Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle

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The Ultimate Photographic Workflow experience!  It comes complete with over 13 hours of education and two of the most powerful Photoshop tools on the planet. The Zone System Express and Palette Effects are Photoshop Panels designed to speed up your workflow and make your images amazing!

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The Palette Effects and Zone System Express Workflow Bundle

Save $100 off the retail price of the Zone System Express and Palette Effects when you bundle them together!

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The Zone System Express  Palette Effects

23 reviews for Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle

  1. David (verified owner)

    Although it’s only been a few days since my purchase and I haven’t completed the Palette Effects education yet, I have been using the Zone System Express. Since completing the education I’ve used it on every photo I have post processed. I can’t praise the panel enough. It’s made it much easier to get my images toned and colour balanced. The effects that I have used produce very natural looking results. The education is up to Blake’s usual high standard; very detailed but presented in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow along. There are lots of great tips as well in the workflow module. To sum up I am extremely pleased with my purchase and consider it to be money well spent.

  2. Jack Tsuji (verified owner)

    I have just gone through ALL the lessons and still trying to digest it all. Seems overwhelming at first and haven’t had time to try it on my own photos yet. However, it looks like exactly to tools I was looking for to help me get to the more advance levels of PS. Since I don’t use PS regularly, I often forget all the details of PS (eg, the blending modes, filters, and countless other settings). Your zone system 5 and color palettes appears to handle all of that for me so I can concentrate more on getting the photo editing effects that I want.

    I think you have produced a wonderful tools for photographers. I also enjoy your webinars, critiques, and other teachings. You have a very special gift.

  3. Bernd Mayer (verified owner)

    Although I have almost 20 years of experience with post processing of images, Blakes tutorials significantly improved my skills. His ZS and PE panels are extremely helpful by speeding up essential processes in PS. I highly recommend this bundle to anybody using Photoshop.

  4. Christian (verified owner)

    Hands down the best Photoshop education I have seen so far.

  5. Ian Jenner (verified owner)

    The education is great and the pallets are the best product purchased for my photography

  6. Ben S. (verified owner)

    What a truly amazing resource. Makes my editing workflow faster and easier and more creative! I’m only halfway through the videos for both ZE and PE too! Thank you!

  7. Richard Lin (verified owner)

    Currently use Lr, Photoshop and TK7. Your systems, both, are good add on for set the tone right and also final touch up for tone, color & artistic effects. Thank You

  8. Brian Kondas (verified owner)

    Blake is serious about improving your photography. His zone express panel gives you great control over different “zones” of your image from black to white. Moreover, it allows you to add colors to photos in a way I did not know was possible. Blake goes into why he is editing the photo the way he does. He gives you the many learning opportunities to become a better artist. I’m still working my way through the Zone Express videos. Then I will start Palette Effects.

  9. Carl Ledesma (verified owner)

    I am through all of the lessons of the Zone System and I tried one of my own photos. I do think you could do several more examples to prepare us for more situations. Having said that. I already feel I got more than my money’s worth, and I I still have to get to the Palette effects. I love it, and I love the potential power of these tools.

    I just recently purchased everything DXO produced and I love the way they have so many different pros describe how they use their tool for themselves. That would blow me away if I could watch more tutorials of these tools used by different people.

    I love you Blake, but I bet other people use your genius products in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

    At work, I would love to turn on YouTube and watch friends of yours give quick demos. I can’t always be in a deep learning state, but I would love to watch videos in my down time to pick up quick tips.

    That’s it. I knew it would be great, I knew it would be difficult, and I knew it would take time. So I am prepared. I love it and I can’t wait to learn how to unleash the power of both the Zone System and Palette Effects.

  10. Attila Banto (verified owner)

    This is just what I was looking for. The workflow oriented course is awesome. I always enjoy watching your classes because they are right to the point and presented with enthusiasm. Thank you!

  11. Kathy (verified owner)

    Blake is a phenomenal teacher! I was scared of photoshop and stuck to Lightroom. Blake has changed all this around for me, I’m now confident in photoshop and actually enjoy editing my photos now. The level of education and understanding I got from this is worth every cent. Thank you Blake!

