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A Beginner’s Guide to Photographing the Milky Way

Ever tried to photograph the Milky Way and have little success?  I know my first attempt at photographing the Milky Way was a total loss.  I was on my deck in the middle of October and said, “Oh look, stars, I wonder if I can photograph the Milky Way?”  Let’s just say that shot was terrible and almost made me never want to try photographing the Milky Way ever again.

Over the last several years, I am happy to report that I have had many successful Milky Way outings and in reality, the Milky Way is relatively simple to photograph.  The key is knowing when and where to look for it! Photographing the Milky Way is similar to photographing a long exposure of a sunset.

Many of the same composition rules apply, but the difference is that sunset happens every evening.  The Milky Way, however, has a few very specific parameters that must be met in order for you to view it and photograph it.   Luckily you don’t have to go searching all over the internet or spending thousands of dollars on Milky Way workshops, because I am about to give away all of the industries best-kept secrets for photographing the Milky Way.

The Milky Way Course in a Nutshell:

  1. Twelve unique video tutorials (with four bonus critique videos)
  2. 192 minutes of education in total
  3. 95 follow-along pdf’s
  4. 3 High-Resolution Milky Way Practice RAW  files
  5. 10 Ps Actions for Milky Way Processing

In Blake’s Milky Way Course, you will learn:

How to Prepare for Photographing the Milky Way
How to use Apps to make your Milky Way chasing a breeze
What gear you will need to ensure you get the shot
What camera settings and variables you may face when photographing in the dark
My best Raw processing secrets for Milky Way exposures
What I do in Photoshop to make epic Milky Way images

BONUS 4 Milky Way critique sessions from the f.64 Archives

*This course uses Photoshop CC 2019.  It is strongly recommended that you use the same version to follow along.  Photoshop CC is not included in the class.

15 reviews for Milky Way Guide – Beginner’s

  1. Joe L. (verified owner)

    Blake has a way to delve into Photoshop like no other. Over the years he has taught me many, many new techniques, not found anywhere else. My photography skills and Photoshop skills have advance to the pro level. He amazes me every time he releases a tutorial. Photoshop is a vast software, and Blake continually shows me ways to edit images that I never discovered before. He certainly has made my Milky Way photography and post processing way better.

  2. Colin S. (verified owner)

    Great advice and information.

  3. Steve Grainger (verified owner)

    Superb!! Lots of great advice & info, well structured, easy to follow. Recommend to everyone.

  4. John Galbreath (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Blake Rudis course on Milky Way photography. All I can say is it’s excellent! Blake’s method of teaching makes learning so easy and enjoyable. While I have done Milky Way photography in the past I learned new and better ways to improve my images and, by the actions Blake included in the course, advanced my post production processing. I highly recommend this course to beginning and more advanced astrophotographers!

  5. Andrea (verified owner)

  6. Bev Rae (verified owner)

    A great course. Covered everything. A knowledgeable, patient teacher

  7. Thomas (verified owner)

    Lot’s of good insights and excellent guidance on Milky Way photography. Absolutely no regrets in this purchase.

  8. Mel W. (verified owner)

    I feel the content was well thought out and organized. I also appreciate you stressing the use of a “good” tripod. On several trips out Ive seen people trying to use a low quality tripod with a camera and lens that was much to heavy for it. Nothing could be worse than to be miles out in the bush and to have your camera and or lens busted due to a cost cutting mistake.

  9. Sharon Seaward (verified owner)

    I sat in my room in Bar Harbor, Maine on a gorgeous sunny day for three hours last September listening to Blake’s course because I wanted to photograph the Milky Way at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. It was well worth my time because that night I was able to capture my first Milky Way photograph!!!

  10. H M. (verified owner)

    I have taken and plan to take photo trips into the desert. I could never understand how to photograph the Milky Way. Now I’m ready and, I think, able to conquer it: technique, equipment, and processing. I originally took the course on f64 elite. I liked it so much, I bought it to have it on my computer for the next trip into the night sky.

  11. Don R. (verified owner)

    Everything in this course has help me understand what I have read in books and Magazines when it comes to photographing the night sky. Wish I would of found Out about f.64 years earlier. Am convinced that I am better off with a subscription to f.64 elite than I am some magazine subscriptions I have purchased in the past.

  12. Delk Haigler (verified owner)

    I have shoot the Milky Way for 4 years …..and learned a lot of great advice and even better ways to edit. Well worth it. Thank you so much Blake and truly appreciate your personal customer service after I had my own Internet download issues from my Internet provider. You went the extra step to make sure I was taken care of. I can not thank you enough!


  13. Gary Simms (verified owner)

  14. Christopher T. Bates (verified owner)

    I haven’t had the time to go through this course yet. However, I know there will be many takeaways hidden with in.

  15. JosephRib

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