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7 reviews for Zone System Express Education Bundle

  1. Kitty Kwan (verified owner)

    Taking the PLUNGE!!
    I know very well that I am not alone with our frustration with Photoshop. The program is so very powerful and the results from people who know how to use it just blow my mind away. I have had numerous attempts to learn to use this program. As a hobbyist I take the lessons that were packed with information. Then when I have the time to use it I realize that I have retained very little. Lightroom came to the rescue and I was so happy. Then I found out that it wasn’t doing enough. So I bought the Topaz bundle. My pictures looked closer to what I like but there was a lot of bouncing between presets. It was hard to pinpoint in detail what the preset had changed. I felt that there were still things that I like to do with my pictures but didn’t know how to. I thought I would have to live with that.
    Blake announced his launch of Zone System Express. I have always admired Blake’s photos. Deep down I know I will not be able to learn and would not spend the effort to learn how Blake transforms his pictures. I watched Blake’s prelaunch introduction of ZSE and was very curious about his approach. I watched the launch video and was convinced that I needed to spend the money and time to get to know this method more. If it works then this would be the only path that I know of that could take me to another level. I downloaded Photoshop CC, ZSE bundle and have them installed. Then I was glued to my computer for the rest of the long day. I gave attention to every lesson and watch them all to get an overview. Now I can say I have made the right decision.
    Blake has done an amazing job in finding a way to crack the powerful Photoshop so that users don’t get caught up in the messy sea of Photoshop tricks and tips. Now we have a way to navigate and learn.
    The ingenious invention that Blake has devised is the workflow. The clean tool panel that simplifies where to find the tool we need. The methodology makes sense and easy. What is hard is going to be about what I can do with this amazingly powerful tool. Do I know what I want to paint as an artist? I guess this will be my next big lesson with Blake.
    Kitty Kwan

  2. Jason Ogden (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Blake’s Zone System a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a variety of photography educational material and in that material was some training titled Black, White & Beyond – The Digital Zone System by Blake Rudis.

    I had been desperate to figure out a post processing workflow that was more than randomly moving sliders in Lightroom hoping to get the desired effect I was after. I had purchased many different Lightroom presets and several different plugins from different companies with the hope of making my post processing easier. While all of these things were good and fun it only added to my frustration over time. After all of these purchases I still felt like I was randomly moving sliders around hoping that I would get lucky with something that looked nice. Additionally, I knew all of these things could be done in Photoshop but I always felt too intimidated to try to learn the program. I have watched video after video online in regards to Photoshop but never really ran across one that would help me develop a way to consistently post process a photograph that in the end would translate into something that reflected my own artistic touch. I felt like most online tutorials gave me bits and pieces of Photoshop but never brought it together in a holistic way that would be helpful.

    After stumbling across Blake’s Zone System ( Black, White & Beyond – The Digital Zone System ) and watching one of his tutorials, I was amazed that someone was actually communicating and demonstrating a way to post process that actually made sense. I started following along in his tutorial on some of my own photographs and was absolutely amazed at what I was able to do in Photoshop using his Zone System.

    For the first time in my life post processing actually made sense. I decided to check out Blake’s website (f64 Academy) and quickly learned that he offered a more in depth product called the Zone System Express Education Bundle. After watching his short video describing this product I knew that this was something that I had to get. The former Zone System product that I had was only the tip of the iceberg. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant in spending the $247 for this product. I was afraid that I would spend the money and get another product that only would end up disappointing me by having to resort to doing random things (like sliding sliders again) to post process a photograph. I finally got up enough nerve to press the “buy” button.

    After getting into the courses on the Zone System Express I knew that this purchase was totally worth it. Let me just say this…if your experience is similar to mine when it comes to post processing and if you have always felt a little bit intimidated to dig deeper into Photoshop this Zone System Express Education Bundle is for you! This will be the best $247 that you likely will ever spend on learning how to post process your stuff. Blake is an awesome teacher! He explains things really well and is super easy to listen to. He is a very humble teacher whose teaching style is just plain awesome.

    If you do decide to purchase this please start from the beginning and don’t skip ahead. Everything that Blake teaches builds upon itself. He breaks down the subject matter into bite sized chunks that make it very easy for the student to chew. Don’t just go through the course one time. Go through the material several times until you actually begin to understand what he is explaining. I’ve noticed that some things in Photoshop are kind of hard to understand initially. Play the video again and again until you understand whatever it is Blake is trying to teach you about whatever the topic might be. Trust me…it will all start to come together and you will finally feel like there is hope to post process in a manner that is consistent that will give you amazing results all the while allowing you to put your own creative touch into the process.

    Last point I would like to make… I know this has been lengthy but if you can, I would also encourage you to become a member of f64 Academy Elite. Blake is committed to creating an educational experience on his website that is truly designed to meet your educational needs as you grow as a photographer. The website is fairly new and he is committed to rolling out more and more educational content out to help serve you. Not only that, as a member you have social interaction with other f64 members who are there to mentor, encourage and just be there with and for you on your photography journey.

    So there you have it! Get the training and become a member!

  3. drsteven (verified owner)

  4. Ellenotr (verified owner)

    Wonderful instruction and information provided .. found i wanted more …

  5. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

  6. Mark LaFreniere (verified owner)

    This course has been a real eye opener for me. Blake does a great job in giving a better understanding of tones and colors. I never realized how much you can change tones & color schemes with a photo. There is a bit of a learning curve for me concerning the Zone System, i am still in the process of learning all that you can do. But i think once i comprehend more of the teaching in the course it will be a very handy tool in my workflow. Very excited to see what i can create with the Zone System. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is willing to take the time & learn all what this course has to offer. In the long run it will reveal how you take your photo’s in the field and what you can create in post processing. Great Job Blake.

  7. fotodoos1 (verified owner)

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