ZSE6 Extended Edition Upgrade

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78 reviews for ZSE6 Extended Edition Upgrade

  1. Lynn Weissenfels (verified owner)

    There is no one more dedicated to helping others understand art and photography manipulation through a creative program that integrates techniques that most of us would never discover by ourselves. Blake Rudis has a kind manor in showing his viewpoint of others art and leaves one making your own choice as what should be a final creative option. The program and the in depth instruction yields something for everyone.

  2. Gerald (verified owner)

    Blake’s courses are always great. I’m looking forward to this one.

  3. Charles Simard (verified owner)

    I believe that the last version of Zs6 is a very big evolution compared to the previous one and the integration of several elements whose curve makes learning more difficult even if it makes the work faster and more precise.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Roland Kuegler (verified owner)

  6. Robert Van Maele (verified owner)

    With the experience of ZSE5 and the video’s I already was able to watch at, I’m very confident in the possibilities of this new version! Even more, working with Blend If make the workflow much powerful and time-saving. Because of their flexibility and fluidness, you can copy and paste it to a bunch of similar photo’s. You even can make a LUT of it and use this LUT on the RAW level in ACR! In short… this upgrade makes the post-processing a lot easier and let you more time for the creative aspect!
    Although most of the examples shown in the videos are landscape photo’s, ZSE6 is not restricted to that genre. It is useful for (almost) any other kind of photography, may it be portraits, street photography, macro, food, architecture…
    So, don’t hesitate and jump in to it!

  7. David Olsen (verified owner)

    Blake is an outstanding educator. His enthusiasm comes acrosss in his training videos and makes the topics exciting and gets the viewer excited about what they are learning. Makes it easy to learn and you want to learn more and he makes you succeed!

  8. Graham Bennett (verified owner)

    I’ve been asked to review this on July 14th but the course doesn’t start till August. I gave it 5* because all of Blake’s courses are 5* so I guess this one will be too.

  9. Peter M. (verified owner)

  10. John Meo (verified owner)

    Fantastic, as always! Absolutely the best PS instructor in the industry today.

  11. vartkes (verified owner)

    Zone System Express and Palette Effects are flexible and powerful products. They present the use of Photoshop tools in imaginative ways for an image maker to use. They also present a broad swath of ideas about how images may be developed. It is in this context that “Extended Edition” approach to inclusive discussion based on user-generated requests, become a useful tool in launching users in the right direction.

  12. Lennart Brorsson (verified owner)

    Just Love It

  13. David Churches (verified owner)

    Still working through the training, but love the blend if masks. Revisiting some of my photos with ZSE6 and very happy with it. Away for a week then back to the grindstone.

  14. Frieda Heyting (verified owner)

    ZSE6 is a fantastic tool and the education is fabulous: you do not only learn how to use the tool, but you also get a thorough understanding of how it – and its host program PS-CC – works. As a result, you become able to decide for yourself what your photo will look like with the help of ZSE6, instead of ZSE6 determining the result as is the case with so many plugins.
    The ‘extended’ part is yet to come in august and I am looking forward to it.

  15. Madalyn (verified owner)

    Love the new streamlining of this version! Looking forward to exploring the new stuff! Anything Blake does is well worth it!

  16. R.S. de Jonge (verified owner)

    Great program with very good videos. Without the videos, the program is to complicated. Follow the workflow videos, in my opinion is that a must.

  17. Jim Stephens (verified owner)

  18. Cal T. (verified owner)

    Excellent work flow concept and I have “almost” got the LUT figured. ?

  19. Warren T. (verified owner)

    Excited about the new upgrade and working through the changes. Can’t wait for the extended sessions to really explore more.

  20. BRUCE (verified owner)

  21. Phyllis Hooker (verified owner)

    Your the best, I was so lucky to find someone who explains things in a way the everyday Joe can understand…Thanks

  22. Penny L. (verified owner)

    Always love watching your videos. I learn so much.

  23. charles dupre (verified owner)

  24. Dean Malencik (verified owner)

    Your PS stuff is always top notch

  25. Neil Hickman (verified owner)

  26. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

  27. Robert Glaskin-Clay (verified owner)

    I have just started to review the videos & I am amazed at how much I forgot from ZSE4. I bypassed ZSE5, so I am impressed by how much better the educational videos are from ZSE4, even those produced for ZSE5. I really like that the educational component teaches you exactly what the “actions” are doing behind the scenes, rather just being taught to push button a, then button b etc. Have not played with the panel yet, but from ZSE4, I know that it will speed up the creative process because I do not have to remember all the steps for any given effect.
    In conclusion a great addition & the best for making Photoshop CC easier and more powerful to use for us “non power users”. Blake has done all the heavy lifting for us, we simply get to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work in putting together the educational material plus the bonus of using a powerful photoshop panel extension. You really are buying the education and getting the panel as a free bonus!

