Ps Foundations – The Basics

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Photoshop Foundations:  The Basics

We are going back to the basics in this course!  Whether you are a seasoned veteran in Photoshop or a beginner, the basics are important.  Having a strong foundation of the inner workings of Photoshop will not only speed up your workflow, it will keep you from forming bad habits in the editing process.

Let’s face it, most people just want to dive right into Photoshop and learn magic tricks.  But I can assure you, those magic tricks will only take you so far if the habits you are forming in the process are bad.  In this course, we are going to go back to the basics and build a strong foundation from the ground up.  You will be shocked by how much you don’t know about the most important aspects of Photoshop.

You will learn:

  • How to navigate Photoshops Menus, Toolbars, and Preferences
  • How to build your own custom workspace for efficiency and speed.
  • The difference between Image Size and Canvas Size
  • The three different layer types
  • The attributes of layers
  • How to organize your layers in big composites
  • How and why to merge layers
  • All about the various file types and when to use them.

Included in this course:

  • 131 Minutes of formal education and practical application for understanding the inner workings of Photoshop to become more proficient.
  • All follow along images and course resource material.

Programs Required:

  • Adobe Photoshop© CC:  Not included in the purchase of the course.  Some features outlined in this course may not be available in CS6 or CS5

168 reviews for Ps Foundations – The Basics

  1. Albert L. (verified owner)

    Good course on the topics described

  2. Austin T. (verified owner)

  3. Hans Ulrich (verified owner)

    really helpful

  4. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

  5. Art B. (verified owner)

    A great refresher, even for someone that’s been using PS for twenty years now.

  6. Brian Andrews (verified owner)

    Having floundered about within PS for more than a year; I purchased Blake’s Zone System Express Education Bundle. I have completed ‘The Basics’ portion and already I am feeling so much more comfortable within PS and my images are starting to look much improved.

  7. robert walker (verified owner)

    The education for ZSE 6 just brilliant,the vids are worth the money without the panel.

  8. Ken W. (verified owner)

    Thorough work in bite sized chunks.

  9. Richard (verified owner)

  10. Juan Renta (verified owner)

    As Blake says, “everyone needs this.” I learned quite a bit from this course and I have been using Photoshop for seven years. As always, Blake’s instruction and presentation of the material are superb. This course, along with the Zone System Express, is saving me a lot of time. As a result, my photo processing has improved 100% in a very short time. Again, thank you Blake!

  11. Larry Citra (verified owner)

    I’m a long time PS user so I haven’t viewed this part yet but I plan to as you can always learn something useful from almost everyone … no one knows it all!

  12. Wayne W. (verified owner)

    I have tried many times in the last 10 years to get my head around PS, and I have worked thru a heap of courses, but Blake not only makes it look easy, he teaches the concepts behind the tools and why some are needed and others just get in the way. Thanks Blake, keep powering on, there are many out here who are blessed by skills as an educator and as a motivator.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The basics were uncovered. I have only been using photoshop for a little over a year. This was all new material to me. Thanks so much for including it.

  14. Jose Carlos Fernandez Manjon (verified owner)

    there’s always something to learn…

  15. Александр Калиненко (verified owner)

  16. Jeff W. (verified owner)

  17. kathy towe (verified owner)

    Great information a lot that I did not know.

  18. Barry B. (verified owner)

    Good overview of the basics of PS

  19. Peter (verified owner)

  20. Madhukar Loomba (verified owner)

  21. Gordon (verified owner)

    I haven’t looked at this yet. I jumped right into the zone express and am having so much fun with it that I haven’t looked beyond it. I know from experience with Blake’s work that this will be helpful.

  22. Carl Meibergen (verified owner)

    I’ve been using PS for awhile, but decided to forget what I thought I knew and begin at the beginning. Great information for everyone on how to properly setup the interface and prepare for an efficient workflow. Highly recommended.

  23. Johan Coetzee (verified owner)

  24. Simon Ray (verified owner)

  25. Randy Washam (verified owner)

    All Blake’s Products do what he says and more. Video training as good as it gets. Could not be happier. My only question is what do you recommend as Picture Style setting , in camera, to get the wanted contrast to process ?

