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♠ TONE THEORY …  It’s ALL a Game of Tones ♠

The difference between a good photo and a PHENOMENAL photo rests in one critical place, the TONES.  The tones in your photo do so many important things and have a strong influence on your viewer’s experience.  Your tones are responsible for (but not limited to):

♠  How your image will be received within the first few seconds of viewing
♠  How your viewer navigates throughout your image
♠  How vibrant or drab your colors will be
♠  How balanced your photo will appear from a distance

If you read through that list and wondered how that could be possible, then this course is for you.  I want to teach you not just how to edit photos with tone in mind, I want to teach you how to read them and understand them so you know EXACTLY what is going on when your viewer sees your work.

I have spoken countless times about Color Theory and how wildly important it is for understanding color, but where is the Tone Theory?

In this course, you will learn how the principles of Color Theory apply directly to Tone as well.  We will discuss Tone Theory and how it will help us formulate hypotheses, develop controlled experiments, and in the end answer our burning questions about tone to create predictable and reproducible results time and time again.

The Game of Tones Course in a Nutshell

✔  Eleven unique video tutorials
✔  159 minutes of education
✔  Access to all PDF’s and Follow Along Files
✔  15 Photoshop Actions for ULTIMATE Tone Control

In This Tone Theory Course, You Will Learn:

► How to Principles of Tone Theory
► An Understanding of Light
► How to Assess tones to navigate the viewer’s eye
► The difference between Dynamic Range and Contrast
► The Blend Modes that encourage Tone control
► Luminosity Mask and Blend If basics
► How to control the viewer’s experience in post-production
► NEW- The ART of TONE Sculpting

61 reviews for Game of Tones

  1. Cor

    Great course! I have learned a lot about Tone and how to use it in my work. Always kind of neglected tone and jumped right to color. Now I know how important it is to control your tone.
    The actions that come with the course are also very useful.

  2. Steven

    Not to knock any of your other courses, but this is one of the best yet! When added to other courses, this is the icing on the cake. Really great to get the viewer into the photo where you want them to see.

  3. Phillip

    Blake is, IMHO, the best post processing teacher on the internet. And while all of his courses are fantastic I think this is the best one yet. The instruction is both valuable and clear. And, it comes with a set of extremely useful actions.

  4. Helge

    Highly recommended! This course is a must if trying to make your images more interesting for the viewer. Just subtle changes are sufficient to direct the viewers eye to the right places and to create amazing pictures out of dull, boring photos. Blake’s in-depth and detailed explanations are clear and easy to understand, supported by many examples and show cases. He also shows how to integrate the introduced techniques and downloadable PS-actions in your personal workflow. Great!

  5. David

    Thank you, Blake. Your passion for discovery and education shines brilliantly in this course. It integrates beautifully with Palette Effects, ZSE6, as well as D&B Pro, all of which have added handsomely to my knowledge of color and tone.

  6. Brian

    Wow! Another fantastic course. I always though color was king. I still believe it’s super important. But after watching Game of Tones, I now realize you really need both to make those next level images.

    As with your tools and all your other courses, this is an excellent value. It’s also ground-breaking in the sense that when you hear the words Tone Theory, you think music or Black and White. Not about how it interplay’s with color. Now to go practice, practice practice.

  7. Rae

    I have learned so much from your training over the years, but this course is the pièce de résistance. Not only do you provide incredible clarity and detail on the subject of toning, but you generously create actions that save us precious editing time and then include them in the course package. I am so excited to use this knowledge and the tools, I feel it was the missing piece in my editing skills…Thank you!

  8. Paul (verified owner)

    This course is a teaches how to precisley predict just how the tones in your image will affect how your viewer reads your image. The course helps you to direct just where the viewer looks and how thier eyes move around the frame. The actions provided were very helpful in my workflow and I’m using them almost every time I edit an image.

  9. KENNETH (verified owner)

    thank you revision education is much required and this is an excellent way to do that and it brings back lost methods thank you love all your panels helps me a lot keep safe

  10. CHRISTOPHER (verified owner)

    There is one word for this – WOW. Another great tool to have in my tool chest. I can think of many photos I have that will benefit from applying these concepts. Thanks Blake!!!!

