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  • Working With Light 2: Lumberjack

    by Blake

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    Sometimes you just get lucky… That’s the case for this case study here. When we were photographing our family for our yearly Christmas Card, our middle son, William, struck a pose that had us all smiling.  He looked like a proud little lumberjack in his red and black plaid shirt.  My wife and I immediately […]

  • ••• Zone System Express RAW •••

    by Blake
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    Masking in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is not easy. You have a whole new interface with several new mask additions and they threw out the concept of the Adjustment Tools like bad bathwater. Several items have been rearranged and the whole Add, Subtract, and Intersect Mask thing… Forget about it! Or should you forget […]

  • Working with Light - A Portrait Photography Case Study

    by Blake
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    I have never been one to photograph people, but I have never been into Wildlife photography either.  It seems 2021 has been the year of learning for me.  That’s exactly what this Case Study/Course is all about. I recently went to the Warbirds Photography Workshop to learn Portrait Photography in a B-29 hangar with my […]

  • Game of Tones - a Tone Theory Course

    by Blake
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    ♠ TONE THEORY …  It’s ALL a Game of Tones ♠ The difference between a good photo and a PHENOMENAL photo rests in one critical place, the TONES.  The tones in your photo do so many important things and have a strong influence on your viewer’s experience.  Your tones are responsible for (but not limited […]

  • Dodge and Burn: Advanced (2021)

    by Blake
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    Dodging & Burning:  Advanced Concepts A few years back I created a course on Dodging and Burning that included the primary methods for dodging and burning.  We discussed how to dodge and burn with brushes, with curves, and with a 50% gray layer.  I thought I had taught it all, but as time will always […]