The Creative Mechanic II

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34 reviews for The Creative Mechanic II

  1. David (verified owner)

    Awesome as always

  2. Robert Campsmith (verified owner)

    Another great product from Blake and Jim. Thanks guys.

  3. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

  4. Charles Lienert (verified owner)

    Creative Mechanic II is another excellent presentation of two approaches to the creative process in photography. Jim and Blake are both articulate well the vision the have or develop for a RAW image and the tools in ACR and Photoshop to achieve it. The dialogue between these to friends is fascinating.

  5. Art (verified owner)

    Reasonable course for dragging me (kicking and screaming) out of my geekish comfort zone. At this rate I should arrive in another ten or twenty years.

  6. Tom B. (verified owner)

    The first series definitely changed my mind set and approach to my editing. Only part way through series 2, the information I have viewed already has provided inspiration to push the boundaries of my editing. While I may not be producing images that will set the photographic community on its heels, I am enjoying my work which is I believe the main criteria .

  7. Eitan Raz (verified owner)

    Hello Blake and Jim,
    I wanted to tell you both that I am still in the middle of the course and I enjoy every minute of it.
    It is a great pleasure to see Jim and you working together. It is always amazing to me that every day I can learn new approaches, new techniques from people I appreciate . This is entirely not obvious.
    Best Regards,

    PS: Are you having some thoughts about CMIII?

  8. Connie McClaran (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed this course immensely. As always with Blake’s material, it is more than just photoshop tricks. He leads you into the why of what you’re doing, but it’s the elusive Why of your own artistic voice, not his own. Collaborating with him on that, Jim Welninski brings his considerable experience of artistic expression and photography instruction to offer us an overall effect of well considered and thought provoking content. If you’re looking for a simple ”how to”, there’s plenty on the web you don’t have to pay for. But if you’re ready for a deeper dive to evolve your art, you can’t beat these guys. Worth every penny. Do it!

  9. Dan Derousie (verified owner)

    This course delivered what I expected, but also surprised me with several really useful insights.

  10. charles dupre (verified owner)

    Really got the most from watching how both of you approached the post processing. I would have like to see your processing involve the Z6 palette. I am more on the mechanic side of processing than the artists side.

  11. Anton Niederwieser (verified owner)

    2 boys on a couch. Nice and inspiring. Good content.

  12. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    I really loved getting the two different approaches to the same photo. I liked the comments and explanations from both Jim and Blake. The only disappointment I had was I really wanted Blakes work on the image to include how he would use ZSE6 and Palate effects on the photos. I would love to see how you use color theory to fine tune theses images or even some of the others taken in Yosemite. Maybe you can do a seperate video or extention on color theory to fine tune. Other than the emission of ZSE6 and Palate effects I really enjoyed Creative Mechanic ll.

  13. Stephen Campbell (verified owner)

    Blake, you and Jim deliver on what you promise.
    I have a great deal of admiration for you both primarily because you tell it like it is and you are true to who you each are.
    I bought the course, CM2, because I also own CM 1; and, I got value from that experience.
    I am not a proficient user of PS as I have always found it way too complex and thus find it frustrating and a bit intimidating. So, for me CM2 is not so much a “how to”; but, more of what might I do to an out of camera image to enhance it so as to transmit the feelings I felt when the image was created. And, how do I transmit that to the viewer?
    For me, CM2 is a thought catalyst course versus a road map to create a pleasing image.
    My 4 rating is reflective of my enthusiasm for the course to date versus its full content. When I complete it, I may well be able to give it a 5.

  14. Gerardo Vuolo (verified owner)

  15. Lennart Brorsson (verified owner)

  16. Felix Rivero (verified owner)

    Very satisfied, Blake style signature education!

  17. Bruce Blaylock (verified owner)

    I have struggled with the idea of being designated as an artist. This course helped me realize being an artist is as much a state of mind as it is a title and that artistry takes place both in the capture process as well as post process. Eye opening.

  18. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed how you both described the way you approach a scene, encouraging us to envision the story we want to tell with the image. I think that will really help me when out shooting a scene. I did struggle with trying to edit the four photos.. I think only because they weren’t images that I’d taken. I still have the fourth one to watch, looking forward to it!

