Workflow Automation Series (for MyPanel)

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14 reviews for Workflow Automation Series (for MyPanel)

  1. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

    I think this is a must have course for reaching the full potential of MyPanel. Very instructive…

  2. Rein Stoel (verified owner)

    Works good

  3. J.R. Milne (verified owner)

    After going through this series of videos, I now feel very confident creating my own actions.

  4. Solvi Bragason (verified owner)

  5. Richard Baker (verified owner)

    Well, I can only re-iterate what I said in the previous review. fantastic explanation of actions with more in depth knowledge of what to do with them yourself. If you, but the panel and just want to park 3rd party actions on there, well cool.( but why stop there?) But if you want to utilize this incredible function in Photoshop for your own peculiar needs, well you got to be able to dig under the hood a little bit more!

  6. Ben Pereboom (verified owner)

    Great course material.

  7. Hans Ljung (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very good explained as all Blakes tutorials are. It is really worth its money.

  8. Richard Knotts (verified owner)

  9. Birger Ryss (verified owner)

  10. Victor W. (verified owner)

  11. John Fish (verified owner)

    I will have to refer back to it as it is dense

  12. Frances Kuelz (verified owner)

  13. David Robinson (verified owner)

    This is just awesome. It has really opened my eyes as to what you can do with workflow automation

  14. Fraser I Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Another great product! Again it reduces time working on images.

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