Ps Foundations – Blend Modes

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Photoshop Foundations – Blend Modes

I have produced over 1300 videos on Photoshop and Photography and I can say that nearly every one of them has included a Blend Mode of some sort.  Now I think its time to put all of my blend mode knowledge into one comprehensive course.

The problem with Blend Modes is we find one maybe two or three that we like and we tend to stick to them and tell all the others to take a hike.  I implore you to rethink that decision.  While many educators will tell you to stick to Luminosity, Soft Light, Overlay and Screen, I am telling you that there is a treasure trove of color grading goodness in Vivid Light, Hard Mix, and dare I say it,  Difference!

If you are an absolute beginner to blend modes, have no fear.  This course was tailored for everyone.  It contains the perfect blend (see what I did there) of the how to use them with the why behind them.  No matter what skill level you find yourself in Photoshop I can guarantee you will learn something and walk away with at least one new found favorite blend mode to incorporate into your workflow.

You will learn everything about Blend Modes:

  • What the blend modes are in layman’s terms!
  • How to understand the grouping of blend modes
  • In-Depth discussions about every blend mode on relevant diagrams
  • How to use the 8 Fill Based Blend Modes for incredible Color Grading Effects
  • How to decode the relationships between the blend modes
  • How to use Blend Modes to make intricate color masks from Channels

 Included in this course:

  • 2 Hours of formal education and understanding of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop©
  • All follow along images, diagrams, and course resource materials

Programs Required:

  • Adobe Photoshop© CC:  Not included in the purchase of the course.  Most of the features outlined in this course may not be available in CS6 or CS5


10 reviews for Ps Foundations – Blend Modes

  1. bradede (verified owner)

    Blake thanks for the insights on how the get the best of Blend Modes. If I am honest I generally only ever use Overlay, that was before. You have given me the confidence to experiment with them all and pick my favourites.

  2. roger (verified owner)

    Very interesting and useful video. Hope to watch more on YouTube.

  3. Hans (verified owner)

    The course gave a good insight of all Blend Modes and I learnt a lot of new things. It is really worth the money, otherwise I would never have found out what all Blend Modes do in practice. I will for sure watch the videos once more.

  4. John (verified owner)

    I am getting acquainted with it.

  5. Alberto (verified owner)

  6. Sinjon (verified owner)

    this course is penny’s for Pearls.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nicely presented examples learnt many new things which I have started to incorporate and improve my images.

  8. Bill (verified owner)

    I found this lesson on blend modes most informative. I learned so much about what the blend modes are, what they do and how to use them. I recommend anyone that uses PS and is a little hesitant to use the blend modes to the fullest, should take a look at this course. Thank you Blake for providing this information that I was apprehensive to try.

  9. John (verified owner)

    Lesson 7 on color was eye opener for me. I now used luminosity blend for all of curve adjustments when I do not want the color to be changed.

  10. Donald Nuss (verified owner)

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