  26. Steve M. (verified owner)

  27. Lawrence H. (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

  29. Martina E. (verified owner)

  30. Bill (verified owner)

  31. Eugene DuCom (verified owner)

    Great since I am a beginner in PS

  32. Rebecah Thompson (verified owner)

  33. Paul M. (verified owner)

  34. Stefan Mogyorosi (verified owner)

  35. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Taught me hoe wo get going in PS

  36. Samuel Davey (verified owner)

  37. Terry C. (verified owner)

  38. Peter (verified owner)

  39. James Sullivan (verified owner)

  40. Thomas (verified owner)

    Did this course as I was debating purchasing some of Blakes products. Blake is probable the one of the best instructors among about 3 people I have seen over the years. His instruction method, voice, etc. are excellent. He provides good information and instruction and more importantly, he is flexible and adjust his beliefs and teachings as products evolve – one good example of this is ACR. ACR years ago was an OK but important function, now it is an excellent product (function of PS and LR) and one can do many, many things to photo editing with it – and Blake has adjusted those teachings (and tells you) as the products have evolved as evidenced in this course – Photoshop Foundations – Adobe Camera Raw Basics.
    After taking this course and a few others, am a happy photo student of his who has purchased several other courses.

  41. Frank F. (verified owner)

    PS Foundations is exactly as the name describes…the basics. Basics does not mean it is only for beginners. The course served as a great refresher to PS concepts and I even learned a few new things. This is a great prerequisite for the ZSE education.

  42. Heinrich (verified owner)

  43. Pamela B. (verified owner)

  44. Thomas S. (verified owner)

  45. Tim Weiss (verified owner)

    Whatever Blake Rudis does, he does extremely well. This is no exception.

  46. Linda D’Alto (verified owner)

    I’m sure it’s great, just haven’t had time to explore yet. Working on the ZSE videos.

  47. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Shirley (verified owner)

    Blake is great teacher and very knowledgeable.

  50. Edmund Prescottano (verified owner)

    Provides a good basic understanding of Photoshop. You may have wanted to include a bit on the color settings to make sure people were editing in the correct color space

  51. David G. (verified owner)

  52. Richard (verified owner)

  53. Amonsak S. (verified owner)

    Very nice instructions to simplify on using PS. I can save tons of times. Thanks for making this.

  54. eric morand (verified owner)

  55. A.C.R.F. van der Woude (verified owner)

  56. GARY MEYER (verified owner)

  57. Sue Leonard (verified owner)

    Brilliant as always. Blake never fails to educate in a friendly, knowledgeable manner. This guy is dedicated and it shines through in his teachings.

  58. Dmitry S. (verified owner)

    Interesting summary of everything I knew already

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

  60. Dario Ivanisevic (verified owner)

    Very clear knowledge, I’m happy with this because I wasn’t very familiar with PS. Thanks

  61. Imrie L. (verified owner)

  62. Antoine Jordans (verified owner)

    Excellent for me as an amateur PS user

  63. Colin Monteith (verified owner)

    A fantastic foundational PS program that takes your ‘how to’ knowledge up several notches. Highly recommended along with ZSE.

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a great refresher for those that know and great for beginners.

  65. Mikael Martinz (verified owner)

  66. paul carrington (verified owner)

    Very good

  67. Benjamin P. (verified owner)

    Excellent, as always!

  68. steve seligman (verified owner)

  69. Ransel (verified owner)

  70. Rick (verified owner)

    I am aware of many of the techniques, but it is a good refresher course.

  71. Serge C. (verified owner)

  72. Catherine Steinmann (verified owner)

  73. Richard Waas (verified owner)

    I have been using photoshop for about 15 years and still learn new things all the time. Going back to the basics reminded me of many things I had forgotten over the years……

  74. Sheila Huston (verified owner)

    I knew a lot already, but sure it’s great for new photoshop users.

  75. gerrit koopmans (verified owner)

  76. John C. (verified owner)

  77. Hans-Heinrich (verified owner)

  78. P. F. (verified owner)

    The lessons are very clear. Followed them with pleasure.

