RAW GPS – Presets for ACR and LR

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Blake’s Raw Guided Processing Strategy Presets

80 Presets to get you flying through Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw like you were editing with a GPS installed!

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166 reviews for RAW GPS – Presets for ACR and LR

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    I tend to stay away from presets preferring instead to try to recapture the feeling I had when I captured the image. BUT, Blake has developed a series of presets that assist me in identifying appropriate beginning points for achieving my goal.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Ted McGee (verified owner)

    I have bought presets in the past and promptly deleted them. Most presets try to set a mood or look a photographer was able to get with their camera, settings, and location with little regard for ours. The GPS presets take a different approach that quickly and intelligently lead me through Lightroom adjustments that results in a starting point for Photoshop and in many cases a completed image. The difference being the GPS presets are not camera based. Excellent job on this Blake.

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    After a photo trip or shoot I normally start working on my photos to attempt and redevelop the scene I captured. Many times I miss developing an aspect of the photo because I was not concentrating on part of the photo. Blake’s presets give a fast look at things I may not have thought about trying to develop. It has helped me see things that I may not have seen with my own eye. Highly recommend to help develop your creative edge.

  5. pbziegler (verified owner)

    As others have said, presets I have purchased in the past always disappointed. And, simply cluttered up my presets until I tossed them. Blake’s actually integrate with my workflow rather than simply apply settings like a rubber stamp. Try ‘em. You’ll like ‘em.

  6. Lauri Hartman (verified owner)

    I wasn’t too interested in presets, until now, that is. Blake has started with the workflow in mind, and that makes it special, it works! I have already found my favourites that I mostly use and that suit my style. I thought I was good with ACR but I was only in midway. Thanks for showing me the way further, Blake.

  7. JohnS (verified owner)

    I agree with others.
    Great presets, very useful.
    I am pleased to have it.
    Highly recommended.

  8. TerriC (verified owner)

    Blake’s presets shorten the time spent getting the basic adjustments done. A few tweaks and I’m ready to bring my photo into Photoshop. Like many here have stated, I don’t use most of the presets I have that are designed to create a look.

  9. Richard Thomas (verified owner)

    I have used most of the Pre-Sets and am very grateful to you Blake, for making them available. I use the ‘Tools’ section a lot and find the ‘Auto Tone Adjustments’ on most of my images.

  10. Soumaya S (verified owner)

    Love these presets, far beyond the normal one click presets. Blake expertise, understanding and integration of tone, color and effects make all the difference to set his presets aside from the rest. Can’t thank you enough Blake for sharing your knowledge.

  11. Joyce M (verified owner)

    Love these presets! I may have an idea of how I want my photos to look but struggle getting started. Blake has the know how and the presets also give you the know when, know what and know where that would take me years to master

  12. John Galbreath (verified owner)

    The GPS Presets are amazing. I often find that the image I pre-visualize comes together quicker using the presets. Then I can refine my personal vision via ACR. What Blake Rudis has provided in the GPS Presets is the foundation for building a fine art image. Thank You!

  13. wlowe (verified owner)

    Blake’s GPS allows me to quickly recreate or find that feeling or story I had when capturing the image. I have just used the GPS presets to process an image I took at Iguazu falls about six years ago. The presets gave the result I wanted in about five minutes which would have taken much longer in PS.

  14. Don Chesnut (verified owner)

    I mainly use Preset-Total 2 and tweak it a little so there is no clipping in whites of blacks. These presets save a lot of time and guesswork. By using these Presets, the Tone part of the big three (Tone, Color, Effects) are pretty much done. I still Dodge and Burn, when I think it is needed, but these presets give me an image that I can go right into the Color and Effects to get a finished image.

  15. MCpsychDoc (verified owner)

    The GPS presets that I’ve tried with my images thus far do an absolutely terrific job helping me pull the my initial concept together for further edits. I don’t use presets very often, but these are definitely worth exploring and I’m sure that the more I explore with them, the more I will use them as a jumping off point for my image editing.
    As always, a top notch development from Blake!

  16. Garrick Meyer (verified owner)

    Not a big fan of presets BUT these are great helps me to get to what I saw when I took the photo a lot faster

  17. Charles Denis Simard (verified owner)

    very good but similar to some product available now
    the most improment is zs6 and pe2

  18. Fred (verified owner)

    Very easy to install into Photoshop CC and use excellent Thank you

  19. Duane Moore (verified owner)

    A lot of educational help. It gave me the understanding to evaluate the collection of presets I have as well as add to them. They also work with the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop, and with Lightroom.

