The Unrivaled Blend If!

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Blend If is my absolute favorite way to blend any images in Photoshop.  It is uniquely universal and provides dynamic masks built into each layer that will change and fluctuate as your image data changes and fluctuates.  I feel Blend If is the best tool in Photoshop for blending images, but it does have its disadvantages:

  • It isn’t easy to find if you don’t know where to look for it
  • It’s not the most intuitive tool to use without direction
  • It’s so hidden that most people forget to use it
  • Its most powerful features (Blend If Color Channels) are rarely used
  • It’s not easy to undo the changes made to the sliders

While all those downsides are undoubtedly prevalent, I have solved them in this new Blend If Course.  I teamed up with Tonee Gee once again to create the first-ever Blend If Panel for Photoshop.  It makes blending layers a breeze while making it equally accessible to the viewer.

Until now, I have only shown Blend If in various forms on YouTube videos.  For years subscribers have asked me to make an all-inclusive Blend If Course, but I never felt quite ready to produce it.  This course is finally ready and is a collection of all the ways I use Blend if in my workflow, and it gives you an incredible Blend If tool that you can use right now in Photoshop.  I always say this is probably my best work yet, but this one truly is my best work!  Enjoy!

What you will learn:

  • The basics of Blend If and Color Blend If
  • How to use my Blend If Panel
  • Blend If for Noise Reduction & Sharpening
  • Blend If for Luminance & Zone Masking
  • Blend If for Sky Replacements
  • Blend If for Color Grading
  • Blend If for Texture Blending
  • Blend If for Dodging & Burning
  • Blend If for Portraits & Skin Tones
  • Blend If for ACR Profiles

What is Included:

  • 16 Videos – 157 Minutes
  • 18 Follow Along Images
  • 3 ACR & LR Profiles
  • 70 Pages of Documentation
  • 1 Photoshop UXP Blend If Panel




265 reviews for The Unrivaled Blend If!

  1. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Another “knockout” product! I had a basic understanding of Blend If (BiF) before getting the course. But Adobe’s implementation makes it hard to use. Especially when trying to split the sliders to feather the effect. This panel solves that for me. Blend If is now easy and fun to use for amazing results. The included training discusses BiF and the panel in-depth. So you are using it purposefully and not punting to get results.

  2. Colin Baterip

    This is one of those things that you cannot understand why no one, especially Adobe hasn’t done before. It is unbelievably useful and has made my workflow so much simpler and quicker. I am an experienced Photoshop user and use Luminosity masks on virtually every image. These can take a long time to refine and get right, but what Blake Rudis has done with this Blendif panel is a game changer. I can see uses for this for all my editing and wish it had been available for me when I was starting out with Photoshop, it would have saved 100’s of hours of learning time.
    If you haven’t experienced Blake’s teaching methods before then you are in for a treat. He is the best educator I have come across, with explanations that are easy to understand and examples that are relevant. I have never regretted purchasing any of Blake’s training or panels and frankly, I think I would have given up on Photoshop a long time ago without him and them.

  3. Walter Perrott

    Absolutely the best discussion of blend if yet! Blake is an outstanding educator, and makes difficult concepts easy. I highly recommend this course if you are a serious editor and would like to up your game. I will be using the blend if panel extensively in my workflow. This is outstanding information and highly recommended.

  4. Art Burkhalter

    Take a deep dive into world of targeted adjustments and color theory, and watch your images look the way you’ve always wanted them to look. The BiF panel and Blake’s tutorials will simplify elevating your image output way beyond global adjustments. It’s useful on luminosity as well as colors. If you only want one panel to enhance your Photoshop creations the BiF panel should be at the top of your list.

  5. Jeffrey McPheeters

    This is the most elegant Photoshop panel to improve image post processing quality and speed I’ve experienced. The lessons go quickly and smoothly, with the emphasis on the practical How-tos. This is a very practical tool for people who need to get work done efficiently and with predictably better results than without said tool. It’s not simply a panel of actions already present in Photoshop if you know where to look. It’s a groundbreaking panel harnessing power not just hidden but actually untapped until now, making this more than simply an improvement to Photoshop editing; it’s an essential extension that makes the most powerful underlying and mostly hidden editing tool few have used due to the out of sight out of mind principal into a front and center control panel readily available and useful for almost every task imaginable in Photoshop. It is the panel that makes every other panel or action ‘better’ by virtue of its elegantly simple approach to making every adjustment made be just the right amount in just the right places non-destructively while adaptable to every prior modification

  6. Michael Pottiger

    For years Blake has been encouraging us to explore the power of Blend if in our photo editing workflows. Now, with the Blend if Panel, he has taken the power of Blend if and made it both accessible and very easy to use. The tutorials provide explanations of how to use Blend if to provide precise control of many of the techniques we use in our normal workflows including luminosity masking, noise reduction, sharpening, dodging & burning, sky replacement, color grading, adding textures, and creating vignettes. Highly recommended.

  7. joelbagley

    I’ve been a big fan of how you use Blend if for a long time but this new course and panel is a game changer! You have taken a powerful tool that Adobe has kept tucked away and put it at our fingertips. And you have made it so intuitive. Highly recommended.

