picture interest/quality has improved exponentially! Before these classes, I thought it must be the better equipment that other photographers were using or their techniques in the field were more advanced to make their photos pop with tone & color, crispness & sharpness. After watching Blake’s course study videos MANY times, and I do mean MANY times, and PRACTICING what I learned, and after much work, it finally began to make a major difference in my final photo quality. The response I have received on my photo social media pages is truly inspirational and has motivated me to learn and continue to grow farther in color theory. Highly recommend both the course and Blake as an instructor. First-person I have found that can teach color theory and gives you a system to make it happen simply!

  2. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    Fantastic, will totally change bringing out color in my photographs

  3. Edward Haynes (verified owner)

    It is awesome and well worth the money. It is a great investment in your photography education and your output!

  4. Felix Rivero (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed working with the the PE but the PE3 Extended Edition is greater the gradient and the painting pallet is just perfect for your photo colour.

  5. Christopher Starbuck (verified owner)

    So many options for color grading, and quick to experiment with, to dial in just what the image needs! And the new Painting palette is awesome – just the thing to enhance what’s already there or add some color to dull clouds! Really looking forward to the Extended Edition training – this will be my 3rd with Blake, after CLIR and ZSE.

  6. Nico Broekhof (verified owner)

    Best color grading tool ever, accompanied by excellent education!

  7. Satya Raju (verified owner)

    The EE has not started but experience with previous EE with Blake was been excellent.

  8. Art B. (verified owner)

    While not for the faint of heart, seriously digesting the PE3 panel and its associated training will greatly increase your odds of bumping your image processing to a level attained by few.

  9. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

    Well worth it! Thanks so much!

  10. Joyce Merritt (verified owner)

    Palette Effects 3 with the painting palette and brushes is more of a gift than a product. Much appreciation to you, Blake.

  11. Marnie Haig-Muir (verified owner)

    I didn’t think Palette Effects could get any better, but it did! PE3 is total magic.

  12. Neil Hickman (verified owner)

    The Panel Effects III is sensational – the best yet! The opportunity to take part in 4 weeks of interaction between f64 Elite photographers and Blake in the Extended Edition should not be missed.

  13. John (verified owner)

    It was awesome!

  14. Elisabeth Lindvall (verified owner)

  15. André (verified owner)

    Nice upgrade from PII to PIII Love it! And a lot of teaching videos to put you on the way! Good job Blake!

  16. Robert (Bob) K. (verified owner)

    Updated to PE3 and also purchased the Extended edition. Following Blake for many years has provided huge gains in understanding PS and simplification utilizing his panels. I am in the process of following his suggestion of going through all of PE3 tutorials prior to the start of the Extended edition training. Another plus, always provided by Blake, is the taping of all sessions so if you are unavailable at session time, you can play it when you can. I will have to take advantage of that since we will be on the road during some of the sessions.
    Blakes’s education technique is unsurpassed, IMO and I always gain with every type of session. Highly recommended.

  17. Jose Manuel (verified owner)

    Color in photography is a complex and delicate subject. Mastering it is art in capital letters. To achieve this, you need an excellent instructor and some excellent tools.
    These two needs come together in the Palette Effects III course. Blake Rudis, a former painter and currently a great photographer, transfers that know-how as a painter to photography.
    Blake has created a set of tools, Palette Effects III, that allows you to edit or create the color of a photo as if you had a painter’s palette and a brush in your hands. Is awesome.
    Adding its didactic capacity, the set is essential for those who want to bring color in their photos to the highest level.

  18. Arthur Jacoby (verified owner)

    It just keeps getting better and better.

  19. Stephen Campbell (verified owner)

    I found Palette Effects 2 an extraordinary asset to my post processing. Palette Effects 3 is even better with all the new features including the painting palette.I purchased this without a single moment of hesitation.
    Blake’s products are first class. Coupled with the intensive and complete education bundle he includes this is a must have, if you are serious about your photography both color and black and white.

  20. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    Like a graduate program in color theory and color processing

  21. Mary D. (verified owner)

    I have purchased Palette Effects 11, and use it in my workflow. The product has helped me to achieve my artistic vision. Thanks Blake for all the hard work you put into your videos.

