ZSE6 Exclusive Profiles

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Profiles made from the Zone System Express 6. Exclusive for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

88 reviews for ZSE6 Exclusive Profiles

  1. Michael Cameron (verified owner)

    Wonderful time saving product if image warrants.

  2. Terry Hickey (verified owner)

    These profiles were worth the price of admission for the entire 5-Day Deal (well almost.) It never ceases to amaze me how you build these wonderful tools and provide the best education for all of them. I truly appreciate your fine work.

  3. Bert G. (verified owner)

    The salt and pepper of post processing with infinite ability to finesse

  4. Cliff Brockman (verified owner)

    Blake has once again, hit it out of the park with these profiles. So easy to use along with the auto tone feature. A great value!!

  5. Heike (verified owner)

    WOW! I DO love these profiles! Every single of them is an inspiration, every single of them invites the muse to play. Just by flipping through the profiles I see so many possibilities, and there is always one that matches my imagination.
    After applying the profile it is very easy to refine the outcome of the image with a few slider movements just right there in ACR.
    When I finally hop into Photoshop, then with an almost finished image. – A color grade perhaps, some dodge and burn – done!
    You put a lot of experience into these profiles, Blake, awesome, thank you!

  6. Robert Campsmith (verified owner)

    I have bought all of Blakes Zone System *** panels. Am still trying to learn how to use them intuitively. What I have learned so far is terrific!

  7. Michael P. (verified owner)

    As Blake mentions in the videos that come with this product, using profiles in ACR/Ligthroom is very powerful. Apply a profile, perform some tweaking in ACR/Lightroom, and in many cases your photo is ready. No need to go into Photoshop. If you are a landscape, portrait, or architecture photographer you will be very satisfied with the profiles in this product.

  8. John K. (verified owner)

    The profiles save a lot of work. The videos from F64 Elite are as good as you will find.

  9. Bill Vanderford (verified owner)

  10. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Powerful profiles which are better than the “normal” ones you find. A little richer and more responsive.

  11. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    These have been a lifesaver. I still haven’t got the hang of the panels and I have a photobook that has to be submitted within the next 4 weeks so I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to get a leg up the ladder until my skills with the panels improves. Blake, you are awesome!

  12. Natalie (verified owner)

    Blake’s profiles save me so much time! They work beautifully for many types of photos!

  13. Ralf P. (verified owner)

  14. Felix Rivero (verified owner)

    Excellent product, plus the education that comes with it. Usually if you buy a product from Blake Rudis the hours education is the best value.

  15. David (verified owner)

    Just awesome as it speeds up my processing time and I use one on almost every image now.

  16. Andrea S. (verified owner)

    This product was nothing short of what I expect from Blake: this set is simply amazing! I have been following Blake for years and I am never disappointed with any of his training or products. I would recommend that if you haven’t purchased this set yet, you are missing out on a great deal and great product.

  17. Nona (verified owner)

    Although I haven’t had the time to use the profiles on many images, I find that I can improve upon images I have processed in the past (thinking they were good) and have made them much better. The very first image I experimented with was an autumn scene of Aspens on a curvy dirt road in Colorado. I applied a landscape preset and was astonished how the reds and yellows popped. I look forward to experimenting more and creating my own presets as well.

  18. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    These profiles will transform your photographs, and help inspire and create your vision. The education that goes along with the profiles is outstanding. I am a huge fan of Blake’s products and teaching style, and will be using these profiles regularly in my workflow.

  19. Ian C. (verified owner)

    Very good, works really well

  20. Vince G. (verified owner)

    Very useful in most editing.

  21. Carol (verified owner)

    Excellent profiles

  22. Mary Campbell (verified owner)

    I have always found Blake’s products to be exceptional and this is, of course, no exception. Although I have not had the chance to use this a lot since I purchased, the profiles I have used work perfectly and are very intuitive to adjust. I love the looks I’ve been able to find so far and expect that I will use them more and more in my future processing workflow (ok, so workflow might be an overstatement of my capabilities :-).

  23. Sabine Osten (verified owner)

    I really love these profiles. Thank you so much, Blake, for taking my photo-retouching on a new level and for making my work with LR and PS so much more fun.

  24. John Meo (verified owner)

    As with all of Blake’s products, it is well thought out and supports his well engineered system approach to photographic processing (or what he calls workflow). In this particular case, these profiles give you a leg up on the pre-processing needed from ACR before the heavy lifting from Photoshop steps in. Another excellent product; my highest recommendation!

  25. Garrick Meyer (verified owner)

    Again helps me get to what I saw when I took the photo a lot faster using these presets cuts my time in half

  26. Bill Posner (verified owner)

    Great addition to my post processing option. Blake’s apps and scripts are always well thought-out and well developed.

  27. Davie (verified owner)

    The combination of both aids has taken my work to a new level!

  28. Michael B. (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Donald (verified owner)

    excellent product. recommended

  31. Brian G. (verified owner)

  32. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Useful complement to my editing.

  33. Goran P. (verified owner)

  34. Jeff (verified owner)

    I like these, they are a nice add to my set up and worth the $ as they are already saving me time. For me Blake always delivers value in his products and these are no exception.

  35. ANDREW (verified owner)

    It seems crazy to distil the power of a plug-in that costs $247 into a set of ACR profiles and sell it for just $37, but that’s exactly what Blake has done here. To test it, I tried it out on the original RAW files of my favourite landscape images… and massively transformed them for the better, in seconds. No doubt, I could do much more with Zone System Express – but these amazing profiles will get you a very long way down the road… without breaking a sweat. Highly recommended.

  36. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

    That is a real new dimension to ACR and LR! It is almost like having the ZSE at a row level…Thanks Blake for the continuous innovations.