  11. BruceBTurner (verified owner)

    Good technical content, explanations and examples.

  12. Stephen (verified owner)

    Every product or course I’ve ever purchased at f.64 Academy Elite and in particular, the Game of Tones actions program with included educational videos have been exceptional! Blake’s love for the craft, his extensive knowledge plus his gifted ability to teach it to others makes a tremendous difference in grasping any and all of this extremely useful and game changing subject matter. It will be the best $29 you have ever spent and it will still be worth it when the price doubles. Jump on it now while at this great rate!

  13. Connie Gill-Straubhaa (verified owner)

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    Some interesting concepts but your excitement / commitment can occasionally hard to follow, but there again, the PDF extras do help.

  15. MORRIS (verified owner)

    I loved the new way you taught to get great contrast & luminosity. Your sharing of creativity is of great value and help as always.

  16. steven baggett (verified owner)

    Another great tool for your box. A good step in the direction of “learning everything that you can” journey. A lot of information at a modest price.

  17. charles (verified owner)

    Think for my needs you hit it out of the park! Your lesson #6 “Blend Modes for tone” deepened my understanding of tricking the minds eye as to color change that really does not happen! Brilliant presentation for learning the concept!

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    A little too advanced for me – I did get a lot from it, but many of the things covered were so fine tuned I couldn’t see the difference – but I still am happy with what I learned

  19. Juan (verified owner)

    I have been using PS for about 9+ years now and I am always amazed at how much I learn about PS and photography in general from Blake Rudis. I consider Blake the finest photography instructor on the internet. The Games of Tones course is worth every penny and even more. This course will expand your creative horizons as Blake explains step-by-step the processes encompassed in the use of tones. I recently used what I learned from this course on a photograph of mine and I could not believe the difference it made; it was a vast improvement from previous versions. I strongly recommend the Games of Tones to anyone–think of it as an investment because it truly will pay dividends in your photography. Thank you Blake!!

  20. Jeff (verified owner)

  21. John William (verified owner)

    Extremely useful tool which makes my post processing much more streamlined and professional – gives a 3 dimensional effect and makes the images pop

  22. vartkes (verified owner)

    I am a “deep dive” user of Zone Express and Palette Effects. I really appreciated how Blake brings together a philosophy of managing tones with the tools to realize them in Game of Tones. In addition there are some new tools like Tone Sculpting that is worth the price of the course. Also learning how to use the capabilities of the Color Range and its limitations and drawback is very useful to me. As usual Blake delivers a ton of learning at a modest price. Combine this the Linear Light Blend Mode course and the Dodge & Burn Advanced course and you will end up with a much higher level of appreciation and application in post exposure image development. Thank you Blake!

  23. bernard (verified owner)

    Provide theory and tools

  24. Scott (verified owner)

    I finally get tones. Thanks Blake!

  25. charles denis simard (verified owner)

    as usual practical and efficient tools, I no longer make Photoshop actions thanks to you Blake

  26. Ian Marriner (verified owner)

    Excellent coverage of managing and enhancing tones. I would have liked some more worked examples at the end I also am not a big fan of photoshop D&B tools and wonder if you can do similar outcomes painting with a black and white brush? I will experiment.

  27. Richard (verified owner)

    Great insight on a workflow!

  28. Sinjon (verified owner)

    Another well done deep dive into PS.

  29. Malo Salo (verified owner)

  30. Edward (verified owner)

    Makes adjusting tones so much easier

  31. Antony (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, my only negatives are try to slow down your speech and to not repeat yourself so much.

  32. Fu Shan (verified owner)

    Very useful and professional!

  33. Cormac (verified owner)

  34. Claude Serquet (verified owner)

    Really good in all aspects, content is very interesting.

  35. Steve (verified owner)

    Totally lifted quality of images way beyond expectations

  36. Tony Cowen (verified owner)

  37. Linda (verified owner)

    A very thorough look at tones and how important they are to processing an outstanding photo. Good job Blake!