  22. Albert (verified owner)

    As usual nice piece of education, good explanation of why and how ……

  23. John R. (verified owner)

    I have purchased PE, PE2 and now PE3. The Palette painting is a great addition to the panel. I am already using the painting feature to dodge and burn with color. I think the education is great because you go in great detail how it works. I am a satisfied user of you products.

  24. vartkes (verified owner)

    I just started working through the Palette Effects 3 – new content from version 2. Very impressive indeed. The subtlety of the new Painting palette is really GOOD!
    For those that are not familiar with Palette Effects from f64 Academy, the underlying theory and practices taught truly elevates photography into artistry and facilitates the development of styles. Yes, you learn how to use parts of Photoshop but really what you learn is ways of developing your artistry. And that makes PE 3 fantastic.

  25. Mary C. (verified owner)

    As always, Blake produced a phenomenal product and with the addition of the Extended Edition, questions are always answered and tutorials clarified. The quality of the education can’t be matched.
    I have had the opportunity to take many (too many) online courses and programs and I can tell you that Blake’s are the best I have yet to come across. Plus, he has the know how to develop some of the best and most useful panel plugins for Photoshop CC that I have had the pleasure to use.
    Way to go Blake! Keep them coming.

  26. Toshko (verified owner)

    I just fell in love with the Analyze 2 button. It really gives me a better idea of ​​what adjustments I need to make. And in the new panel you add the Analyze 3 button. It shows where I overdid it in my desire to have more vivid colors. The Painting Palette is phenomenal. With it, you can actually paint on the photo so that some colors are enriched at the expense of others.

  27. Bill W. (verified owner)

    I really think the way you teach is just great, you don’t just do something, you explain WHY and what the results are. I was a pilot training instructor in the Navy as well as commercial airlines, so I know what means to teach not just gloss over the subject.

  28. Frank (verified owner)

    Palette Effects 3 is breakthrough stuff in color grading your images. It is amazing that with a few clicks, you can totally transform your images into something much more beautiful and pleasing. And it is fun to experiment and see what you can come up. It is limitless and I think it will make me a much better photographer. Thank you, Blake!

  29. Ian Dodd (verified owner)

    Blake, I have been following you since the early HDR days. Your work and tutorials have always excited me to do more. I am still a keen follower today, enjoying & appreciating your incredible work & ethics.

  30. Birgit (verified owner)

    I love taking photos, and I also love the creative editing of the photos that I’ve brought home.

    Loving to give my photos a sense of how I see the world. A photo is just a moment – but I can give that moment more. Editing a photo is more than just a report on the tones and colors of a given place at a given moment. With editing, I can make my photo vivid and give it a deep feeling.

    Palette Effects III is intuitive and easy to use. It’s more than just choosing from a range of presets that create a layer that I cannot change anymore. With PE III I can intervene in the process at any time. The panel has hours of videos of installation help, background information, and information on every part of this great panel. Blake explains everything so well in short sections that I never felt lost. I’m learning how to do it in Photoshop and I have the PE III quick button and still be able to change any layer afterward. PE III is non-destructive editing in an easy way.

    I love this kind of buttons on panels since I found CLIR last year, and think PE III will be a part of my creative photo editing from now on.

  31. David Burlison (verified owner)

    Blake is a born teacher. He takes complicated subjects and breaks them down into easy to understand elements. Palette Effects 3 is a game changer. It makes changes to your photographs infinitely easier. It allows for non-destructive experimentation.

    I highly recommend Blake and Palette Effects 3 Extended Edition.

  32. Donald Chesnut (verified owner)

    Blake is a wonderful instructor. By going over one aspect of his panel at a time, you have a choice as to how much you want to learn. You can work along with him on his photos and then work on your own photos.

  33. J.R. Milne (verified owner)

    I really like the Painting Palette!!!

  34. Clifford Brockman (verified owner)

    Blake hits it out of the park again with PE 3. Plenty of new features to up your editing game. As always, the accompanying educational videos are superb!

  35. Steve Swope (verified owner)

  36. Dave Sordi (verified owner)

    Blake’s tools and training videos are always top notch! He has been an extraordinary resource for both the creative and technical aspects of photography. You can’t go wrong with any of Blake’s tutorials and tools.

