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245 reviews for Zone System Express 7 Education Bundle

  1. Kitty (verified owner)

    Taking the PLUNGE!!
    I know very well that I am not alone with our frustration with Photoshop. The program is so very powerful and the results from people who know how to use it just blow my mind away. I have had numerous attempts to learn to use this program. As a hobbyist I take the lessons that were packed with information. Then when I have the time to use it I realize that I have retained very little. Lightroom came to the rescue and I was so happy. Then I found out that it wasn’t doing enough. So I bought the Topaz bundle. My pictures looked closer to what I like but there was a lot of bouncing between presets. It was hard to pinpoint in detail what the preset had changed. I felt that there were still things that I like to do with my pictures but didn’t know how to. I thought I would have to live with that.
    Blake announced his launch of Zone System Express. I have always admired Blake’s photos. Deep down I know I will not be able to learn and would not spend the effort to learn how Blake transforms his pictures. I watched Blake’s prelaunch introduction of ZSE and was very curious about his approach. I watched the launch video and was convinced that I needed to spend the money and time to get to know this method more. If it works then this would be the only path that I know of that could take me to another level. I downloaded Photoshop CC, ZSE bundle and have them installed. Then I was glued to my computer for the rest of the long day. I gave attention to every lesson and watch them all to get an overview. Now I can say I have made the right decision.
    Blake has done an amazing job in finding a way to crack the powerful Photoshop so that users don’t get caught up in the messy sea of Photoshop tricks and tips. Now we have a way to navigate and learn.
    The ingenious invention that Blake has devised is the workflow. The clean tool panel that simplifies where to find the tool we need. The methodology makes sense and easy. What is hard is going to be about what I can do with this amazingly powerful tool. Do I know what I want to paint as an artist? I guess this will be my next big lesson with Blake.
    Kitty Kwan

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Blake’s Zone System a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a variety of photography educational material and in that material was some training titled Black, White & Beyond – The Digital Zone System by Blake Rudis.

    I had been desperate to figure out a post processing workflow that was more than randomly moving sliders in Lightroom hoping to get the desired effect I was after. I had purchased many different Lightroom presets and several different plugins from different companies with the hope of making my post processing easier. While all of these things were good and fun it only added to my frustration over time. After all of these purchases I still felt like I was randomly moving sliders around hoping that I would get lucky with something that looked nice. Additionally, I knew all of these things could be done in Photoshop but I always felt too intimidated to try to learn the program. I have watched video after video online in regards to Photoshop but never really ran across one that would help me develop a way to consistently post process a photograph that in the end would translate into something that reflected my own artistic touch. I felt like most online tutorials gave me bits and pieces of Photoshop but never brought it together in a holistic way that would be helpful.

    After stumbling across Blake’s Zone System ( Black, White & Beyond – The Digital Zone System ) and watching one of his tutorials, I was amazed that someone was actually communicating and demonstrating a way to post process that actually made sense. I started following along in his tutorial on some of my own photographs and was absolutely amazed at what I was able to do in Photoshop using his Zone System.

    For the first time in my life post processing actually made sense. I decided to check out Blake’s website (f64 Academy) and quickly learned that he offered a more in depth product called the Zone System Express Education Bundle. After watching his short video describing this product I knew that this was something that I had to get. The former Zone System product that I had was only the tip of the iceberg. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant in spending the $247 for this product. I was afraid that I would spend the money and get another product that only would end up disappointing me by having to resort to doing random things (like sliding sliders again) to post process a photograph. I finally got up enough nerve to press the “buy” button.

    After getting into the courses on the Zone System Express I knew that this purchase was totally worth it. Let me just say this…if your experience is similar to mine when it comes to post processing and if you have always felt a little bit intimidated to dig deeper into Photoshop this Zone System Express Education Bundle is for you! This will be the best $247 that you likely will ever spend on learning how to post process your stuff. Blake is an awesome teacher! He explains things really well and is super easy to listen to. He is a very humble teacher whose teaching style is just plain awesome.

    If you do decide to purchase this please start from the beginning and don’t skip ahead. Everything that Blake teaches builds upon itself. He breaks down the subject matter into bite sized chunks that make it very easy for the student to chew. Don’t just go through the course one time. Go through the material several times until you actually begin to understand what he is explaining. I’ve noticed that some things in Photoshop are kind of hard to understand initially. Play the video again and again until you understand whatever it is Blake is trying to teach you about whatever the topic might be. Trust me…it will all start to come together and you will finally feel like there is hope to post process in a manner that is consistent that will give you amazing results all the while allowing you to put your own creative touch into the process.

    Last point I would like to make… I know this has been lengthy but if you can, I would also encourage you to become a member of f64 Academy Elite. Blake is committed to creating an educational experience on his website that is truly designed to meet your educational needs as you grow as a photographer. The website is fairly new and he is committed to rolling out more and more educational content out to help serve you. Not only that, as a member you have social interaction with other f64 members who are there to mentor, encourage and just be there with and for you on your photography journey.

    So there you have it! Get the training and become a member!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Ellen (verified owner)

    Wonderful instruction and information provided .. found i wanted more …

  5. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

  6. Mark LaFreniere (verified owner)

    This course has been a real eye opener for me. Blake does a great job in giving a better understanding of tones and colors. I never realized how much you can change tones & color schemes with a photo. There is a bit of a learning curve for me concerning the Zone System, i am still in the process of learning all that you can do. But i think once i comprehend more of the teaching in the course it will be a very handy tool in my workflow. Very excited to see what i can create with the Zone System. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is willing to take the time & learn all what this course has to offer. In the long run it will reveal how you take your photo’s in the field and what you can create in post processing. Great Job Blake.

  7. Riet van den Berg (verified owner)

  8. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    About a year ago I decided it was time to learn to process my images in Photoshop. Photoshop always seemed way to complicated. Luckily I discovered Blake on You Tube and started watching his videos. Before long I bought the ZSE system and the course that comes with it. I felt like over this past year, I went from a beginner to advanced user, able to do things I could never have imaged with my images. The course is amazing and with ZSE and Blake’s teachings on post processing and workflow anyone who puts in the time can do what I did. If you have been afraid to take up Photoshop fear no more.

  9. Colin Baterip (verified owner)

    I have been a member of f64 Academy for 9 months and have been using Blakes systems during that time. I have not previously reviewed but he has just launched Zone System Express 6 and I have the free ugrade which is a major step forward. The previous version was fantastic, but this new release goes to a whole new level and I would recommend it to anyone serious about improving their images and style.
    After 3 years learning photography, I became frustrated that although my images were pretty good, they weren’t “stand-out” good. I was frustrated because I did not know how to make them better. I had toyed with Photoshop but found it overwhelmingly complicated and was primarily using Lightroom, Nik and Luminar.