  20. Michael Cameron (verified owner)

    Greatly adds functionality to my RAW workflow

  21. Bill Posner (verified owner)

    I always look forward to Blake’s innovative training and applications. This one has saved me quite a bit of time during my workflow working with RAW files. A must have to your Post Processing Toolbox!

  22. Gilles B. (verified owner)

    Limited useage so far, but it looks promising.

  23. Brian Andrews (verified owner)

  24. Davie (verified owner)

    This aid has certainly speeded up my workflow and given endless amount of fun in its practice.

  25. Bruce Blaylock (verified owner)

    The GPS Presets are very useful to speed workflow and energize creativity. I especially like the ones that allow me to do basic adjustments with a mere click. The GPS Preset Looks work very well on all most all of my landscape photos; even giving some interesting looks to B&W conversions. Great value package!

  26. Ralph Marshall (verified owner)

  27. Brian B. (verified owner)

    These presets are the kind I want! Can you get some great results, button-mashing? Sure. But these are not meant to be used that way. They are about speeding up your workflow, generating ideas and getting you to a starting point for your final edit faster.

    For me that means, less time in ACR and more time in PS doing the fun stuff.

    As an aside, you can also combine them with profiles for some really awesome results.

  28. Rick Lunn (verified owner)

  29. Gerald Levy (verified owner)

    Very thoughtfully put together with lots of choices!

  30. Mark (verified owner)

    Great presets [for lack of better name]. They are more like a guide to work flow! Very helpful and worth the cost!

  31. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Great quick and easy way to start my workflow.

  32. Neal Walters (verified owner)

    I haven’t had the chance to really dig into these presets yet … I have profited from all my other investments into your PS and LR tools so I am expecting these to be equally good but I am not prepared to give them a 5 at this early stage.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

  34. David Walker (verified owner)

    A really good way to get to a sensible starting point from a RAW image. Speeds up workflow significantly and leaves time for the fun aspect of our art!

  35. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

    Great, easy to use and speeds up my workflow.

  36. Tormod Malmgren (verified owner)

  37. Floyd G. (verified owner)

    I am VERY particular about stuff that I spend my money on so when Blake introduced these, I felt fairly sure that they would be as advertised based on his track record. I have made my own develop presets before but there was no system built into them.
    I am wired to build with a solid foundation & these presets provide that in a systematic way.
    These presets do make a huge difference in my workflow but I really wanted to support Blake & thank him for providing so much well developed educational materials.

  38. David P. (verified owner)

    I find RAW GPS a great way to work with the .dng files from my Pixel 3A.

  39. David Karp (verified owner)

  40. Donald (verified owner)

    excellent product. recommended

  41. Peter v. (verified owner)

    Once again, thank you, Blake! As a newbie to the amazing world of photography, I love the logical approach and amazing results the RAW GPS Presets bring to my photos.

  42. Bradley Ede (verified owner)

    Thanks Blake I love the simplicity of the useing the presets and the guidance provided in the videos

  43. Brian G. (verified owner)

    These will speed up my preliminary editing of images. I am going to use (if I can) the Auto preset as an import preset to speed things up a little more

  44. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Great product that saves huge amount of time. Well done!

  45. Bill Wiley (verified owner)

    It took me a little time and trying it before I really got it down. I like the ease of use and time saving. I found that I would tweet some areas as necessary. Thanks Blake.

  46. Bill W. (verified owner)

    Very helpful.

  47. Joe R. (verified owner)

    Makes a good blueprint for processing, have not tried to see how my Milky Way presets fit in yet.

  48. Goran P. (verified owner)

  49. Samuel Howard (verified owner)

  50. Jay Robertson (verified owner)

    It simplifies editing to just a couple of clicks and the results are awesome

  51. Rolf (verified owner)

    Easy to use, love it

  52. Frank (verified owner)

    This product is truly amazing. It simplifies the process of using the sliders in Lightroom, with tons of diverse choices. After using it a few times, you will develop your favorites and be thankful that it not only saves so much time in post-processing, but is so creative too. Thank you, Blake!