  37. Ineke van Iersel (verified owner)

    Maybe a bit early, but given the previous ones ( for other programs) by Blake, I am very confident that this one is a great succes too!

  38. Lillian G. (verified owner)

    So, I have been using the PE for some years, I confess that using color is not my forte, with the launch of the new PEIII I decided to give myself a new chance to relearn my knowledge by reviewing the entire PEIII course, reviewing and learning new tricks to increase my images …… Blake has an immense ability to use colors to transform his photos ……and he does it very well !!

  39. Malcolm Kitto (verified owner)

  40. David Curtis (verified owner)

    As always the Palette Effects Extended Edition is expected to be amazing as every other extended edition has been .. Blake never ceases to hold my interest with his enthusiasm and love for Photography .. I am doing the extensive education package at present and am impressed with the new Panel .. Bring on the Extended Edition.

  41. Cristen (verified owner)

    I purchased Palette Effects 2 because I knew I was weak when it came to color grading at the end of creating a composite or editing a photo. It’s usually the most important step for tying a piece together or pinning down the attitude I was looking for. Working through the additional education that Blake provides with Palette Effects 3, I’m starting to gain confidence in the color choices I make. Getting easy setup for light painting, something I was setting up from scratch every time I used it before now, was just a big bonus. The palette itself is proving worth every penny, but it’s the education that Blake provides which ensures I’ll not merely understand what the buttons do, but I’ll understand the choices I’m making and have the confidence to make them. There’s more to it than “oh, that looks cool.” Even if it does, is that what you wanted your viewer to see? That’s something watching short, “free” video tutorials can’t do for us, but it seems that Blake’s deep dives and out-of-the-box thinking can.

  42. Alvin Flier (verified owner)

    powerful,subtle,will take time,but worth it

  43. Martin Turner (verified owner)

    Loved PE2, I know I will love getting to know PE3!

  44. Gary (verified owner)

  45. soumaya s. (verified owner)

    Every product in the market should have an extended tutorial like this to stand behind it.
    Blake leaves no gaps in teaching why and how his product works, inspires and empowers it’s users.
    Thank you Blake for sharing your amazing work.

  46. Eugenio Garrido Martin (verified owner)

    La tercera versión de Palette Effects. Si ya la primera enseñaba un modo diferente de usar ACR y PS, en esta tercera, Blake se supera. Revisando las innovaciones, en algunos momentos, he pensado que esto es “magia”. Blake enseña técnicas inimaginables, pero comprensibles. Además, es de una generosidad inagotable: todas las semanas envía un nuevo descubrimiento, fruto de sus investigaciones incesantes. Si le preguntas, infaliblemente responde He abandonado Plugins y programas que utilizaba hace años. Blake enseña a ser metódico, sin encorsetar, al contrario, da alas para que uno vuele y cree su propio estilo.

  47. Paul K. (verified owner)

    Once again Palette Effects makes work flow both easier and has added features that improve my images. The new Painting feature introduced a whole new level of control in achiieving my photographic vision. The education provided is outstanding.

  48. John Schultz (verified owner)

  49. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)


  50. Hope S. (verified owner)

    Your instruction on color theory has helped me understand the digital color wheel and how to apply It to in my photos. Your instruction on workflow—tone, color and effects—and when and what tools in ACR to use has saved me time on preparing my photos for Photoshop and using Palette Effects. Thanks to the clear, concise manner you present educational instruction, I am slowly but surely learning how to use the tools to develop a signature look and feel for my photos. You are truly gifted on delivering crucial information that is difficult to grasp as it applies to post processing DNG photos using Zone System Express, ACR, Photoshop and Palette Effects. Really like the PAINT function in Palette Effects 3. Thank you Blake!

  51. Dave E. (verified owner)

    Top notch work Blake! I can’t wait to get into the live sessions.

  52. William (verified owner)

  53. Dan Spikes (verified owner)

  54. Oliver Johnson (verified owner)

    Awesome. Buy this.

  55. Donald warden (verified owner)

  56. Bryan Cecchi (verified owner)

    Extremely complete. Not have been able to us it too much yet as the training takes many hours…best training ever.