    Then I stumbled across a Blake Rudis f65 Academy video and the lights inside my head suddenly came on. Here was a teaching style that broke everything down into bite-size chunks, was logical and easy to follow.

    I purchased Blakes two Panels, Zone System Express 5 and Palette Express. I must have spent 150 hours watching the training videos that came with the systems and they have transformed the way I work and the results I am getting. Nine months on and I now have a very good understanding of photoshop, and the panels enable me to work quickly and experiment in a non-destructive way. I look at lots of images on Flickr and 500px and know that I m now able to do things that most photographers don’t do or don’t know and I really do believe that my images are now starting to “stand-out”. AND most of all, processing has become fun again.

    I didnt understand it before, but what was frustrating me was that I didnt feel I had my own artistic style, in fact I didnt think I had any artistic ability at all. What I now realise is that it was in there all the time and my frustration was that I didnt have the knowledge or skill to get it out. Now I do and it is because of Blake and his f64 Academy and the two systems he has produced.

    On the face of it, these systems and the training videos seem a lot of money, but they have proved to be more valuable to me than any of my much more costly camera kit and the training alone is worth its weight in gold.

    I also joined f64 and pay my monthly subscription. Every month, Blake produces new material and also runs critique sessions on images submitted by members. These are enormously useful and a continuing source of knowledge.

    Blake doesn’t just how you what the buttons do, he works through numerous examples of how they can be used for to achieve different effects and I would defy anyone not to be inspired by him.

  10. John Meo (verified owner)

    Purchasing the ZSE is not simply an investment in another Photoshop (PS) tool. Rather, it is an investment in this man, Blake Rudis. Blake’s ZSE is the results of years of image workflow development along with the most straight forward way to implement it in the beast known as PS. The tool helps you implement his vision for you – i.e. to become the artist he knows you aspire to be – which is a departure from the many other tools (or presets) on the market designed to get you to push buttons in order to achieve someone else’s look on your pictures.

    The ZSE allows you to concentrate more on your artistic vision rather than worrying about how to get PS to do what is in your mind’s eye. Blake will make sure you understand how to use his tool, not only with accompanying education but by making himself available for questions – far beyond what most instructors would do. There is almost nothing this man won’t do to assist you in becoming a better photographer artist.

    Blake is that rare teacher who is dedicated to your success. You will come to consider any investment in him to be the best photography investment you’ve ever made – I certainly do. I’m to the point that if Blake puts something new out, I know it is in my best interest to get it. The ZSE is by far no exception and I can give it my highest recommendation!

  11. Paul Tottman (verified owner)

    Having been with Blake since the beginning of f64, I have worked with every version of ZSE. The latest iteration ZSE6 is the best yet by far. But of course you are not buying just another panel, the education that is included will transform the way that you think about your photography and the processing of images. It is a complete mindset, of how, why and when to use the various tools to transform your image into one that stands out from the crowd. I was lucky, I found Blake early in my digital photography comeback and it has taken me to a level that I never dreamed that I could achieve. Investing in ZSE6 will be the best decision that you ever make – joining f64 Elite, the second. There are many great teachers out there but Blake Rudis is in a class of his own when it comes to showing you more than just how to use PS. OK, I’m biased but when I look back at what I was doing 4 years ago and compare it to now – there is no comparison.

  12. Brian Bochicchio (verified owner)

    Purchasing it was such a smart choice for me. ZSE offers convenience and granular control in your edits. The panel layout and tools are well organized so things are easy to find and in places that make sense. It’s also non-destructive. So making changes even after you have saved and closed the project is easy.

    The training included goes beyond the panel and really gets you to think about your images and approach to post processing in new ways. It also builds your confidence with Photoshop and encourages experimentation while teasing out your inner artist.

    Beyond the panel and videos there is an excellent Facebook group of people like you and me. Blake regularly participates and engages with the group. Plus, he is always creating and releasing new content via F.64 Academy and YouTube.

    Also, ZSE continuously evolves. So as best practices and processes change they will typically make their way into the next release. I started with ZSE 4. Updates to 5 and 6 and the training material have been free! *boom*

    If you are on the fence, I would recommend you watch some of Blake’s videos on YouTube or even better on the F.64 Academy website. So you can get a feel for how he teaches and some of what you will learn.

    If you want an elevator pitch for ZSE here it is. If you are ready to kick off the “click to win” training wheels. If you are ready to dig deeper into the craft. If you want to create powerful and artistic images that are uniquely yours! And, you are willing to invest in yourself. Then you are in the right place and about to buy the right product and training.

  13. John P. (verified owner)

    The Extension software itself is great, but the how, and why you might use it is of the most benefit. Personally, I’m not one who enjoys presets, etc. I prefer to understand how it was done, and this bundle lets you see why/how. Best PS related software I have purchased to date. Thanks f64.

  14. Joe Steger (verified owner)

    Before I discovered Blake and the Zone System Express 4.0, I was very frustrated with Photoshop. I watched some YouTube videos, but would not know where to began. I really only used Photoshop to remove distractions from my images. I did, however, consider myself a knowledgeable user of Lightroom. After initially discovering Blake, I purchased the ZSE4 Bundle. ZSE4 and ZSE5 has taken my workflow, Photoshop knowledge, and photo editing to a significantly higher level. I just upgraded to ZSE6 and am really looking forward to using the new “Blend If” features of the Panel to automate and take my workflow to the next level.

    Blake is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic Photoshop user and educator. This is very clear as you watch the educational videos included with the ZSE6 bundle or other videos Blake has on the Internet. I have watched many Photoshop and other videos by other individuals on YouTube. In many cases the individual may have posted amazing photos, but is not engaging and appears to be thinking through his steps along the way. For me, this makes for a very long and boring video and takes away from the leaning process. Blake’s enthusiasm and ability to clearly articulate not only his objective but the theory behind it makes all of his videos top notch. Blake will teach you about how a photo is broken down into various tones and the importance of color theory in processing. This, along with Blake’s descriptions behind what the various adjustments and tools within Photoshop actually do, provide the “why” and the “how” of his workflow and the components of the ZSE6. I periodically go back and re-watch certain of Blake’s videos to reinforce my knowledge in certain areas.

    In addition to highly recommending ZSE6, I’m a subscriber to and would highly recommend f.64 Elite. As part of f.64 Elite, Blake holds monthly photo critique sessions in which members anonymously submit photos for Blake to critique. This is done in a very positive way, Blake points out the good points of the photo and provides suggestions on how to take them to an even higher level. This is a great way to reinforce or learn new skills. I’m constantly learning from these critique sessions. I hope Blake would agree that my processing skills have improved over the past few years since I started submitting photos. For a recent monthly photo challenge on f.64 Elite, Blake had the members go back and reprocess a favorite photo from a few years ago. I took a photo that was hanging in my den and for which I have received several complements. Using ZSE5, Palette Effects 2.0 and some other skills Blake has taught us, I was able to make some improvements that took the photo to a new level. F.64 Elite has many other valuable courses available to members.