  53. Sebastian Tan (verified owner)

    I’m glad I’ve bought it, it’s a great idea to create the GPS, I like it. The only problem is, when using the ACR to make some adjustments to your present, I could choose the “modified” in the drop down panel and it will show me what have been used to make the preset, I could then choose what to be included to create my own preset. But unfortunately, LR doesn’t have that. My workflow is LR for Raw processing and export to PS for further enhancements. Therefore, it’s very troublesome for me to do it in PS and then import it to LR. Let me know it you have a better way of doing it, or LR actually could but I didn’t know how to do it? Thanks, hope to hear from you.

  54. Edward Sadler (verified owner)

    Blake has succeeded in producing a very useful set of presets that significantly reduces the time taken to edit a photo. Highly recommended.

  55. John Mortier (verified owner)

  56. Jeff (verified owner)

    I have only had these for a week. Already fitting nicely into my workflow. Can’t tell you how many presets I have in my system. These I actually use , they are just a perfect add to my already existing workflow with the ZSE tools and have already paid me dividends in time. With Blake showing how to make my own, I can see a whole new level of possibilities.

  57. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    I normally do no use presets but see how this can save time.

  58. Cornelis V. (verified owner)

    New way of approach, but time saving and logical

  59. roger gay (verified owner)

    Liked your videos not to sure about your lightroom bresets

  60. Neil Hickman (verified owner)

    If you want to improve your Photoshop skills then ALL of Blake’s products are sensational and this is no exception. If you find yourself repeating the same things on every image, this will save you heaps of time and Blake also teaches you how to automate your own workflow(s). Highly recommended.

  61. Sue Leonard (verified owner)

    I use the RAW GPS presets within Lightroom. They are so easy to instal and very easy to use, obtaining fast results. The fact that Blake shows you how to make and save your own presets makes the purchase worth it alone.

    All Blake’s products are excellent and honestly, you won’t go wrong with any of them.

  62. Bernd Bergemann (verified owner)

    ACR preset is very useful for me and a great timer safer.

  63. Bill (verified owner)

  64. Reginald Greeves (verified owner)

    As an 80yr old very amateur at this game,it has given me so much confidence to work PS,ACR.GREAT.

  65. ANDREW (verified owner)

    I’ve never really used presets before, since I normally find them disappointing – but this set is incredibly useful. It literally gives me a huge “head-start” on my post production workflow, getting me at half-way through the editing process, before I even get to work in Photoshop.

  66. David Targett (verified owner)

    Has speeded up my initial raw processing so I can spend more time getting the fine detail right. A great product.

  67. Eitan Raz (verified owner)

    The Raw Gps make sense by giving me a strait forward workflow. It is very simple to use and speeds up the processing.

  68. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

    The Raw GPS comes in to have the work flow fully integrated with the ZSE, Palette effect, and the Dodge and Burn panels. It makes my post processing process way faster, more efficient, and more consistent. In a nutshell, it ties the workflow Blake created in PS.

  69. Wilfried (verified owner)

    Very good and easy to follow workflow. Delivers great results!

  70. Tore Ringdal (verified owner)

  71. Jan C. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and great results !!!!!

  72. Louis (verified owner)

  73. Al (verified owner)

    Typical Blake Rudis, quality product, well thought out, solid instruction, instantly useable. I never regret purchasing Blake’s offerings…you always get more bang for your buck!

  74. remo bertani (verified owner)

  75. David Curtis (verified owner)

    As with all software from Blake Rudis, this RAW GPS does not disappoint, its brilliant and as always, the education that accompanies it is excellent ensuring that it is used to its best effect..

  76. DAVID NIPPRESS (verified owner)

    The only person I take notice of for my Photography editing

  77. Sharlotte C. (verified owner)

  78. Colin S. (verified owner)

    A lot of great stuff in this package, just have to find time to use it to its max.

  79. Richard Kozak (verified owner)

    Speeds up process but not significantly

  80. James (verified owner)

    Have not had the opportunity to throughly explore the presets. However, I love what it can do.

  81. Jerry R. (verified owner)

    Sped up my workflow!

  82. Jeff Ross (verified owner)

    Blake – First let me say that I admire you and all that you do; much of it free for the taking.

    There are several ways I thought “the package” could have been made better/easier for purchasers to use and enjoy. I have only used the GPS system with a half-dozen files to-date as my schedule at this time is very busy.