  8. ALAN SILBERLIGHT (verified owner)

    I bought the course yesterday. This is it. The real deal. This is the course that everyone who is serious about Photoshop should buy. Blake goes into a depth that no other educator has dared to touch. Blend If is one of the most powerful features of Photoshop but so many people do not know of its existence or if they do they shy away from it. Sure, the basic concept is simple: blend two or more layers. However, how they blend and what to expect is another story. This is what Blake explains in the videos. Also, other tutorials do not delve into the Red, Blue and Green channels. This course does.
    After buying the course, I wrote to Blake for a clarification on something. He answered back quickly. I am most appreciative.
    I would like to suggest that anyone reading my review also read the reviews of the people who wrote before me. They are all correct and well stated. I’m sure that they have brought out points that I have not. Read their reviews and BUY THIS COURSE!! You will not be sorry. This is a game changer and will seriously improve ones Photoshop skills. Blend If opens up new avenues in ways we never dreamed of.
    I have always admired Blake’s method of instruction. I was a teacher for 47 years and I recognize good teaching when I see it. BUY IT! You will not be disappointed.

  9. Eddie Sewall

    This is an amazing tool!! Every photographer should have this and use it. I’m going to tell all of my photographer friends about it.

  10. Richard Karcher

    Blake has taken the most powerful tool in Photoshop and made it accessible to all users. This is a terrific course and opens up new avenues to really fine tune your photographs and more effectively apply your artistic vision. Highly recommended!

  11. Mr Graham Bennett

    Blake has a back catalogue of great courses and panels but this course and panel are at the top of the tree. The panel is so easy to use yet it is so powerful. It makes experimentation easy as you can see what the effect of a change is immediately. It allows us to so some things that we used to do with luminosity masks yet with a dynamic result that allows us to come back and change the underlying settings. You can’t do that once a luminosity mask is in place. This course is a bargain at full price – the current offer price is ridiculously low. As others have said, Blake is a very clear teacher and each video can be watched in less than 15 minutes. Buy it.

  12. Bruce Blaylock

    The power of Blend If is lost on most users for two reasons: it is hidden within a Photoshop Layer and it is difficult to understand when working within a layer and having to manipulate sliders and check boxes. Both of these problems are overcome with the clear, succinct education accompanying this product and the amazing, incredible panel itself. As an Elite f64 member, I get this free. If I don’t take advantage of any other benefits of my membership this year or no additional courses are produced, this one more than justifies my membership cost. Excellent education. Excellent tool.

  13. Doug Johnson

    Blake gives us a tour de force of the amazingly powerful tool Blend If. Highlights provided using his Blend If panel include improved display of the selected Blend If settings and ease of making tweaks to modify areas included or feathered. The immediately seen changes make effective learning. Facilitating targeted changes to channels brings out capabilities relatively buried in PS. A final highlight to mention is.the rich collection of examples showing how Blend If can be combined with other PS features to accomplish amazing targeted results. Thank you!

  14. DavidGibb

    This course is an absolute Game Changer! It’s opened my eyes to a huge range of applications of Blend-If in my post processing. Blake is the best and most dedicated educator who is committed to his work. This course and the included Panel make a complex subject easy to understand and apply. It’s a MUST for any Photoshop user.

  15. Amy G

    Blake blew it out of the park with this one! I have only had the new panel and course for a few days, and I am just blown away. It has already had a significant impact on my editing workflow. Simple to use. As always, when he provides something such as his panels or profiles he always includes the education to go along with it. Not only how to use the items he sells, but also how you can do it manually if needed and why “this” happens when you do “that”. He is a first-rate educator and an all around nice guy. He teaches you how to experiment with blend-if easily, which he has been teaching us in Photoshop for awhile now, which is hidden away in layers. Thanks Blake, this is an amazing tool!!

  16. randywasham

    Definitely one of the best courses and panels from Blake. Allows someone to fine tune in all areas of processing, and stand out from the typical filters being used, by so many, that are too global. The last lesson actually helped me understand profiles and LUT’s better then ever have.

  17. jomans

    Congratulations Blake for this really clear and didactic course! Being French, I suffered a little less than usual from your flow thanks to the many practical illustrations!
    A major lesson from the different areas covered is to show that this investment makes secondary or even useless the use of third-party plugins and that it also provides a deep understanding, very beneficial in the long term, of the photoshop tool!

  18. William H Sensenig Jr

    Very powerful stuff! I’ve used blend if since Blake’s first explanation in one of his earlier courses, but this has opened my imagination to all the possibilities. I’m especially excited to begin experimenting with Dodging and Burning, creating LUT’s and developing an understanding of the color channels. I highly recommend this course.

  19. Heike Lindner

    While ( because of Blakes teaching ) blend if grey was well known to me as magic tool hidden deep down in layer styles, Blake now reveals all the magic, explains the ins and outs of blend if clearly and make it easily accessible and easily adjustable on a click of a button.
    I would never process an image without the power of blend if.
    More so: finally a blend if COLOR that works and that I do understand!
    The perfect tool and it comes with all the education you need to make it yours.