  57. Giorgio Massignani (verified owner)

  58. Michael Wallace (verified owner)

    I am taking my time will take me a lot longer than normal to get through it, really like and enjoy what I have seen

  59. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    I love Blake’s products so much that I must have the upgrades as they are rolled out. Once one understands the functions of all of Blake’s panels you’re able to master your photography.

  60. Bob W. (verified owner)

  61. Mike Cameron (verified owner)

  62. Ken (verified owner)

  63. David Smart (verified owner)

    You explain things very good Blake and I am trying to digest all by watching all content related to these 2 programs and trying very hard to take it in,Maybe one day I will improve and get as nearly as good as you,So thank you for passing your knowledge on too us.Yes these programs are very helpful in the way they work to improve the pic and i would recommend you to others – they are worth the money.

  64. Judith G. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny for the extra explanations and demonstrations with this extended edition. PE3 is a superb took that I use on all of my images. Blake is a master!

  65. Kent T (verified owner)

    As a user of PE2 I was familiar with much of what the panel had to offer but the newer stuff was so cool I just had to upgrade. I knew nothing of color grading until I acquired Blakes Zone Systems panel and I was stunned by the impact grading could have. Palette Effects takes those basics and amplifies them, providing so many additional options that, while simple, can have amazingly profound impacts on your photographs. It’s a wealth of color grading riches.

  66. Robert Glaskin-Clay (verified owner)

    Amazing, effective tool for finishing off photographs transitioning from the technical to the creative / artistic vision. Plenty of education and ‘how to’ instruction. Allows for much easier experimentation & the extended version worth every penny & it has only been week 1. Perfect addition to Zone System 6.

  67. Gérard Blec (verified owner)

    This is an amazing addition to my photo improvement process.

  68. John Alvarez (verified owner)

    One of my favorite tutorials is the description of the workflow using Palette Effects III and ZSE 6. After experimenting with both for a while, I was beginning to figure out how they worked together. The tutorial helped me accelerate my learning. Thank you for that.

  69. Patric Rosberg (verified owner)

    It is clear that Blake wants to teach you as much as possible about how colors affect us in different directions and how to use that knowledge in your images.

  70. Louis Hazard (verified owner)

    While this review is specific to the PE3 Extended Edition, it applies to everything I have purchased from f64.

    There continue to arise so many very nice tools to make one’s workflow not only more efficient, but more creative as well.

    So why does f64 rise to the TOP for me?

    From as far back as I can remember, Blake has ALWAYS taken the time to show me HOW to do it without tools such as ZSE and PE. This way the tools he has created do not replace my own creativity, but provide a way for it to be less encumbered by the technical aspects of using Photoshop. Everything can be done within Photoshop whether you purchase his panels or not. This is where he really shines. Education.

    Before I started watching Blake’s instructional videos, I was constantly looking for some preset, action, or panel to do the work for me. When that didn’t happen, I would get frustrated and think negatively about the creator of whatever such tool I was using. Needless to say, (but I’ll say it anyway,) I was getting nowhere in my own development of editing images. (and it wasn’t the fault of any of the tools I was using.)

    I spent a LOT of money buying every new tool being developed. Many of them are indeed excellent alternatives if one chooses not to use Photoshop. I do not mean to put down or discredit them, or their developers. Yet the reasons I was purchasing them for, never ended up working for me.

    There are still times when I am looking to shortcut the personal work needed to be creative, but Blake has helped me to understand such efforts never work out the way I keep thinking they will.

    Far more than the panels Blake provides, it is the EDUCATION he provides that is worth more than I have paid over the years. I feel that the panels themselves are like a super nice bonus on top of that.

    If you are simply looking for excellent panels to do the technical work for you, Blake’s panels will still serve you well. Better than a lot of the various apps and filters being offered these days. However, if what you are really looking for is a deeper connection with not only HOW to do the editing within Photoshop it’s self, but a wider appreciation and understanding behind why people do the things we all do to edit our images, I believe Blake and his Education will be one of the best investments you can make.

  71. Betty-Lou Luyken (verified owner)

    Learnt so much again. Never thought there was so much to be learnt. The education gets me inspired to be more creative and makes me think about my images in a different way.