  19. Tormod Malmgren (verified owner)

  20. Neil Hickman (verified owner)

    Although we are not all blind, WHAT do we actually SEE? More importantly what do we FEEL when we see something that grabs our attention? If you want to learn Photoshop techniques that will open up a whole new world in the art of photography (and address the questions above), do not go past the teachings of Blake Rudis and Jim Welninski . Individually they are quite brilliant but what they do together is bonkers! My head is still spinning.

  21. Bill Posner (verified owner)

    A great sequel the CMI, more depth, great instructors!

  22. Marnie (verified owner)

  23. Heike (verified owner)

    With CMII Yosemity the idea of Creative Mechanic has grown and matured.
    The two coaches Blake and Jim discuss, if not to say brainstrom, openly about their different ways to connect to a given scene, to project it to a final image even before taking the camera, to capture and process the photo and to refine it to a piece of art.

    As the predecessor project, Creative Mechanic II focusses on the two opposite approaches creative and mechanic and brings both under one artistic roof.
    Again Blake and Jim process four different images, either in his own unique way, and they explain and showcase each image in a comprehensive workflow.

    They wrap up the workflows into introducing thoughts and concluding reviews wherein they share their beginning to end thought process and experiences.
    Moreover, in a couple of vlogs they also discuss their own doubts and struggles within this process and let us share in their joy and excitement they find in creating.
    The vlogs alone are a course in itself of how to wrap our minds around the approach to artistry – all the videos are inspiration, invitation, encouragement.

    Creative Mechanic II is a strong statement and bold move towards artistry and apt to free our mind from any doubt – photography can lead into the realm of art when we only dare.

  24. Ed Rogers (verified owner)

    I was disappointed with CMII. I was hoping for this issue to build on the first and really dive into creativity. CMI set the idea of free and creative ‘use and play’ set the platform to launch forward. I was hoping that CMII would have been an innovative deep dive into creative ‘use and play’ with Color Space (RGB vs. CMYK), long exposure photography, blending exposures/exposures using tools (‘blend if’, luminosity masks, etc.) which seemed to be a natural step forward from CMI. I am looking forward to the next CM hoping it will build off the previous and masterfully build and inspire others vision and talent by stepping off into the world of possibilities and proposing the question of ‘what if’ as a roadmap to the potential and possibilities with creative use of Photoshop.

  25. Robert C. (verified owner)

    I think you did an absolutely brilliant job. Hit the ball out of the park as it was. It was informative, thorough, cohesive and inspiring. To those who ask why this isn’t included in their F64 Elite subscription or why it costs what it does I have to just shake my head. As I once said to one of my Doctors that I did some personal work for and then handed him a bill for $2000.00 “If I didn’t charge you for what I know, than you wouldn’t respect me for what I can do.” It is to me manifestly obvious that you care very much about the value you provide and the quality of the information that you share. You go out of your way to impart your knowledge at a bargain price. How are you supposed to provide this content if it’s all free? Live in a box, beg on the street for food scraps, etc.? What about retirement some day, your kids education and a million other things. You teach the what, the how, and the why better than anyone else out there, and yet you care more about what you do and reaching your audience than you do about money. Thank you Blake you are a true treasure!

  26. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    I am continually looking for photography courses that will help me up my game. Few do. This course was worth every penny. Jim and Blake are great photographers and even greater teachers.

  27. Steven Schlagel (verified owner)

    The most important thing this course did for me was it made me think. Understanding that I am partially a creative and partially a mechanic and embracing that, while beginning to think in a slightly different way about my photography. Good course if you want to be challenged.

  28. Michael V. (verified owner)

  29. John Fish (verified owner)

    Mostly inspiring; occasionally takes itself as too important .

  30. Roger Salz (verified owner)

    well done, most informative – I particularly benefited to the detail of the work you both put into editing.

  31. Clive (verified owner)

    I just started looking at CMII so far very good

  32. Donald S. (verified owner)

  33. vartkes (verified owner)

    I have the Creative Mechanic I. I am delighted that the volume II has so much original material from volume I.
    I have watched several courses from Blake and the two B&W Artistry from Jim Welninski. They are both excellent educators from a technical and artistic perspectives.

  34. MEHRZAD GHOBADI (verified owner)

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