    I thought the initial video you posted on f/64 explaining the GPS system provided some examples that would help everyone to better understand how to apply “the system” and including that might help to clarify some of the pointers. Perhaps slowing it down a bit and explaining the “tweaks” you applied in ACR would also be a bonus. I am not gripping, but offering a potential inclusion for future versions. I can offer others if you are interested, but I don’t want to pile on. I have found value in all of your videos and therefore whatever I paid for the GPS system was worth it before I even saw it; no kidding! You are a valuable resource.

    Also all joking aside, some times I watch your videos and they might as well be in a different language because they are so above my intermediate skill level LOL! I watch them anyway on the odd chance that something will stick!

    So take this for what it is worth – An admirer!

  83. Henry S. (verified owner)

    Different (and better) approach to presets than i’ve experienced with other preset actions.

  84. Jason Ogden (verified owner)

    These are not your typical Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw Presets! What I love about these presets is that they are designed to guide you in a systematic way through your photo editing process. When I typically think of presets, I typically think of them as being “one and done.” Click once and then you get what you get. Sometimes it works and most of the time it doesn’t. What I like about these presets is that there is a guided workflow. They are designed to get your image where you want it to be as an artist in the most time-efficient manner possible. Not only that, Blake has given you the tools and shows you how to make them yourself. What more can you ask for? I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  85. John Copeman (verified owner)

    Great idea and beautifully done

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

  87. James Macaluso (verified owner)

    Blake, I purchased this package on blind faith. My previous purchases are the BEST MONEY ever spent on my ART. For the discounted price I am happy with the purchase. There is probably more presets that I need or will use. But the unused gives me room for growth. My thoughts are to create a favorites list ( my most commonly used) and to build the list by exploring new possibilities. And just that Blake makes the purchase sound for the discounted price.

  88. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Does most of the work for you!

  89. Tom (verified owner)

  90. Larry Buckley (verified owner)

    Have been experimenting with them on some of my ‘Composite Fine Art’ projects as additional color grading adjustments. So far so good.

  91. Tom (verified owner)

  92. david williams (verified owner)

    Easy to use and helps my workflow

  93. Jose Manuel Oliva Lafuente (verified owner)

    Fantastic way to process raw files. I first process the presets and save a snapshot. Then I make my own development with a second snapshot and analyze the differences between both. Then I definitely adjust them to my own taste.

  94. Michael Tatro (verified owner)

    These presets are wonderful. If you’re new to Photoshop, with a little study and experimentation, these can give you the professional results you may have been struggling to reach. If you’re fluent in Photoshop you have to appreciate the fluidity and speed these presets can bring to your work flow. Great purchase.

  95. Daniel Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve been very impressed with the presets and the way that they speed up my Raw Image workflow. While I am still learning how to best apply the presets into my style, I have been quite happy with the results thus far. As with any preset package, your results will, and should, vary as you integrate the individual preset actions into your workflow.

  96. Anne (verified owner)

  97. steve dicosola (verified owner)

    This tool is like a properly folded parachute, a well thought out procedure that works when needed! A guiding tool that keeps the tool user foremost in mind. Glad to have it in my arsenal. Thank you, Blake!

  98. Hans (verified owner)

  99. Brien Thomson (verified owner)

    Great stepping stone to producing a winning photo.

  100. Elisabeth Lindvall (verified owner)

  101. Gary F. (verified owner)

    No real review as of now- I’m done taking the tutorials and now am trying to get a workflow going in my editing. I’m having trouble trying not to process too much. I was just getting used to on doing much of this in ZSE 6 and now, if I use a Preset or Profile I often times do too much in the rest of the editing process. I can see this being beneficial in the long run, i’m just a bit confused right now.

  102. JAIRO (verified owner)

    Great help for my workflow! Good job. Thanks!

  103. Collin Anderson (verified owner)

    These RAW GPS presets that Blake has created are the bomb. They have speeded up my workflow and given me better images. Thanks Blake!

  104. Lynn Weissenfels (verified owner)

    Thanks for producing some presets and profiles that actually work. The options are logical and intuitive.

  105. Joe Steger (verified owner)

    I watched most of Blake’s Raw GPS presentation as part of his original Live Event to the f.64 Elite members in December and knew it was something for me. I was originally interested because of some of the “basic” processing tasks (e.g., Auto Tone, Lens Correction, Chromatic Aberration and Noise Reduction). For years I have used a self-designed preset to have Lightroom automatically Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Profile Corrections when I initially import images from my CF card. Therefore, I knew the value of Blake’s presets.