  12. Rich (verified owner)

    So far great experience however I’m not finished yet

  13. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    All too often you see must have photoshop addins which fail to deliver or a technically flawed. The considerable outlay on the Zone System Express and Palette Effects bundle made me somewhat hesitant but the quality and clarity of Blakes explanations of the theory behind the tools more than satisfied any reservations I had. I can honestly say that I learned a lot from the included tutorials which are easy to follow and deliver consistently great results.
    Coupled with the outstanding content in the f.64 Elite fortnightly members image critiques the whole experience of the bundle and the Elite subscription will be preferred source of learning.
    In conclusion I have no reservations in recommending the Bundle and F.64 in general.

  14. Doris Woodruff (verified owner)

    Beautiful system to get things done! So much to learn and i’ve barely scratched the surface of what Zone effects will do for my workflow!

  15. Catherine (verified owner)

    Blake’s education is fantastic and helps you get the most out of his tools. I’m still experimenting with all the possibilities but my photos already look so much better already. I highly recommend Blake’s tools and courses.

  16. Pamela C. (verified owner)

    I love the panels and have played with them a little. Still intend to learn the PS features behind the panels to understand them better, before diving in to the panel education. Blake’s teaching style matches my learning style. Love all of his teachings.

  17. Brian Murphy (verified owner)

    Its been about a month and a half since my purchase. I’ve been through most of the training and have been experimenting for a little bit. My response is WOW…. Never have I EVER been able to get my images to look as I saw them in that moment of the shutter release, until NOW. Truly grateful for what you’ve provided Blake. It’s brilliant, easy to follow and an incredibly flexible, yet precise way of working.
    I’m still just at the beginning of this adventure and really look forward to exploring new possibilities with your system.
    We never hear it enough…. So
    THANK YOU!!!
    For your commitment to the art of Photography and the community you help support.

  18. Rick I. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle. So far I have only completed the ZSE, and found it very easy to understand and use, because of Blake’s educational videos and accompanying whiten materials. I love the new way I’m editing my photos! This has helped me to not be intimidated using photoshop. I will probably stick with the ZSE for a week or so perfecting that part of my editing before I move onto the Palette Effects system. Great system!!!

  19. Pat N. (verified owner)

    I’ve only gone through the Zone System Express tools and training so far but they’re excellent. The tool is very well done, super easy to use and well organized. The training is a perfect complement that got me using advanced Photoshop features in no time. I’m super happy with the product and look forward to getting into the Palette Effects tool next.

    I think the blend-if based condensed zone layers for tone and color (just two buttons on the multi-page tool palette) are worth the price alone. These give you the incredible power of Photoshop curves (with layer masks, blend-if, opacity, blend mode and fill) with the simplicity and ease of use of Lightroom’s basic sliders for the highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. If you understand those Lightroom sliders, Blake will have you making much more precise and controlled adjustments in Photoshop quickly.

    And with the training, you’ll also understand how and why it all works. He basically shows you how to do this all by hand so there’s no magic or secrets which is great. The tool just makes it fast and easy. The workflow Blake teaches you also give you a simple and efficient process for editing your photos.

  20. TJ (verified owner)

    I have not fully dove into this yet but I am an F64 elite member and have learned so much from Blake. Everything is always well played out and easy to understand with the reasoning of why you are doing it.

  21. Elsa Hoffmann (verified owner)

    I was lusting after this course for a very long time – and I was not disappointed. This course is advanced and exactly what I was looking for. It is a course I would recommend for anyone who is serious about understanding editing (beyond sliders in ACR/LR)

    There is only so much one can pick up on YouTube – and believe me – I watch everything I can lay my hands on.

    So much builds on the knowledge gained in this course. The panel is nice – but useless unless you understand how it works. I don’t want instant buttons and actions – I am still old school wanting to understand how it rolls, then use actions and buttons.

    One is easily fooled by thinking you understand Photoshop – until Mr Magenta deep dives into that topic.
    A whole new world awaits. Mr Magenta offers intermediate to advance courses on basic and advanced topics, and since I am a QPS (Queen of Photoshop Sluttery) – Blake’s courses are gold.

    This is a course one should go through more than once. But do yourself a favour – don’t just buy this one course.

  22. Lang S. (verified owner)

    Would have liked to see more in depth videos on each button and what it’s typically used for with examples in Palette Effects

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