  72. Wanda Kelley (verified owner)

  73. Lewis (verified owner)

    After finishing the four weeks of training, the rating will not change. I found the first three weeks a bit chatty. The final week absolutely rocks! It clarifies the creative use of Palette Effects3. I now feel comfortable with the Painting Palette and with the Build Palette It gives a great explanation of the Colour Wheel and the importance of colour. Well done Blake!

  74. Anne (verified owner)

    Definitely a “more than just a panel” purchase! The education is just amazing, and something I review continuously. The package only enhances my ability to use the panel. I highly recommend it, as well as many other products such as My Panel 2, Zone System, 30 Days Mastery of Photoshop, etc.

  75. Robert Oberman (verified owner)

    Excellent product Blake!

  76. Diantha S. (verified owner)

    Great ‘behind the scenes’ ideas for Pallet effects. The workflow image from week 4 was helpful to practice using the different effects in the best place to make the image come to life with colour. I can see how the Game of Tones course was born from this collaboration process. Thanks for sharing this with us Blake 🙂

  77. Richard Olson (verified owner)

    A great and easy use utility to enhance images. The accompanying tutorials fully explain the PE4’s functionality

  78. Geert Noij (verified owner)

  79. Jose Manuel (verified owner)

    The best color theory training I have found. Blake teaches you with such passion that he hooks you in front of the monitor. And the knowledge of his color derived from his training as a painter is reflected in his videos. Essential.

  80. Leon K. (verified owner)

    I have been a follower of Blake for a number of years now. I went back through some old YouTube videos and found the first Blake Rudis video that I saved from 2016. It was a video that set me on the path to developing a systemic process of photo editing, Tone, Color and Artistic Effects. I still rewatch the video from time to time as a reminder. I own both of Blake’s panels and have purchased several of his tutorials. As a former adjunct professor, I find Blake’s style of teaching to be effective without being overwhelming. Thanks Blake.

  81. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

    And yet another addition improving what seems to be perfect! Thanks Blake, you made photo editing such a great experience taking photos to an entirely different level.

  82. Kirk F. (verified owner)

  83. DEAN MALENCIK (verified owner)

  84. Jim Young (verified owner)

  85. Max (verified owner)

    Just another brilliant piece of photographic education. Thank you Blake for these pearls.

  86. Stephan R. (verified owner)

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

  88. Paul (verified owner)

    The learning packages are excellent and easy to follow, even for me as a Lightroom & Photoshop new boy. I have no hesitation in recommending Blake’s Panel, his education package & gradient panels.

  89. David Mack (verified owner)

  90. Steve Bastiman (verified owner)

    Well worth the additional cost.

  91. Pavel D. (verified owner)

  92. Carrie C. (verified owner)

    Awesome as usual! Blake goes above and beyond with explaining things. The Extended Edition is the way to go.

  93. BRUCE (verified owner)

    The educational videos were the best part of the package.

  94. david beaubien (verified owner)

    still learning this one

  95. Ann B. (verified owner)

  96. Robert Ramsey (verified owner)

  97. Juan Renta (verified owner)

    Add power and increased color capability enhancement to your processing skills with PE4 Extended Edition. Terrific value for just $30.00. Thanks Blake for always expanding my photographic horizons! My coffee money is paying off big dividends!

  98. Frank Perito (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten to see this yet since you recommended that I go through the education panel first. As you can see with my review of the education panel, I’m still going through the videos.

    I’ve rated it as a 5 in anticipation of it being as good as the Education Panel.

  99. Jeff (verified owner)

    Much to learn – Blake does a great job of explaining

  100. Linda Hodges (verified owner)

    So many fun things to play with.

  101. Sonja B. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent series to tie together all of the lessons from PE4. Having just purchased the Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle, I couldn’t stop watching! I wanted to absorb it all and learn how to use these panels asap. The Extended Addition content for PE4 is definitely worth watching. Thanks Blake for sharing your passion and knowledge!!

  102. Elsa Hoffmann (verified owner)

  103. Steve Njavro (verified owner)

    Easy to install and the tools are easy to use. More importantly they are useful.

  104. marc Cantara (verified owner)

  105. Wayne Hunter (verified owner)

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