    I’m looking forward to participating in the Extended Edition of ZSE6 and taking my workflow to even higher level. Blake, keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future.

  15. Austin T. (verified owner)

  16. jbasch (verified owner)

    Not sure how I discovered Blake a little over a year ago, but by the grace of God I did. There are lots of good educators out there and I have purchased stuff from several of them. But none of them have come close the the value I get from Blake and ZSE.

    Simply put, ZSE and Blakes teachings are some of the best out there and continue to take my photo’s to new levels. I say continue, as I have watched the video’s multiple times, and each time I discover something new.

    I literally use it nearly every photo I edit. Sometimes it’s just basic tone adjustments using the curves. Sometimes it’s full Tone, Color and Effects edits. The great thing is the tool allows for all levels and there is still more tool for me to use. Am I a fan? You bet. How valuable you might ask. Well I recently edited my daughters wedding photo’s and created a book for her. The look on her face, the tears as she looked from picture to picture and the comments she made. Let’s just say Priceless. I could not have done it without ZSE, PE and Blakes teachings. Thank you Blake. Blake and his tools and teachings are the best money I have spent. I just started using ZSE6 and it’s on a whole new level (which I did not think was possible), while still being simple to use. You won’t be disappointed.

  17. Hans Ulrich (verified owner)

    superb tool

  18. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

  19. Art B. (verified owner)

    Blake has unlocked much of Photoshop’s advanced and hidden power with ZSE6. The video tutorials get so deep that you might need to pause for air. It’s truly expanding PS skills at a rate equivalent to ‘drinking from the proverbial fire hose.’ Mastering ZSE6 will no doubt take me a while, but I’ve already been able to put it to very good use after a single excursion through the tutorials. My bag of tricks now overflows.

  20. Ralph Marriott (verified owner)

  21. Brian Andrews (verified owner)

    I have only just begin the Zone System Express portion of this course and it is already giving me tools and options that I had previously only did by trial and error (mostly error). ‘The Basics’ course is allowing me to now understand what I am doing and why. The Zone System portion is now giving me powerful tools that I can use with the knowledge of what I can and cannot do for my images.

  22. robert walker (verified owner)

    This is more than just a panel that lets you process images.It is an education system,if you delve into the layers,masks etc that ZSE makes for you.Then you are really accelerating your PSCC knowledge.An education course on PSCC to this level would cost far far more.Blake has taken his PSCC knowledge,put it into a panel and made education videos as well.If you are really serious about photography,from pressing the shutter to post processing,buying this should be a no brainer.

  23. Ken W. (verified owner)

    Blake is probably the best educator on Photoshop – anywhere. This upgrade manifestation of his already popular product is the icing on the cake. Thanks Blake.

  24. Richard (verified owner)

  25. Juan Renta (verified owner)

    This education package is a bargain. I wish that I had bought it sooner. I’ve learned more about Photoshop and the workflow process with this package than I have in the previous seven years that I’ve been using PS. The module sequence is logical and well-organized and Blake’s superb instruction makes for a very easy and rewarding learning experience; I am 69 years old and had no problems with any of the modules/instruction. The ZSE panel is absolutely fabulous and a big time saver. Thank you Blake for sharing your wonderful expertise with us and help make us better photographers/artists!

  26. Larry Citra (verified owner)

    I am finding the tutorials very well done and extremely helpful. Loads of useful information! Well done Blake!

  27. Wayne W. (verified owner)

    I have only completed the Basics course and the introduction to the Zone System Express and I am already hooked. Blake’s super enthusiastic style is so compelling, but more importantly he covers the “details” and the “why’s” that I have not learned from all the other courses I have tried. Blake, you want to be the best educator on PS, and I am happy to give you my vote. Well done and thanks!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have not finished the tutorials, but so far, the material is good, but my only complaint is you move to fast. Slow down and take a breath.

  29. Александр Калиненко (verified owner)

    The best panel for Photoshop in my work!

  30. kathy towe (verified owner)

    I have been listening to the videos – a lot of very good information!!

  31. Barry B. (verified owner)

    I’ve taken a number of courses on PS over the years, but none have had the insight into how to look at an image and think about how you want to enhance it, based on color theory. It provides the most in depth look at how you can harness the power of PS to create images. Couple that with a tool that makes the process far easier, it’s a great product (note: I’m not even thru the entire course yet, and already my brain is thinking about images I’ve shot (and will be shooting professionally), and the kinds of effects/editing I want to explore. I’ve known about Ansel Adam’s Zone System for some time, but this is the first time I’m beginning to understand it. Am excited to finish the course and start applying both the learning and the tools you’ve created. Highly recommend to anyone.

  32. Peter (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying learning more about Photoshop and getting the most out of my photographs

  33. Madhukar Loomba (verified owner)

  34. Gordon (verified owner)

    Hi Blake,

    The product is impressive and wonderful, as usual, but it is the educational/instruction portion that was even more outstanding for me. I knew that I would receive a first-class, useful and inspiring product because I had previously purchased another of Blake’s palettes; however the amount of thought and work that went into the instructional videos made all the difference. Once I had worked through all the workflow and instructional videos, some twice, it was easy to start working with the zone system. Also, I had a question about the download on the date of purchase, and Blake was available personally to respond right away.

  35. Carl Meibergen (verified owner)

    I am working my way through the ZSE education modules. I appreciate how Blake has structured this package. Giving everyone a true ‘game plan’ when it comes to the post production of our images. For too long I have used the ‘guess and check’ method of image processing. Following Blake’s mantra of Tone, Color, Effects is a simple and effective way to standardize our practice.

  36. Johan Coetzee (verified owner)

    I have discovered new aspects of photo editing never realised before.

  37. Simon Ray (verified owner)

    This education is well presented and has something for everyone. It’s certainly changed my way of approaching both my editing and shooting.

  38. Randy Washam (verified owner)

    All Blake’s Products do what he says and more. Video training as good as it gets. Could not be happier. My only question is what do you recommend as Picture Style setting , in camera, to get the wanted contrast to process ?