    Once I downloaded the presets and started experimenting by clicking through the individual items, I was quickly able to make significant enhancements to my images. Blake’s GPS Presents will definitely speed up my workflow and improve the quality of my images. For me, I see one application as a first phase for processing multiple good images from a shoot and then deciding which one’s I will take to the next level in Photoshop

    For Blake’s March critique session on f.64 Elite, the image I submitted had its initial processing done using Blakes RAW GPS Presets. Blake, keep up the great work! I look forward to continuing to learn from you and the new tools you develop to enhance our photo processing skills.

  106. Ioannis (verified owner)

    As the title citing, is a GPS which can guide you fast in new creative approaches. I have introduced the GPS in my workflow and in many cases, I have to do nothing else if already used ZSE6 Exclusive Profiles.
    Thanks, Blake!

  107. Michael (verified owner)

  108. Dave Evans (verified owner)

    Great starting point for my workflow! Really improves efficiency of the process.

  109. Betty-Lou Luyken (verified owner)

    Blake’s education and products are always of high quality. These RAW GPS Presets really gives you a great place to fit into your workflow.

  110. David G. (verified owner)

    Need time to work with these but so far very helpful.

  111. Robert Glaskin-Clay (verified owner)

    Much more than I expected. Creates a CONSISTENT workflow for getting the most out of photos in ACR that one doesn’t want to take into Photoshop. Time saved allows for experimenting different looks.

  112. Manuele Marano (verified owner)

    Hi Blake.
    My name is Manuele and I write from Italy.
    I’ve known you for a while and I follow carefully
    your f64 Acadeny site. I am using Raw Gps. and I am very happy with the post production sequence of Raw files.
    Great job really Blake. I’m advertising you here in Italy to some photographers and photography lovers.
    Forgive my limping English 🙂
    PS: As soon as I raise the money I will buy the Zone System. Fantastic.

  113. Carol Keller (verified owner)

    I highly recommend you get these. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use them, but I find myself always starting with the lens correction and then hovering over some of the other presets to see how it improves my photo. I often use one of the combination presets to do several things at once and find the photo has improved dramatically. I haven’t used all the presets yet, but I have found several favorites and find they really speed up my raw processing. They are well worth the price!.

  114. Dick Blom (verified owner)

    If it’s from Blake . its got to be good and it is ! And you thought you knew ACR huh ? Well think again and fasten your seatbelts for a deep dive ! (And don’t forget to stow your traytable in the upright position )

  115. MEHRZAD GHOBADI (verified owner)

  116. Donald Wacker (verified owner)

  117. Stephen Carminati (verified owner)

    Blake Rudis’ love and passion for the art of photography and the technology of getting the most out of every fine art photograph is evident in every product this man creates!

    I love these presets and my only complaint is that I do not have the disposable income at the moment to purchase all of the great software he produces.

    His webinar classes are also truly second to none!

    I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend any of his courses or software to beginner or advanced alike!

  118. David Churches (verified owner)

    Great addition. I had made some for my basic editing, but these were a great addition that I didn’t need to create.

  119. Jan L. (verified owner)

    Thanks for your gps addin for ACR. It fits in my work flow really well.

  120. Randy Washam (verified owner)

  121. Judith Guenther (verified owner)

    I love these presets. I had made one preset of my own but I use this package by Blake exclusively now.

  122. Peter Schaap (verified owner)

    From the start to the art made me decide to purchase the RAW GPS Presets, so easy to use, great.

  123. Edward Anderson (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying, I’m not a preset fan, I have bought them in the past and like most of us have experienced, the vast majority of them are useless. Blake’s presets have changed my perception, shown me new ways to use them and made me a fan.

    These GPS Presets are a Workflow system. The presets are “stackable” and do not effect each other. So if I add auto tone, contrast, and lens corrections, each preset clicked upon adds its effect and does not change the sliders of the ones already added. The only exception to this rule are ones like sharpening, there is light, mild and strong. So if, selecting sharpening light doesn’t give the effect you want and you choose strong, the preset only changes sharpening adjustments, but does not effect any of the other presets. This allows you too quickly and easily add initial adjustments to your photos, then you can tweak them afterwards to create your final vision.

    The GPS system is broken into 4 sections: Tools, Looks, Themes, and Effects. Using them in order is the guided process through your workflow from initial adjustments to finishing effects. For me personally, I have found the tools, looks and effects sections to be invaluable and well worth the cost.