  28. Edward (verified owner)

  29. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    Blake provides an awesome service. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He’s right on the ball whenever you need help so that’s enough encouragement for me to continue purchasing from him.

  30. soumaya s. (verified owner)

    Beyond expectations, incredible tool to have and use.
    Blake makes backs it with more then enough education to make sure you use it to it’s best potential.
    Thank you Blake.

  31. Ken W. (verified owner)

  32. jude dundas (verified owner)

    Photography is only a hobby for me but I have used ZSE since it first came out and it has revolutionised the way I now use P/S, which had always been a challenge. Blake has given me the vision to see and make creative images using his workflow. The latest ZSE6 is the icing on the cake and makes P/S a pleasure to use. All the education he supplies is top class and easy to follow. I can thoroughly recommend. Thank you Blake, your dedication is appreciated.

  33. Frank (verified owner)

    This is a game changing update. I love the products and videos that Blake creates and shares with us. He is a genius in coming up with innovative approaches to post-production and teaching us how to use them. Just when you think you have it down Blake comes up with another jaw-dropping method for us. Fantastic stuff!

  34. Larry Citra (verified owner)

    The panel looks more complicated than it is. I am getting the hang of it!

  35. James S. (verified owner)

    The training materials are, as usual, very well done. If you watch everything you will have strong understanding of the concepts behind the Zone System Express 6 process. In order to master it, though, you will need to practice on your own images. Just watching the training videos will not make you an expert.

  36. Eugenio Garrido (verified owner)

    He hecho muchos cursos sobre cómo editar imágenes en Photoshop, también he probado muchos Plugins. Desde que descubrí el modo de explicar de Blake Rudis, me convenció y me quedo con sus consejos. Me admiran y convencen sus explicaciones. Es una visión nueva y sencilla de editar en Photoshop. Su reciente ZSE6 supera a sus predecesores. Contiene todo lo que se necesita para elevar tu fotografía a un nivel superior.

  37. Eric A. (verified owner)

    Blakes latest revamp of the Zone System Express panel is just right. He’s added features and removed some unnecessary buttons to keep the panel clean and streamlined. I love the ‘blend-if’ functionality, it’s quite a powerful tool, and easy to modify to my needs.

  38. kathy towe (verified owner)

  39. Ib M. (verified owner)

    I am particularly impressed by the blend-if luminosity masking. The process was not new to me, but now it is a lot easier to use.
    Thanks for keeping compressed zones. I use them a lot.

  40. Michael (verified owner)

  41. Barry B. (verified owner)

  42. David W Kraus (verified owner)

  43. Maureen J. (verified owner)

    The content and education provided with the ZSE6 Extended Edition Upgrade are taking my photography and photo editing to levels I hadn’t even imagined possible. The education videos are clear and concise, the panel is well thought out, and the tools utilize the depths of Photoshop.

  44. Jan C. (verified owner)

    changes the digital images in a wonderful artist work

  45. Johan Coetzee (verified owner)

    Very well thought out and assembled tool kit.

  46. Simon Ray (verified owner)

    The ZSE6 is amazing. It has smoothed out my workflow so much it’s incredible! The BlendIf tools are so far superior to regular masks it’s ridiculous.

  47. Randy Washam (verified owner)

    All Blake’s Products do what he says and more. Video training as good as it gets. Could not be happier. My only question is what do you recommend as Picture Style setting , in camera, to get the wanted contrast to process ?

  48. Steve M. (verified owner)

  49. Peter Bushby (verified owner)

    The blend if curves are so quick Like it

  50. Mark Rindflesh (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with ZSE6 for about a week and I’ve found it to be significantly improved in so many ways over ZSE5. The new Blend If masks are remarkable! As always, I am so very impressed by Blake’s work

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

  52. Christopher Cowan (verified owner)

    I’m glad it took advantage of this unfortunately the next couple of weeks I’m slammed with other projects and commitments but I will catch up. looking forward to seeing this panel in action take care of my friend.