  39. Steve M. (verified owner)

  40. Lawrence H. (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. Martina E. (verified owner)

    Running the video alongside my own Photoshop I managed to install the ZSE which, for my computer skill levels is an achievement in itself. Now I’m slowly making my way through the modules in the same fashion – two windows, one to watch and one to follow alongside.
    What I’ve seen so far not only explains many things I couldn’t get to grips with on Photoshop. Only a few videos into the course, I’ve already had loads of eureka moments because suddenly whys and hows about photography I knew but not really understood, have become clear.
    I’m sure ZSE is brilliant for people with experience; but an older person like myself with minimal photography, editing and computer skills will benefit even more.

  43. Bill (verified owner)

  44. Eugene DuCom (verified owner)

    Great value, concentrating on the basics right now.

  45. Joe Dostal (verified owner)

    Love your teaching style and the attention to detail

  46. Rebecah Thompson (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough how much I love ZSE6! I still have a lot to learn, but even so my photos are already looking so much better. Thanks Blake!!

  47. Paul M. (verified owner)

  48. Stefan Mogyorosi (verified owner)

  49. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Obviously takes some time to absorb. Been traveling and have not had much time, so far it’s remarkable!

  50. Samuel Davey (verified owner)

    Brilliant, the education is excellent, I feel that I have moved on several years in my Photoshop skills and understanding since buying the zone system express bundle.
    Blake has done a amazing job of bringing it all together in a usable user friendly panel that makes his years of experience accessable.

    I went from confusion and frustration at Photoshop to now feeling it’s working out and the results are beautiful.

    Stay with it watch and practice at your own speed, I couldn’t have asked for more than that.

  51. Terry C. (verified owner)

  52. Peter (verified owner)

  53. Stephen Woodburn (verified owner)

    I discovered Blake on YouTube. I immediately subscribed to his channel after discovering how great of an instructor he was and how much of an understanding he has of the overwhelmingly difficult to understand, Photoshop. I found myself using his techniques and realizing that my understanding of Photoshop grew substantially. Editing using a Tone, Color and Effects workflow just makes sense and my images were getting better as a result. The problem was that some of the set-up to isolate the zones of tone and color was time consuming. Enter the Zone System Express. This panel breaks everything down and allows me to instantly start targeting areas to adjust. The education, which is essential to understand as to what each button push is actually doing is top notch. I can’t express how happy I am with my purchase. I do not spend money on presets and Lut’s because I want to know exactly what is being applied. This is what I have been looking for. This is a phenomenal product and is worth every nickel that Blake is asking for. Do not hesitate to purchase and start creating wonderful images with the knowledge of exactly how it is being done.

  54. Thomas (verified owner)

    Enjoy Blakes courses and information greatly. He is probably one of the best of 3 photo instructors of the many I have viewed over the years. His style, voice, method of instruction are excellent.
    As for Zone System Express, just starting this course and am very excited to see how I can improve many of my “select” travel photos over the coming months. So far I have been editing all in LR (as it dramatically improved over the last few years) and saving everything is RAW DNG format for when I go back to editing with Photoshop (which is were I like many people probably started – but were overwhelmed). Blake is excellent at unraveling these “mysteries” and power of PS and the ZSE tool really helps this process in making photo editing easier (after you learn the tricks) and help make a better photo editing experience in which one does the editing using the power of PS rather than let tons of plug-ins control all of ones photo editing without understanding what is going on.
    I look forward to completing this course and over time learning the powers of the ZSE panels/tools.
    Blake’s artistic training really adds to his training courses.

  55. Frank F. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the ZSE6 education bundle and while I am still learning the system, one thing that stands out is that I feel like the panel was a bonus for purchasing the education. I have tried several PS panels and where this one excels and differentiates itself is that the education teaches you what the panel is actually doing when you select options. If you only watch the educational videos you would be able to replicate everything that happens with the panel. With that said it would be difficult for all but advanced PS users but it is more rewarding to use the panel having a foundation in the functions. Blake has a teaching style that is easy to understand and learn from. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to improving my post processing.

  56. Heinrich (verified owner)

    easy to follow explanations

  57. Pamela B. (verified owner)

  58. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Overall I love it. I really learnt a lot about photoshop. One issue I have is that I’m colour blind so I struggle with the colour blend modes. I trying to figue out a way . Thanks for a great product

  59. Tim Weiss (verified owner)

    This is close to a miracle when it comes to editing images. The education is great; however, the instructions on using the panel are a God send. What used to take a long time can now not only be done much, much faster but much better. My only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier.

  60. Linda D’Alto (verified owner)

    It’s AMAZING! I’m so impressed by the way you have put together several Photoshop features and functions into one elegant package. I have been an avid Photoshop student ever since CS3, watching countless hours of YouTube tutorial videos. The ZSE system is by far the most comprehensive approach I have seen.
    The only problem I face now is whether I should re-edit all my previous photos with my new ZSE system 🙂

    Thanks very much,
    Linda D’Alto

  61. (verified owner)

    Blake – Wow. It’s obvious from the start you’ve spent a ton of effort and time on creating this. I’m not through all of it yet, but the small bite size lessons are perfect and don’t get too in the weeds for people new to the subject. I’ll be referring to these for some time to come! Thanks!

  62. Richard Adams (verified owner)

  63. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

    Color zones are the most challenging for me!

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

  65. Shirley (verified owner)

    I am very happy to receive this course and I can see already that it is very comprehensive and offers much more than I originally thought.

  66. Barbara S. (verified owner)

  67. David G. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using CS4 since it came out. I’ve been using it much more successfully since I began watching your tutorials. I’ve only scratched the surface since I purchased the Zone system express but the possibilities seem endless with the instructional materials included. Thank you for your willingness to share!

  68. Richard (verified owner)

    Learning a lot.

  69. A.C.R.F. van der Woude (verified owner)

    Just starting the modules. The beginning is good but when you come to show the palette your are going too fast.

  70. GARY MEYER (verified owner)

    Best course I have ever taken changed my whole way I process my raw photos …

  71. Dmitry S. (verified owner)

    It was the best explanation of photoshop blend if feature: clear and up to the point. The course also clearly stated the difference between layer masks and blend if, which was extremely useful. I can’t rate the panel right now because I still trying it.

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

  73. Dario Ivanisevic (verified owner)

    Really great experience, learning curve is steep for me, but it’s understandable, because I’m not professional, photography and photo editing is just my hobby.

  74. Bjorn Hock (verified owner)

    After spending many years in the darkroom developing and printing film that was calibrated to the films 7 zone latitude and printed to the papers 12 zone latitude, these panels are by far the best on the market to achieve a accurate black and white digital image.