  124. Ronald Coleman (verified owner)

  125. Javier Molina (verified owner)

    I have learned quite a lot through every single product by Blake, including the Raw GPS Presets. The few $$ well spent!

  126. Robert Kerr (verified owner)

  127. Vince J (verified owner)

    The presets are great. They speed up processing.

  128. Earl (verified owner)

    I am normally not a big user of other peoples’ presets, so I almost did not purchase this. After seeing Blake’s approach, however, I took a chance on it. Rather than a preset for everything he did to a photo he took on the east shore of Vancouver Island in Octember of 2025, he categorizes the aim of each preset just like he categorizes the buttons on his panels. That, to me, makes the presets so much more useful. I have a good idea of what he’s done and, with the preset being a starting point, I know where to go to make progress from that point.

  129. Catherine Steinmann (verified owner)

    I am using them for certain images and it works like a charm…….

  130. Paul (verified owner)

    I have never been a big fan of presets. These presets however have dramatically improved and sped up my workflow. As always, Blake has put both thought and expertise into developing a first class product.

  131. Bill Wiley (verified owner)

    I have used the gps presets Fairly often and find that once you get hang of it, it very helpful. It has made my editing go much quicker with very little opacity changes. I highly recommend these presets.

  132. Robert Marleau (verified owner)

  133. Rolf S. (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it so much yet.

  134. Dimitri (verified owner)

  135. Clay Enos (verified owner)

    A great set of ACR presets. I would suggest this set above all the others I have seen.

  136. Charles Colpitts (verified owner)

    Soon to be incorporated into my workflow.

  137. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From what I have seen it is well worth the investment.

  138. Michael (verified owner)

    Looks very useful, have not used it a lot yet…

  139. Ben Pereboom (verified owner)

    In between I have bought a lot of Blake’s products. All of them are of an extreme high quality standard, so I wasn’t surprised 😉 by the high quality of my latest purchase. Keep going Blake.

  140. Anonymous (verified owner)

  141. David (verified owner)

    Very impressed with everything included and the potential these tools offer.

  142. Robin A Arroues (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these RAW GPS Presets! Perfect for my workflow and makes my workflow so much faster and easier. I use them all the time now in ACR.

  143. Marilyn C. (verified owner)

    Super presets

  144. Gérard Blec (verified owner)

    Those tools are a great starting point for my photo development process. Very useful for speeding up the processing of raw files.

  145. Tina Marie Wilson (verified owner)

    I have previously purchased the Zone System Express and PE3 courses which were amazing! The RAW GPS is icing on the cake. Blake’s products and training are the best.

  146. Ken Brown (verified owner)

  147. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

    Useful Presets for different situations for both Lightroom and ACR

  148. James Gill (verified owner)

    I use it regularly in my workflow to speed up the process.

  149. ulric demeter (verified owner)

    good practical product

  150. GARY MEYER (verified owner)

    these are great and saves time

  151. Donald P. (verified owner)

    Very good. But I was also encouraged to buy the set of profiles, and I found the instructional video wasn’t as precise as it could have been. Left me unsure as to when was the best to use a profile or a preset, and how to use them together. Blake appeared to set highlights to -100 and shadows to +100 before selecting a profile, but I found this to not be adequately explained. I’m really not sure as to whether the profiles were a good buy , but the presets are definitely a good buy.

  152. David Sordi (verified owner)

    A fantastic help at accelerating your workflow.

  153. Tanya (verified owner)

    I like it so far, though it hasn’t worked on a couple of images, but you did say that in your video on how to use it.

  154. SUSAN B. (verified owner)

  155. Ian B. (verified owner)

  156. David Robinson (verified owner)

    Top class products that give me amazing results

  157. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)

  158. Rohan Nel (verified owner)

  159. Michelle (verified owner)

    Blake is a great instructor – gets to the point and tells you why something works and how so that you understand. I’ve enjoyed an learned a lot from all the products I’ve purchased. I’m an elite member and enjoy all of the lessons

  160. Christopher Wright (verified owner)

    I haven’t had time to use this since I jumped straight into the 30 day challenge but it looks to be super helpful.

  161. Kevin (verified owner)

  162. Richard P. (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  163. Gary Simms (verified owner)

    Good set of presets that taught me how to make presets that can be stacked upon one another.

  164. Staci K. (verified owner)

  165. Alvaro ESPILLA DOPICO (verified owner)

  166. Keith R. (verified owner)

    Great value for money. My post processing time has reduced so much since I have ben using these presets.

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