  79. Wanda Kelley (verified owner)

  80. Akbar Ali (verified owner)

    i like

  81. John Alvarez (verified owner)

    Gosh! I thought I knew the basics of PS. Your tutorials have taken my knowledge of PS to a new, functional level. Thank you for your good work.

  82. Marilyn Charlesworth (verified owner)

  83. David Robinson (verified owner)

    Great product for an introduction to Photoshop. I would definitely recommend it.

  84. Christian PHARABOZ (verified owner)

  85. Serge de Graaff (verified owner)

  86. Viliam (verified owner)

    PSFoundations – The Basics is a great course. Thank you very much.

  87. Dirk Uys (verified owner)

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I knew most of this but it was great to go over it all in such a well organised fashion

  89. Mark G. (verified owner)

    A great introduction to Photoshop ensuring you have a good understanding of the most important aspects. Again highly recommended.

  90. Tim Cleland (verified owner)

  91. Lisa Delp (verified owner)

    I needed this! This was a great resource for reinforcing the knowledge of this wonderfully complex tool.

  92. Prabhakar Perninkil (verified owner)


  93. Eddy C. (verified owner)

    just what it says … but you have to read it.

  94. garry fraser (verified owner)

  95. William Stewardson (verified owner)

    Outstanding product,, a must have.

  96. Nancy Briechle (verified owner)

    I have recently gotten the Photoshop for Photographers subscription after using PS Elements for years. I was looking for a good basic course to get things working well. This course filled the bill I’m so glad it came with my Zone System Express 6.

  97. Mike M. (verified owner)

  98. Geoffrey Kingston (verified owner)

    Before fully engaging with Photoshop my workflow was Lightroom/Luminar 4 – Nix Collection/Photoshop for image refinement. PS Foundations has given me a better understanding on how powerful Photoshop is and as a result am now refining my workflow to take out the Lightroom phase and work entirely with PS. This course has given me the tools to do this. Loved the style of delivery and course content.

  99. Stephen Grobler (verified owner)

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

  101. Cormac O’Connell (verified owner)

  102. Steve Ayers (verified owner)

  103. Scott Williams (verified owner)

  104. Tillman (verified owner)

  105. Noni T (verified owner)

  106. huanyu zhao (verified owner)

  107. Mark Warner (verified owner)

    Best thing ever. Photoshop for photographers by a photographer.

  108. Robert Skinner (verified owner)

  109. Amy G. (verified owner)

  110. Richard L. (verified owner)

    I thought I already knew a lot of the material but still learned more than enough to be very happy I finished this course.

  111. Larry J. (verified owner)

  112. Ulf Wohland (verified owner)

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

  114. Jose A De Leon (verified owner)

    Even if you’re polished in PS, sometimes we tend to swing for the fence and forget about the bunt play. The little things that will get you the results are lost in the shuffle to tackle the hard stuff first. It’s surprising how much one can learn from the little tips and tricks we’ve probably had forgotten to use. Great education here too!

  115. Serge Daleiden (verified owner)

    I thought I know a lot about PS until I found out that I know very little. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

  116. Terry J. (verified owner)

    A very good introduction I have only dropped a point because much of it I have covered with tutorials by Blake elsewhere.

  117. Danny V. (verified owner)

    Fine addition.

  118. Doug (verified owner)

  119. Philip K Webb (verified owner)

    Finding out how much I forgot or never knew. All most shocking

  120. Bob Spencer (verified owner)

    It was a great course. The courses that Blake puts together are well laid out and thought through. He’s one of the good instructors and people when dealing with Photoshop.

  121. DAVID T. (verified owner)

  122. Ivie McLardy (verified owner)

    Outstanding panel, easy to learn, with first class, tuition from a Master of PhotoShop, highly recommended

  123. stephen e. (verified owner)

    Still working my way through the ZSE training, but knowing Blake’s tutorial style, I fully expect to be highly impressed with this training.

  124. FRANCOIS (verified owner)

  125. stephen scott (verified owner)

  126. Rosalyn B. (verified owner)

    Blake’s teaching style takes complex, technical information to a level that makes learning Photoshop much easier to understand. Great program.