  75. Paul F. (verified owner)

    For a long time been looking for a straight forward workflow (tone, color, artistic effects) and with ZSE6 I’ve found what I need. If you follow the information that Blake has painstakingly put together in the correct order you can virtually guarantee that the tone and color of your images will be correct. All you have to do at this point is to let your artistic vision take over. I give praise grudgingly so when I say that ZSE6 is the bomb, take it to the bank–Paul

  76. Imrie L. (verified owner)

    After picking up many useful tips, watching your youtube channel, though I would invest in your latest ZsE bundle.
    I didn’t expect I would pick up a refresher in color theory basics along with a very intuitive, yet effective, panel to increase my workflow efficiency.
    Great job in your common-sense presentation.
    Well worth the modest investment.

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  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Let me start off by saying: here we are in the COVID-19 era, and money is tight for all of us. I went to Blake’s site thinking I could, at the most, just spend $20/month on his videos and hunker down to learn masking and blend-if techniques. I asked him about which courses go more in-depth on this. His answer was that the Zone System Express videos were what I was really looking for. I though, “Ugh…really, I have to spend $150 right now (note: the ZSE was on sale)? Is he just trying to make a sale?” Sorry, Blake . . . You come across as a very caring guy in your videos, so I’m sorry for doubting you. The lifetime update guarantee and the Elite discount (making it $125) did help push me over the edge to purchase it.
    I LOVE my Zone System Express! LOVE it! I’ve almost finished up watching 5 out of 6 modules, and I have already started implementing the ZSE6 on my small business’ images for Instagram and newsletters as well as on my personal Photoshop composites! Not to mention, the panel looks AWESOME and is easier to learn than I originally thought it would be.
    With lifetime updates, there is absolutely no reason not to make this purchase!
    THANK YOU, Blake! I’m looking forward to using this for LIFE!

  85. Sinjon G. (verified owner)

    You’ve been waiting for the ZSE 6 for years! Don’t hesitate!!

  86. Kent (verified owner)

    So far so good, the panel is definitely going to give me some structure to my work flow, once you peel back the layers, and listen to your tutorials, which by the way are excellent, i’m sure it will take my PP to another level thank you

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    In this bundle lots of video material. Although this video content isn’t easy, the way the instructor brings his lessons, makes that I can follow him. The supplemental material in the extra folders are very helpfull. Excellent choosen follow along images by the way. I know that it takes time to understand the Tone and Color module but during the practice I saw the results. One word; staggering. I apologize for this poor english but I am a Dutch guy, using this Corona period to dive into Photoshop.

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    Blake doesn’t just sell you a panel, some training and proceed to tell you how to get this effect or to adjust this color do this, or do that. He takes you through the theory behind Tone, Color and Effects and teaches you the WHY these elements are needed to enhance your photos. Also, during these modules, he may show the button on the panel, but deep dives into how to build the layers in photoshop and make adjustments and the WHY you need to know this. This way, when you do use the panel, you know how to go into the different layers and do those subtle tweaks your image. The final modules in each course are the workflows. The “how to’s” from start to finish and bringing all the theory together for the final product.

    Blake doesn’t pull punches either, but tells you like it is. In color theory he says, “I know its mind blowing”, but also encourages you to explore and experiment in your own work to cement these principles in place. His knowledge of the subject is top notch and his enthusiasm and excitement to be teaching this to you is infectious. If there is a fault, I would say Blake’s excitement at times causes him to speed up and quickly move through a subject area. However, it’s nice these are videos, so you can back up over the section or watch the lesson again if you feel you missed anything.

    Overall, the courses are great with lots of in-depth knowledge in each of the three subject areas. The panels are also straight forward and easy to use, but don’t expect your first edits to be perfect. You’ll need to experiment to find the “recipes” that’ll fit and enhance your vision. That “look” or “style” if you will. However, the panels make it easy to go through several adjustments within seconds. Press the button, a few tweaks, don’t like it? Delete the layer and try something else, it literally takes just seconds. Blake has created something truly amazing to bring the power of photoshop to the post processing world, while unleashing your creative processes and helping to establish your workflow.

    Based on my past experience with some courses, I was skeptical at first, but finally took the plunge and bought Blake’s system. Blake has restored my faith in that there is truly some outstanding training and tools available for post processing and…to make the work fun. If you’re still having doubts about Blake’s ZSE and PE courses and panels, don’t, the journey he takes you on is totally worth it.

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    It’s not only made working in Photoshop easier, but I’ve even learned more about how use Photoshop itself. I’ve learned color theory and how color works within my photographs. I’ve even learned to use two other Adobe applications that I had no clue how to use or even what they were for. There is so much packed into this system, I had no idea! This is by far the best money I’ve spent in a LONG time. And when Blake tells you that you can email him with questions and he will answer you, he will! I had a reply within a few hours! That was during a regular business day and time, but I was very impressed. The Zone System Express is so worth the money. The System and Blake’s teachings have gone way beyond my expectations! Beyond that, I joined Blake’s f.64 Elite Club so that I could take more of his courses and so far those courses are super amazing! Thank you Blake!

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    Thanks Blake, and good job on these plugins !

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    But the Zone System Express took a lot of consideration, watching several of Blake’s excellent demonstrations that included ZSE 6, for me to find a way to imagine it as part of my workflow. I’ve had TK’s Action panels for several years and have loved every upgrade to them. I didn’t know why I would want yet another panel that creates masks—until I saw how different the conditions can be for using one or the other. There’s some overlap, but the workflow and circumstances when I’d use one or the other genuinely differ by a very wide margin. Even the workflow extras, such as the actions or panel access to Photoshop tools serve different needs. And frankly, Blake’s clever use of demonstrating his use of Blend If is what convinced me that not only could I use the panel often enough to be worth the price, but that I wouldn’t find myself locked into a “competing” workflow. I’d be able to structure my own workflow according to the type of project I was working on. Without his skill as an instructor, I’d never have taken a chance. The demonstrated increase in flexibility by incorporating ZSE 6 into my workflow was what impressed me, and I haven’t been disappointed.

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    Lockdowns and isolation have given us an opportunity to make the technology leap from smartphones to a couple of Canon R5’s and the Holy Trinity of RF glass PLUS PHOTOSHOP/LIGHTROOM. It’s been a mountain to climb. We’ve had to shift our future business model to operating outdoors. Our new clients are dog and horse owners (lots of ranches here in the North Peace Country).

    After purchasing your Pallet Effects III modules the mysteries of PS began to reveal themselves and things started to fall into place in terms of developing a workflow that gives me total control of our vision for the art work we want to produce. You’re an old hand at this digital photography art form. I will never have the PS in depth knowledge your years of research have blessed you with. To help me get up to speed in developing a PS workflow I needed more expert knowledge: your ZSE6 Panel, it’s video and .pdf instructional documentation have given me the confidence to press on.
    My research into understanding how your ZSE6 Panel integrates with PS led me to investigate how a screen gamma setting can influence how much is masked in a luminosity mask and how that might affect results in the ZSE6 Panel? I learned so much more about PS from this exercise that was inspired by this unique product – ZSE6 Panel.