  53. Gilles B. (verified owner)

  54. Bill (verified owner)

  55. James Macaluso (verified owner)

  56. Eugene DuCom (verified owner)

    Looking forward to it

  57. Ben Pereboom (verified owner)

    As usual excellent quality, well prepared training website. I am ready for it, let the educational stuff come in August 🙂

  58. Al (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of Blakes for a while…he speaks in plain language and has a comfortable style of delivering material and creating an understanding of the concepts of post-processing with PhotoShop. It was a natural progression to get into the Zone Systems and when the newest version arrived, couldn’t wait to see the improvements Blake has brought “to the table” (you won’t be disappointed). The “Extended” version comes with a series of well thought out videos that help you not only understand the ZSE product (and those other intricacies of PhotoShop). Additionally, there are a complete set of follow-along notes for quick, future reference. Zone System is a great set of “creator” tools that brings a whole suite of tools to your finger tips and helps you progress to your own unique style. Try it!

  59. Mark LaFreniere (verified owner)

    I purchased the ZSE5 and was very impressed with the results I was getting. But the new ZSE6 blew me away. I love the way the panel is set up, very easy to use once you go through all the training. Blake your training is top notch and I have begun to see tones and colors in a whole different way, let’s just say my eye’s have been opened. I edited one of my old sunrise photos with the ZSE6 and when I finished it, I looked at the before and after image and couldn’t believe the results I got. I am my own worst critic and for the first time in a long while I said to myself WOW even I was surprised how good it came out. Blake your training has made a great impact on me and I am really looking forward to your ZSE6 Extended version. I would highly recommend the ZSE6, I would give it a 5 star rating all day long. Thanks again, Mark

  60. Elwood Spedden (verified owner)

    A product made even better through continuous improvement! I have been a user since ZSE 4.0 and the new ZSE 6.0 is both more powerful and easier to use.

    Woody Spedden
    Fort Collins, CO

  61. CARLOS CARRION (verified owner)

  62. Alan Montgomery (verified owner)

    Getting use to it. Miss the sharpening feature in ZSE4 but am impressed with what I’ve used so far

  63. Rebecah Thompson (verified owner)

  64. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I loved the webinar, and have just finished the week 1 tutorial. It really helped make things much clearer about when to use blend-if vs masks. I look forward to more. The review of the survey made me think deeper since there were responses I hadn’t considered. I need to go back over the videos again.

  65. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    Your week 2 Friday session: Curve Modifiers, this alone made the extended edition worth every penny. The rest is icing on the cake making it incredible.

  66. Anne R. (verified owner)

    Awesome Training as always, and I am definitely glad I choose the additional training when I received my upgrade of the Zone System. (& I actually re-did all my training on ZS as well as just eh additional suggestions). It also sent me back to my Palette Effects training as well which I have just re-completed. Both are foundations that you can keep adding onto, not a one-time training experience! Both are keepers for my workflow. Highly recommend.

  67. Marnix V. (verified owner)

    It’s an indepth course where you learn a lot more about how to use curves and so much more.

  68. Tomasz Tomaszewski (verified owner)

    Very valuable, just slow down your speed of toking please.

  69. Al Legge (verified owner)

    Great help understanding blend if . Just finishing week one!

  70. Michael Van Wettering (verified owner)

  71. Terry Carver (verified owner)

  72. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    I am still working my way through the tutorials, but have already learned so much. This product is so much more than an adjustment panel. It is an education in tone, masks, and so much more.

  73. Rainer Steinacker (verified owner)

    I am using ZSE since v4. The latest edition v6 with the updated UI supports my needs excellent. Most important is prior using ZSE, is to understand the principles behind. All videos should be seen a n d understand by new users, than ZSE is an excellent tool.

  74. Sarbach Patrick (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, thank you for asking me about your work. I’m an amateur photographer with very few time to shoot and post product my pictures. I like to learn about post processing my pictures and in the last three years I learned a lot about photoshop basics and technics from an Italian “teacher”. But I have still lots of lacs in my techniques and so I landed on your pages. Now I’m learning from you…. your ZSE6 panel is really a good work and helps to get more time to experiment and research about my knowledge of colors and tones. So Thank you for teaching so much about your knowledge and research in this endless world of digital photography! As next I will introduce myself in dodge an burning by your courses. So maybe I will finally get a new eye to work on my pictures to get better ones. Until now I worked a lot on overall contrasting colors, tones and sharpening my images! Also my b&w work flow will change on your advices as I always used the plugin of nik silver effects that allowed me to get what I liked. It’s all about new skills that I’m pleased to afford! And I will also look after what you can and will teach about colours which is a very difficult theme! For now thank you for al that what you offer, a good work with quality!

  75. kent (verified owner)

    great information to broaden the knowledge base on the panel

  76. Jean-Francois B. (verified owner)

    Wonderfull System. Gives me the control I never had before.

  77. Peter (verified owner)

    Learned a lot. Helped to bring everything together

  78. John Alvarez (verified owner)

    Wow! Useful and educational. My editing skills are noticeably improving.

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