  37. Jan C. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and great results !!!!!

  38. Sharlotte C. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, great value, and if your looking to enhance your photos this package is the one to do it. Thanks Blake for making this so affordable.

  39. Richard Kozak (verified owner)

    Somewhat faster but still needs fine tuning

  40. Tormod Malmgren (verified owner)

  41. Robert Patterson (verified owner)

    I love the baseline these profiles provide.

  42. John Copeman (verified owner)

    Top quality as always

  43. Hans Ljung (verified owner)

  44. Bernd Bergemann (verified owner)

    Speeds up my RAW editing – I’m very happy

  45. Larry Buckley (verified owner)

    Have only loaded them but have not experimented yet, will give them a shot when I believe I need them. It’s always nice to have an ability to reach for something like these adjustments when you are failing with other types of adjustments. I’ll likely use them more in my ‘Composite Fine Art’ projects as I do have EZ6 Panel.

  46. Lauri (verified owner)

    Look no further, this is what you want.

  47. Jay Robertson (verified owner)

  48. Per (verified owner)

    I´m not realy into profiles, but some of these are realy great.

  49. Jim Stephens (verified owner)

  50. Daniel Johnson (verified owner)

    An excellent addition for anyone who owns the Zone System Express. These profiles seamlessly integrate the ZSE workflow steps into Raw Image processing in Adobe Camera Raw.

  51. Anne (verified owner)

  52. Declan O’Doherty (verified owner)

  53. Solvi Bragason (verified owner)

  54. Tom B. (verified owner)

  55. Ioannis (verified owner)

    ZSE6 Profiles is an excellent starting point for a creative end. I always use them in conjunction with GPS, and my editing time has reduced considerably.
    Thanks, Blake!

  56. Michael (verified owner)

    ALWAYS start your processing with a powerful profile.

  57. David Burlison (verified owner)

    I love using my Exclusive Profiles. They have opened up a complete new world of creative possibilities.

  58. Carol Keller (verified owner)

    I love using the profiles to get an idea of how my photo will look with different styles applied. I don’t always use one of the profiles, but even if I don’t I have an idea of what I want to do with the photo. When I use one, I am always pleased with the effect. These profiles are great for getting you started to come up with your own effect or, often, perfect to quickly and easily give your photo a wonderful look.

  59. MEHRZAD GHOBADI (verified owner)

  60. Randy Washam (verified owner)

  61. Judith Guenther (verified owner)

    I’m not such a big profiles user, but I really like the ones I see in this package. Very versatile and creative.

  62. Peter Schaap (verified owner)

    Just purchase ZSE6 Exclusive Profiles, adjusting your photos is very easy now, great

  63. Terri C. (verified owner)

    I have previously steered away from profiles (I like to know exactly what’s happening and do things myself). However, Blake’s education behind these helped me understand how, where, and when profiles are useful. I now expect the best from Blake and he does not fail to deliver.

  64. Ineke van Iersel (verified owner)

    I am a great fan of the things Blake creates, because I learned to trust this guy’s work.
    The thoroughness he puts in his products is unparalleled.
    This product helps to give you a good start to make wonderful creations.
    I look forward seeing more results of his brainwaves and I am sure they will come!
    Ineke – a loyal viewer.

  65. Eitan Raz (verified owner)

    Hi Blake. The profiles helps me a lot. Saving time and they are a good starting point for the rest of my workflow.

  66. Ronald Coleman (verified owner)

  67. David G. (verified owner)

    These profiles are a huge speed up in my workflow. The best thing is the amazing educational info that explains how and why they work. I don’t like not knowing how things work. Blake is very thorough in his explanations and I for one thank him.

  68. Larry McDonald (verified owner)

    I find it gives me a good start and saves a lot of time trying to get on the right track.

  69. SHERRY MCKELVIE (verified owner)

    They’re amazing. Really looking forward to working with them.

  70. Javier Molina (verified owner)

    My creative photography could not be where it is without Blake’s extremely generous contribution to my knowledge, and the ZSE tools that no one serious about creative photography should ignore.
    Thank You Blake!!!

  71. vartkes (verified owner)

    This set of profiles are the perfect match with Blake’s course ‘Advanced ACR-LUT Profile Creation’. I am enjoyng using them.

  72. Robert Marleau (verified owner)

  73. Ian (verified owner)

    This product takes my hobby the next level

  74. Neil Schaffel (verified owner)

    Using them on almost every image

  75. Robyn (verified owner)

  76. Marilyn C. (verified owner)

    Great product. Love it.

  77. Kevin FitzGerald (verified owner)

    Excellent profiles for ACR and they save time by offering solid outlines for further processing in PS.

  78. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

    Very useful Profiles for both Lightroom and ACR

  79. David Sordi (verified owner)

    An incredible help as a start to expressing your artistic vision.

  80. SUSAN B. (verified owner)

  81. David Robinson (verified owner)

    I have started to use the profiles and have had excellent results.

  82. Sharon Fitch (verified owner)

    Great educational product.

  83. SALIM (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I’m using it all the time. I would highly recommend it and an excellent investment!!

  84. Richard McKeever (verified owner)

    I ordered the set of camera raw profiles and found them well worth the price – nice variety and they install and work very easily. I like profiles better than presets – but not sure why – Haven’t used them a lot yet – but it did wonders for my fall color photos

  85. Kevin (verified owner)

  86. Richard P. (verified owner)

    Excellent choice of presets, extremely useful

  87. Gary Simms (verified owner)

    These, along with the GPS presets, get you started down a path to an artistic image.

  88. Keith R. (verified owner)

    Great value for money. As a new user of photoshop I find it extremely useful to scroll through the various options to find ones which best suit my images. It has taken so much of the trial and error out of my work flow.

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