    To recap: I respect the work you have done. I am grateful to have ‘discovered’ your products.

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    An amazing product for its intended user, which appears to be those who do landscape photography. There was a great deal of effort put forth into the compilation and instructions and that shows. My only detractor would be that it does not appear to focus on people, which is the subject of what I shoot. OK, a second thought would be that he talks and jumps the cursor across the screen very fast, at least for me as I am over 70 years old. A great deal of time is spent explaining what he did and, to me, I would like to see more of why he did it and how he did it. In any case I am sure it is a great tool for those who are into landscapes.

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    If you haven’t dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s it is hard to imagine what you missed. To be honest Blake, my wife is in the hospital in critical condition with Covid and I have had a very difficult time concentrating. I’m going through the second time but having the same problem. Hopefully the situation will improve drastically very soon and I’ll be able to give you better feedback.

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  172. Serge Daleiden (verified owner)

    I was truly positively “shocked” to see how much you can recover highlights with the tone module zones technique. Fully blown out highlights on the back of a plane in bright mid-day sun were simply recovered and you can now see the livery as if there is no sunshine on them. This is only one of many examples that struck me.

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  180. Ivie McLardy (verified owner)


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    So I jumped on a recent sale for the Zone System Express. I am still working my way through the course and still learning the ZSE panel. Am I impressed; Absolutely!

    I was correct, if Blake is behind this, it is Outstanding training and software!

  182. FRANCOIS (verified owner)

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    Hello Blake,
    I greatly appreciate the content of your courses and recommendations (pedagogy, content, practical examples, etc.)
    Being French, I have difficulty understanding American / English orally. However, I have less problems for reading texts written in these languages.
    Accordingly, and in order to make the most of your recommendations, I think it would be interesting in your videos if your oral comments were displayed as text at the bottom of the screen.
    Of course, the translation into the user’s native language would be excellent
    However, the translation even only in American language, would be highly appreciated by all the users not mastering the American language.
    I hope you will understand my request despite my bad American.
    Best Regards

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    Once again, Blake Rudis provides us with superior instruction and the Zone System Express tool. There is no one who knows about color and tone and can impart the information to us as well as Blake Rudis.

  190. Walter (verified owner)

    I’ve taken scores of tutorials over the years and this is absolutely the finest I’ve seen. The organization of the course was just perfect. Blake is such a good teacher – and the ZSE7 workflow tool is a real pleasure to use. Thank you Blake!

  191. Terry K. (verified owner)

    Wow. This takes my Photoshop learning to another level. Pretty easy to use and makes Tone-Color-Effects editing so easy, but with lots of control in the adjustments. I’ve even had fun crossing over and using this with Palette Effects. Now I just have to practice.

  192. Malcolm Birkett (verified owner)

    Photoshop is so comprehensive that it is difficult to know how to go about learning how to use it to enhance RAW photo files. Workflow is the phrase that first attracted me to Blake’s ZSE7 panel. Now I can attack Photoshop image editing in a structured fashion, producing some stunning results. ZSE7 really delivers!

  193. jan g. (verified owner)

    very interesting education, very helpfull tool

  194. Rohan Nel (verified owner)

  195. Ken Foong (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive. I like to point out that for saving LUT, you will need a background layer. Often times you PS does not take the LR edit as you and you would have to use the layer in the menu to copy the current layer to a background layer.

  196. Tom (verified owner)

    Great training ! if you want to learn photoshop Blake is the man!!

  197. Thomas (verified owner)

    I have used a lot of photo education tools. I also have purchased two other products similar to the Zone System product. There are many good photography teachers available on the internet or through courses. Few though match up to Blake Rudnis. He is a gifted teacher who has a strong grasp on his subject matter. He also explains it in easy to understand detail. That helps as the material covered is not simple. The tapes are well done. Be prepared to watch some of the more complicated topics a few times though as regardless of Blake being a good teacher, the material is new to many of us and can take a few times through to grasp it. If you buy this course, you are in for a treat. Devote the time to follow Blake’s guide and you will be grateful for your skills.

  198. Hilary Nathe (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, well, I have now worked through the tutorials twice and I am starting to get the hang of it. It has certainly given me a structure to work with. Before I experienced this system it seems as if I was literally just “poking” around Photoshop and Luminar AI to see what worked. And, despite the fact that I have taken several online courses through (now Linked-in Learning) over a period of 5 years, this is the first system that has actually given me a path to follow that makes sense, so thank you so much for that. Many of the videos I have watched are great … but then I seem to forget a lot of them rather soon.

    I am still having a bit of a problem sorting out the color section. The changes are so very subtle that I frequently have a problem seeing them. However, I can use the curve to make adjustments, so that helps.

    I would love to see more workflow examples. Perhaps you could think about doing a separate course using Zone System Express to do compositing. I know I would certainly subscribe to that. Also, the course seems to come to a rather abrupt end … so perhaps you could do a wrap up module. I would also like to see a module on portrait enhancement.

    I love your presentation style, and the way that you explain everything in a clear, concise and understandable manner. I don’t think this is a course for beginners though … it is only because I have taken so many courses that I am able to follow along with a lot of the examples.

    In any event, thank you. You have given me a fresh approach to photo editing and to photography.

    Pamela Nathe

  199. Ben Robinson (verified owner)

  200. Jim Signorelli (verified owner)

    This program has advanced my photoshop skills 10-fold. The Zone System takes photoshop to a level I never realized was there! I absolutely love processing my images knowing what I know now. Besides that, Blake is a great teacher. I’ve watched all the photoshop experts on YouTube and Blake is the best at making things extremely easy to understand.

  201. Steve Bastiman (verified owner)

  202. David Rich (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying to figure it out, but it is taking me more time than expected. I’m starting to go over the videos for the third (or fourth?) time to make sure I have got the information down. (I had a serious stroke which makes it more difficult to learn, and my right hand doesn’t function at all. So, I have to learn to use only one hand – keyboard shortcuts are non-existent unless I can do it with my mouse hand better than using the mouse.)

  203. darcy q. (verified owner)

    Slowly working through the modules am impressed so far.

  204. Louise Danforth (verified owner)

    Buy it! Tone, color and final effects are so well explained and laid out for our use that it takes so much of the frustrating guess work out of editing. I can apply something to see what it will look like, then still have the option to edit or remove the effects. I will be buying the Palette Effects panel as well as My Panel systems.

  205. Dennis Mahaffey (verified owner)

  206. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Like drinking from a firehose. It’ll take me multiple passes through these videos to appreciate the concepts! Great material, very well presented, but I can’t get my brain wrapped around it…yet. It deserves a 5 rating, but I sense there’s an element missing that would tie this all together.