  38. Charles Fleischman (verified owner)

    Like everything else that is worthwhile, it takes some study and practice to really appreciate how this has helps me to shape my images, focus attention on what I consider the significant part of my images and prepare for the next phase, color. Thanks for producing this.

  39. Betty-Lou (verified owner)

    I just love all of the courses. They are always giving you something else to learn, even if you are knowlegdeable in Photoshop. It’s a new way of looking at your own images.

  40. Claudio (verified owner)

    Clear and thorough. Bravo Blake

  41. Felix (verified owner)

    Unbelievable! I incorporated “Game of Tone” in my workflow, you have to see it for yourself.

  42. Gianni (verified owner)

    I already knew the quality of Blake Rudis’ courses, but I think Blake surpassed himself in this case. Only after following the first theoretical lessons and applying what I learned to my photographs did I get fantastic results. This course has greatly influenced and changed my workflow and, in my opinion, has taken me to the next level. Thanks Blake.

  43. Bradley (verified owner)

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I have purchased several of Blake’s training courses and while all have helped me to understand more about processing my images This is the icing on the cake. I now look at my images in a different light and can see how ‘The Game of Tones’ will help me become a better Photographer. Thank you, Blake for your commitment to experimenting in Photoshop and willingness to pass on that information in a clear and well compiled presentation is appreciated.

  44. Marji (verified owner)

    As with all f.64 Academy courses, very impressive and informative. Easy to follow and understand. If you want to want to learn next level Photoshop skills, f.64 Academy is the place.

  45. Donald Baird (verified owner)

    Your lesson 7 on luminosity masks has completely changed my workflow. I switched back to Bridge/ACR/Photoshop workflow from ON1 Photo Raw. The one thing I missed the most from ON1 was the one-click luminosity masking. I often use the HSL adjustment layer as a clipping mask on one of the luminosity masks to get the color I want.

  46. Ray (verified owner)


  47. John (verified owner)

    Using these techniques has already added depth and interest to my images.

  48. Olafur (verified owner)

    Lots and lots of knowledge in this that works well for me. Would definitely recommend Game of Tones. I have always received good and useful information from your videos. Thank you.

  49. Anne (verified owner)

    Another amazing course! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! There is so much information in this course (as in all of his courses) that I know I will keep going back to it, and each time get a new appreciation for what I’m learning. I am always in awe of how it expands my knowledge and exposes me to new processes. Thanks!

  50. Larry (verified owner)

  51. Martin (verified owner)

  52. jef (verified owner)

  53. Ed Dahlin (verified owner)

  54. Vincent (verified owner)

    This was great, Blake. I wrote down all the steps and loaded the actions and use this as a guide for all my shots now. And the Navigation Map is a great way to see where the user’s eye will focus. Thanks, as always!
    Vinny C.

  55. Richard Hudnall (verified owner)

    Good Moring Blake,
    Your Game of Tones is well done and I have been using it on a few images with great results, just need to do 95 more. Your live view yesterday was a very good review, thank you.
    Dick Hudnall

  56. Glen (verified owner)

    Really great course and actions. Will take some time to learn how to use it.

  57. David (verified owner)

    I am a PhotoArtist but in order to maximise that genre I need an excellent photo first. I use several of Blake’s “systems” but have to say Game of Tones is pretty splendid and brings together the best aspects of his various programs. A real investment that pays back on your first use!

  58. Pamela F. (verified owner)

    I am half way through Game of Tones content. What I’ve learned from Blake has added light logic to this art photography brain. Absolutely recommend the product!

  59. Robyn (verified owner)

    I’m always up for buying one of Blake’s courses. He’s such an awesome teacher.

  60. Fulin (verified owner)

    An amazing course that provides me a thorough understanding of tones and colours in photo-editing and photography. Blake had again impressed me with simple explanation on the theory of tones with wonderful illustrations and actions. The topic on tone sculpting is something new to me, and I must say that it is fascinating. Thank you very much for sharing your invaluable knowledge with everyone. Keep it up, Blake.

  61. Andrew-Oliver (verified owner)

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