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  • Photoshop Foundations - Sky Replacements

    by Blake

    Photoshop Foundations: Sky Replacements How many times have you spent good time and money to go to the location of your dreams praying for gorgeous skies?  How many times did that location look impressive, but the clouds decided to take the day off?   Better yet, the whole week off? That happened to me on a […]

  • Ps Foundations: The Inverted Image

    by Blake
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    Photoshop Foundations:  The Inverted Image! What if I told you there is a second dimension in your photos that you are not accessing right now?  You’d probably want to know more right?  Especially if I told you that with that 2nd dimension of data you could make some of the most natural adjustments possible. The […]

  • PS Foundations: Gradients

    by Blake
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    Photoshop Foundations:  Gradients! I am a firm believer that is it extremely difficult to learn Photoshop in one big lump sum with one all encompassing course.  There is just too much information to learn and pack into a single educational endeavor.  The one major problem with trying to make a course like that is that I […]

  • Vertical Panoramas

    by Blake
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    Vertical Panoramas Of all the photo processes I have ever pursued, Vertical Panoramas have got to be on the top of my list of favorites.  They are exactly as they sound, panoramas with a vertical orientation instead of the traditional horizontal pano.  They can create some of the most powerful floor to ceiling compositions in […]

  • Palette Effects Recipes

    by Blake
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    Palette Effects Recipes   One of my good friends and fellow photo buddies, Jeffrey McPheeters, once told me that photo editing is like being a chef.   You can give the same ten ingredients to two different chefs, and each one will come up with something different.  Some of them may go for sweet, others […]