  207. Hans Nieuwenhuis (verified owner)

    Excellently built and good education videos

  208. Donald Havre (verified owner)

    Presently I am just finishing module #2 on Tone. I realize you are trying to lay the ground work for future lessons. You are extremely high energy in your presentation. The problem for me is that you know the panel so well you think that we all have a similar background. I have to play each segment several times to extract the information. My recommendation to you is to slow down and consider using the military presentation format. Tell us upfront what we will be learning, then tell us with demonstration and finally review what we should take away from the instruction. Then move on to the next module. Wishing you continued success and Happy New Year!

  209. Robert A. (verified owner)

    What I like is the in-depth detail Blake goes through to make sure we grasp all of the things it teaches. Some of it is hard to capture 1st time through, but going through it the second time has allowed me to capture all detail Blake is teaching. And I’m a detailed oriented guy (my wife calls it being anal ). I have done training with 2 other well known large online training companies, and what Blake does is way beyond what these 2 other companies do. I haven’t finished all of the training, (work and family are still 1st), but I’m super pumped to complete.

  210. Gary Olejniczak (verified owner)

    This bundle, along with the education provided, was one of the best I have seen. Blake does an excellent job of developing a clear understanding of the tools as well as highlighting their power and use within the workflow. I also greatly enjoyed Blake’s solutions for tackling and handling a variety of workflow issues. Thank you for your time and efforts in bring this product to us.

  211. David Boyce (verified owner)

    The Panel helps speed up your workflow and helps set out a workflow if you did not have a certain way of editi g. The panel is fantastic, but the icing on the cake is the around 8 hours of training by Blake. Blake has a knowledge of colour Theory that is just not found in too many other artists.

  212. Harold Davies (verified owner)

    I have looked for a system for using photoshop since 1990. I am a retired inorganic chemist and have also photographed my travels since the 1980s. Your idea of editing via zones, then colors, then effects is a much more scientific approach to art than I had seen in others. I watched your videos for approximately 1 year before deciding on you as a teacher. (something I do not take lightly). Thank you for an increasingly refined and simple method.

  213. Andy Allen (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course – very in depth, but presented so well that I didn’t find the topics out of reach even as a relative newbie to Photoshop. Thanks Blake.

  214. John Thomas (verified owner)

    There is so much information in this course and it is all good. It completely changes the way I look at my photos and helps me convey my vision. The work that went into this is over the top and it makes so much sense.

  215. Michael (verified owner)

    Just starting out, am in the middle of learning Pallet effects, Zone System Effects Raw for LR / ACR and this purchase ZSE for PS. I like the product and I like the way Blake teaches in small bites. The only thing that I would suggest is that ” move a little slower” as you apply buttons, move sliders, etc. I have to go back several time to make sure I got what was done, this is no biggie; however, just a suggestion.

  216. chris w. (verified owner)

    I have come very late to photography and have been pretty daunted by photoshop and the feeling that I never really quite knew what to do and when. Blake’s Zone System 7 bundle has offered me the tools and knowledge that I need in order to make images I can be proud of. The education is very well planned and very well delivered and makes learning a lot of fun as well. Couldn’t really ask for more!

  217. Richard Hudnall (verified owner)

    Blake presents all of his courses in a professional and an easy-to-understand way. He not only explains how to use his panels but how the underling settings function. You will see your art moving to a new level no matter what course you us.

  218. Tal Pipkin (verified owner)

    If you are serious about taking your editing, and workflow, to the top (notice I did not say “next) level, then this bundle is DEFINTELY for you! The education that goes into this panel is extremely well thought out and just downright precise! Check out one of the “professor’s” (Blake) walkthroughs sometime and see for yourself. Couple this with the IP Chroma 2 package (with the educational content, of course) and you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your edits. The Zone System Express is one of those panels that should be in any serious image editor’s workflow, period!!

  219. Bruce T. (verified owner)

    Before I ‘found’ Blake, I had tried quite a few other instructional programs on how to use Photoshop and I had failed miserably at learning how to tame this “Beast”. My working knowledge of it was very basic, at best, but I had it sitting on my computer as part of the subscription package for Lightroom. It annoyed me that all the long term YouTube and other Adobe presenters all used and tutored in PS but I wanted to learn LR because I couldn’t understand PS. I was always trying to match the Australian Outback colors in my Bird Photography without any success and this is where I first found Blake, teaching his knowledge on colors and I thought to myself that this Guy really knew what he was on about and I became one of his online ‘color’ students. After learning quite a bit about color and color blending from him, I looked at PS sitting on my screen and wondered if ‘He’ was the Guy that might be able to help me understand PS? I had that much money invested in the software and other courses, I thought that “One more time” wouldn’t hurt, so I purchased his Zone System Express bundle and sat down with a full coffee pot and started watching. I must also notify you that I had also installed another PS system onto my computer that also installs different ‘Panels’ into your software and due to the many different instructors touting the product and confusing the begeezus out of me with their different styles and approaches to using the panels and NO actual tutelage from the owner soon left me deleting ‘said’ software to the recycle bin.
    Watching and listening, intently, to Blake you can hear in his voice the excitement that he brings to the table while carefully explaining what his new System has to offer, how to use it and most of all how you understand what you are doing so that you can repeat your workflow over and over again. Workflow, not only is Blake’s new system workable, in essence it becomes part of your new workflow and is seemlessly introduced into your workflow whenever, wherever you need it.
    AND, I can tell you, that Blake’s excitement level throughout the whole nine yards, never wavers. Here is a Guy who truly believes in what he has to offer and how he goes about delivering the information.
    I can also attest to his claims of personalized back-up help, I have asked (annoyed) him with quite a few questions and not only has he understood my mixed up theories but he has answered them, always on the same night, I live in Australia, but also in a language that I can understand and follow along with.
    Congratulations Blake, your Zone System is now an integral part of my PS Workflow. Yes, I have completely switched to PS now. I’m still learning slowly but the improvement in my finished post processing is noticeable and a much more pleasant product.
    I hope that this helps anyone sitting on the fence, wondering whether to buy or not, my advice would be a very strong recommendation to BUY.
    Bruce T,

  220. Joseph Valentine (verified owner)

    The training for using this bundle is outstanding. Once one understands what Zone System accomplishes, the tools available in the bundle make major improvements in the image being processed. Fantastic product and training!

