• Black & White: The Bottom Line

    Black & White: The Bottom Line

    You’ve probably seen me process hundreds of BW images through my critiques and various courses.  But I haven’t put all that education into a course, until now!  This is a short course, but incredibly important for creating impactful Black and White images. In this brief course on Black and White processing, I will show you:…

  • Developing the Shot: In Retrospect Vol.1

    Developing the Shot: In Retrospect Vol.1

    Have you ever looked at one of your portfolio images from the past and thought, “I could do so much better on this with what I know now”? I know I have. Heck, I go back and edit my images at least 3 times a year.  I think this practice is an excellent idea for…

  • Level Up Your Composition

    Level Up Your Composition

    Composition is critical, but there is more to it than you may have been told! In 2021,  I did a live event on photographing Eagles and Wildlife, and I referenced “leveling up” my skills as I shot. I found that concept to be beneficial for me in many aspects of my photography, especially composition. What…

  • Developing the Shot – Grand Falls

    Developing the Shot – Grand Falls

    Have you ever seen an epic landscape photograph and wondered what the photographer went through to get the shot?  I know I have! In this course “Developing the Shot:  Grand Falls” I am going to tell you EVERYTHING that went into the making of the shot.  You may never have heard of Grand Falls Arizona. …

  • Working With Light 2: Lumberjack

    Working With Light 2: Lumberjack

    Sometimes you just get lucky… That’s the case for this case study here. When we were photographing our family for our yearly Christmas Card, our middle son, William, struck a pose that had us all smiling.  He looked like a proud little lumberjack in his red and black plaid shirt.  My wife and I immediately…

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