  127. Michel F. (verified owner)

  128. Laszlo Komaromy (verified owner)

    I learned a lot. As usual!

  129. Robert D. (verified owner)

    Excellent introduction to Photoshop. Well organised and good summary notes. As a basic user, this course served to reinforce some of the fundamentals of Photoshop.

  130. ALAN SILBERLIGHT (verified owner)

    It is always good to get back to basics and Blake gives us the tools and the knowledge to do just that. Even experienced Photoshop users can learn plenty!

  131. Walter (verified owner)

    Nice review.

  132. Terry K. (verified owner)

  133. Malcolm Birkett (verified owner)

    Great start to learning important Photoshop methods of image editing.

  134. jan g. (verified owner)

    this is really very “basic”, but a good reminder

  135. Rohan Nel (verified owner)

  136. Ken Foong (verified owner)

  137. Tom (verified owner)

  138. Sam Scott (verified owner)

    Great review course. Still learned a lot!

  139. Hilary Nathe (verified owner)

    Good refresher course.

  140. Ben Robinson (verified owner)

  141. Steve Bastiman (verified owner)

  142. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Been using PS since the first digital Nikon. Nice review.

  143. Hans Nieuwenhuis (verified owner)

    Nice recap of basics even for seasoned users

  144. Gary Olejniczak (verified owner)

  145. David Boyce (verified owner)

    Blake’s style in teaching things is just fantastic. He has a way of explaining something, that just clicks in your head where you start to see what he is explaining. I would highly recommend this course.

  146. Harold Davies (verified owner)

  147. Bruce T. (verified owner)

    This first in the series lesson is the one that helped understand what it is in PS that I need to understand and the rest can be ‘left for another day’ It also sets you up perfectly to understand where and how Blake’s new Zone System fits and operates. For those of you, like me, with little understanding of PS, this is the information that you need to finally come to grips with PS and also gives you insight into what is coming next. For those of you who are comfortable with PS, this lesson is well worth the time to browse through as it also jolts your memory as to PS and its tools, but it also sets you up perfectly to understand where the Zone System fits into your workflow.
    Well worth the time Guys. . .

  148. Joseph Valentine (verified owner)

  149. Peter Nickols (verified owner)

    This is a great starting point for getting you going in Photoshop, and as per usual the education from Blake is top notch, I don’t know if anyone has told Blake how he makes complicated things so much easier to comprehend, but he does.

  150. Kjell A Johansen (verified owner)

  151. jean francois renard (verified owner)

    une très bonne révision de mes acquis photoshop

  152. Wojciech (verified owner)

    From what I have reviewed, the product is worth its price and I recommend it.

  153. Vincent Welch Sr. (verified owner)

  154. Menahem Thalkar (verified owner)

  155. Bill Saffin (verified owner)

    Same as above

  156. Mika Pitkanen (verified owner)

    A good reminder and review of the basics. Recommended for all of us…

  157. Brian Larson (verified owner)

  158. Johan Voogd (verified owner)

    goed om nog even een keer terug te luisteren en kijken over de basis in Photoshop

  159. Devon Christie (verified owner)

    I have been using photoshop since version 3 and I wish I had this basic introduction to begin with. Blake you are right; just diving really hampers one’s true creativity and getting the most out of the software. Once again you have created a tutorial which my opinion everyone starting out with photoshop should watch. Thank you.

  160. Gregg Taylor (verified owner)

  161. Cliff (verified owner)

  162. Don Sutherland (verified owner)

    Helps learn the basics, but you have to keep up with the evolving world of Photoshop.

  163. Jonathan (verified owner)

  164. Carolyn Ray (verified owner)

    Good Basics Review

  165. Jacques D. (verified owner)

    It’s a good course to go back to the basics that sometimes we forget to use.

  166. Brad Waufle (verified owner)

    Another great educational refresher that goes well with the zone system.

  167. Bente (verified owner)

    This was great, as a stand alone for picking up some good tips, but also as it set me to get the Zone System, which is amazing to work with in creatively processing my photos. Thanks

  168. Myung-Soo Choi (verified owner)

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