  221. Peter Nickols (verified owner)

    The Zone system express panel is fantastic and has been really well thought out. But this panel would be nothing without Blakes educational videos, they are outstanding and due to the depth which Blake goes into it makes you understand not just how to use the panel but how each part is made up, describing the adjustment layers used and how you can (and should) not be frightened to alter the settings within each layer. I had no idea how Blend ifs worked before this course and as such gave them a wide berth, but now I understand them and not just that but I know how to change them to get the desired look on my images. The printable PDF work books are essential and very well presented, with lots of space to make your notes (most pages are full of my own notes) as you go through the course.
    The education alone is worth the money and it has given me a planned workflow from Lightroom through into Photoshop and quoting Blake, using TONE, COLOUR and EFFECTS as the base to any editing I now do.
    This is not just another Panel but a whole way to edit your images in Photoshop, my only regret is not buying it sooner, I actually enjoy using Photoshop now with much more confidence. Buy it NOW and let the Artist in you flourish – tablet pen at the ready!!

  222. Kjell A Johansen (verified owner)

  223. jean francois renard (verified owner)

    trop tôt pour commenter la palette, je répondrai plus tard j’en suis seulement à tone module leçon 6 …..une très bonne révision

  224. Wojciech (verified owner)

    So far, I was just browsing the plugin and videos. I can see that, as in the previous panels, there is a lot of helpful knowledge and learning. This is a very good buy. I recommend it to anyone who wants to develop as a photographer and show their pictures painted with light in better and better light.

  225. James Lassoie (verified owner)

    I took advantage of your ‘sale’ and they are waiting for me to finish the 30-day course. Based on monthly critiques I’m looking forward to adding them to my workflow.

  226. Peter Ferst (verified owner)

    Hi Blake Excellent, I am only half way through since I have only just completed learning Palette Effects. Followed your advice , slow but sure making certain I could properly handle and understand each module. Importantly the knowledge of colour I am learning which is more important than just learning which buttons to press on the Palette, will bring my photos to a much higher level. As you have mention many times there are often multiple ways of achieving the results and at the moment I’m experimenting with different ways to get a better feel for the advantage/disadvantage of the different approaches. Your lessons are super clear and your ability as an instructor is outstanding. Thanks again for makin my programmes more affordable with your discount.

  227. Vincent Welch Sr. (verified owner)

  228. Menahem Thalkar (verified owner)

    I am half way through the lessons and I can already see a big difference in my photos.

  229. Bill Saffin (verified owner)

    I don’t have a lot of time, but I am enjoying learning as I work steadily through the bundle.

  230. Mika Pitkanen (verified owner)

    Clear, thorough. Carefully made. I highly recommend!

  231. Brian Larson (verified owner)

  232. Johan Voogd (verified owner)

    Een prima plug-inn maar vooral ook een goede en leerzame bijgevoegde video uitleg

  233. Gregg Taylor (verified owner)

    Your Blend-If course is a game changer. I’ve used luminosity masking for a long time. The issue with it is the files become huge. You have made a tool that is easy to use and actually improve results. Thank you Blake.

  234. Cliff (verified owner)

    Very informative in a way we can remember. look forward to more.

  235. Joel Rosi-Schwartz (verified owner)

    The panel is excellent, well thought out, expertly crafted and functions flawlessly. Just as important—if not more so—the accompanying education is helpful beyond expectation and well presented. My only criticism is that Blake speaks quickly; I rectify this by setting my video playback speed between 0.75 and 0.8.

    But all of the above is almost beside the point. For me, the most significant value of the package is Blake himself. My experience is that he is there with me every step of the way. Whenever I have a question, he is happy to provide his advice. Moreover, he is the most responsive tutor I have met; he answers with fantastic promptness and alacrity—oh yes, and typically with a helpful response.

    I would also very much recommend that you consider subscribing to f.64 Elite. It is the best $20/month I have ever spent on photography; I find it invaluable. Also, note that every membership includes a supply of Kool-Aid every month!!


  236. Don Sutherland (verified owner)

    I was an Air Force photographer/photojournalist for twenty years. I studied Ansel Adams, Eugene Smith and David Douglas Duncan. I have shot literally thousands of rolls of Tri-X, Ektachrome and Kodachrome film. Transitioning from the mechanical/analog world of traditional photography to the digital world takes time and study. The zone system you have developed along with your videos can help anyone make that transition. (As an aside, in the world of photojournalism be careful how much you manipulate.)

  237. Jonathan (verified owner)

  238. Carolyn Ray (verified owner)

    Opened up ideas that I had previously overlooked

  239. Guy (verified owner)

    A very well done and useful panel and tutorial.
    Requires attention and practice to realize its full potential.
    Blake speaks very quickly for a non-English speaker 🙂


  240. Jacques D. (verified owner)

    The Zone System Express 7 Education bundle is a great product. All sections of the product are very well done with very good explanations of all the settings in the ZSE panel. Blake gives some advices on when and how to use the different options. If you don’t want to follow him while watching the videos you can always look at PDF files included in each lesson and follow the instructions. There is so much information in this training course. Great job Blake. Thank you

  241. Chan Garrett (verified owner)

    You have opened my eyes to new possibilities as I edit my images. I am now going back through the program for a second time to pick up the information and training I may have missed the first time through.
    When do people get too old to learn? I just celebrated my 89th birthday and I find that I am not too old.

  242. Brad Waufle (verified owner)

    This is a very in depth, well put together program. Blake does an excellent job of explaining the theory and application of the system. I’m glad I decided to purchase and know it will help in improving the development of my post processing goals.

  243. Bente (verified owner)

    Very intensive information but the empowerment it gives me in better targeting the areas I want to enhance etc is amazing. Thrilled to have bought the app and lots of practice ahead. Blake, you are very clear, logical and spot on with your teaching, and I particularly appreciate it from the artistic point of view, where we learn the technical tricks as it relates to the the creative process rather than just learning the techniques in isolation. Love this product.

  244. Elsa Hoffmann

    My post seems to have have gotten lost in the cloud 🙂 Let me try again

    I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this course was. And it will have to be watched another couple of times. I am a very experienced photographer – and not clueless on Photoshop. Well so I thought. I however battled to get my vision carried over into my final product – and falling about trying this and that – with no structure to get to my end result. Which often worked – but that was just by accident! This course is a MUST for anyone interested in getting to the point where they understand how to shoot, they understand what they want out of the photo – but have no idea to work systematically to get there. And why you do what.
    This course – and I have to say every course on f64, has changed my life in a way that pleases me no end. My output has improved exponentially. I now wonder what the hell I was thinking all these years! You simply can’t learn this stuff on YouTube. I know that as I watched everything I could lay my hands on. If you want to improve – there is no doubt – this is the place to be. Thank you Blake.

  245. Myung-Soo Choi (verified owner)

    I really enjoy Zone System Bundle. It just doesn’t teach you technics, it let you know how it works. It is leading me to a world of upgraded photography.

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