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15 reviews for CLiR – Extended Upgrade

  1. Christopher M. (verified owner)

    very good supplement to the original course. well worth the price.

  2. Ralph Marshall (verified owner)

  3. Brenda (verified owner)

    Great addition to an already amazing course!

  4. warner waller (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it, filled so many holes on the subject of Infrared photography for me personally!!! Keep up the good work gentlemen, many thanks!!! ?☺

  5. Denise Spencer (verified owner)

    Still working through the videos but according to my friends my pictures have gone from, “Okay that’s nice.” to “OMG did you take that! “, “Where did you take that!” “Awe that’s awesome!” You have no idea how much improving my IR photography means to me. I would recommend your product to anyone who really wants to improve their photography skills. My friends don’t grimace at my pictures anymore! Priceless!

  6. Dennis Z. (verified owner)

  7. Robert Oberman (verified owner)

    Blake and Tonee’s program: Advanced Color Infrared is a winner. It is always pleasure to receive Courses from Blake. My only wish is that there will soon be an update to the original Course. Thanks again-Bob Oberman

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This Extended Upgrade made all the difference for me. It brought everything together and demonstrated exactly how to use the CLiR panel.

  9. Catherine Steinmann (verified owner)

    Since this is a huge program, it will take time for me to absorb all the info but it is definitely the way to go if you have an infrared camera. It will give you results with more certainty! Catherine

  10. klaas de bont (verified owner)

    gives a lot more insight what you can do with the panel, and also other possibilities of photoshop

  11. Roland Botterman (verified owner)

    Your course is by far the best course I found on internet on infrared photography. I tried to replicate the techniques on my own infrared photos. The outcomes were quite different from these on your sample photos. I usually use the B+W 092 IR 650nm filter which is close to the Kolari 665nm IR filter but the colors are still very different. My camera is full spectrum converted Fujifilm xt100. Which has most influence on the colors: the filter or the camera?

  12. Bjorn T. (verified owner)

    The CLiR Extended Upgrade is tremendously useful in providing tips and techniques for IR post processing. The CLiR panel itself is very powerful, but also quite challenging to learn, so the videos and examples in the Extended Upgrade have helped me develop a workflow in processing my images. Definitely worth the money.

  13. Lewis (verified owner)

    A perfect addition for a excellent panel and training!

  14. Charles Stone (verified owner)

    As usual, Blake did an excellent job. I’ve taken several courses from him and always get a lot from it, easy to follow along with him. This course will help to elevate my infrared images.

  15. Eric von Schulthess (verified owner)

    I expected more insights, more techniques, more tricks.

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