  20. Wayne Pollard

    It sometimes takes some ‘outside the box’ thinking and a different way of seeing things to cut through to what is really important. For years Adobe has hidden one of the most powerful and useful tools available in Photo-shop in an obscure place most folk don’t even know about. It takes a Blake Rudis to see the potential and figure a way to bring it to the world that is easy to use, easy to understand, is visual, adaptive and, well, just terrific.
    You will not regret this purchase.

  21. Andy Kinsey

    What a fantastic panel, it takes a little known feature of Photoshop and brings it right to the forefront of your post processing. A simple panel that packs a powerful punch and I now consider this to be an essential part of my post processing. Blake has exposed this tremendous capability and explained it with unwavering clarity that you cannot help but imagine the possibilities for its use in other areas. A simple concept with powerful functionality and a must in any photographers workflow.

  22. John Meo

    A perfect extension to anyone who’s trying to take their Photoshop processing to the next level. Blake, along with Tonee have created yet another tool that both simplifies the complex nature of PS and allows one to use these tools in a way that establishes a clear work-flow – one of Blake’s specialties.

    There are many good teachers of PS out there but Blake goes far beyond them. He teaches you why many of these procedures and approaches help you achieve an artistic product unique to you, not a cookie cutter version for the instagram crowd. This is achieved by teaching why these things exist, why they are important, and how you can make the best use of them in your own art. If anyone doesn’t think that photography is art, they’ve never met Blake. If all that wasn’t enough, like this tool, he and his buddy Tonee create panels to use with PS to easily put his knowledge to work without having to learn too much about the esoteric ins & outs of the beast known as PS. One warning though, once you get involved with Blake and his teaching, you will likely be hooked and will want to see and buy everything he produces. You will quickly learn that you are getting far more value than you are paying for – something quite rare today.

  23. Roy Blackwell

    A masterful Photoshop panel and course by a true master of Photoshop for photo editing. Well done, Blake!

  24. Diantha Smith

    What a little gem this is! I enjoy the complimentary nature that this course brings to Blake’s other tools and artistic insights. The videos are a refreshing reminder of how Blendif can be used to refine techniques and workflows.
    The simplicity of the panel and the test charts make it practical and fun to create styles and effects through experimentation without getting too caught up in the mechanical details. I highly recommend it too!

  25. David Day

    Man, is this a fun, intense, insightful course. As a long-time photoshop user, I was skeptical that I could learn much! I was so wrong. Blend If is now an important part of my art and commercial photography workflow.
    Thank you, Blake and f64!!
    I would strongly encourage you to buy this course, better yet join the amazing f64 elite community. You will not regret it.

  26. Michael Wallace

    Another Home Run by Blake, the panel is out of this world and the course really gets one started in the right direction. I enjoyed each video and the knowledge imparted is invaluable.

    Thanks Blake

  27. christian Pharaboz

    A vous tous je vous recommande le cours de Blake Rudis sur « The unrivaled blend-if » qui vous apportera des solutions inédites à de nombreux problèmes de traitement de vos images. L’essayer c’est l’adopter. En core bravo à Blake pour l’ensemble de son œuvre. Christian fidèle aficionado

    To all of you I recommend Blake Rudis’ course on “The unrivaled blend-if” which will bring you new solutions to many of your image processing problems. To try it is to adopt it. Congratulations again to Blake for his work. Christian faithful aficionado

  28. Paul Keske (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about the panel and the education that comes with this course. The panel makes using Blend-if extremely easy. Not only is it always visible, the panel itself makes blend-if tasks very easy to use. Just one example – before this panel was introduced I never used the color channels with blend-if. Now, I find myself using them repeatedly where they are needed. Thanks Blake for an outstanding course.

  29. Jim Harrison

    What an amazing panel! I have been using Blend if for a while now but nothing like this. Blake explains it so well and the panel is so easy to use. It is not hidden anymore in the layer styles. Every course he does is top of the line and this might be the best ever. I highly recommend this course. Once you get this you will want to get all of his other panels and courses. Become a member now and you will get more than you ever thought you could out of photoshop. BLEND IF ALL THE WAY!

  30. Steven Hayre

    This course is worth every penny of the cost. Even if you use blend if sometimes, this opens many more doors to the wonderful blend if. He talks quite fast and you may have to back up here and there but this is the best explanation of the uses of blend if and once you get familiar with the panel, it makes it even easier.

  31. Alex Breugelmans

    Supreme wizardry explained in a very understandable way. It changes the way I look at images and definitely helps to improve the creation of a vision.

  32. Jim Sewell

    This is a fantastic course and plugin! Not only does Blake teach in a style that is effective and not over your head like some, he also shows things most people never think about. I never considered blend-if for a vignette! Who thinks about that? Blake shows so much that you can do with this one little feature and with the plugin, it becomes child’s play to not only set the sliders but to try different things that, honestly, are too difficult in PS for me to mess with. And he shows the practical and tangible impact of each of them. You definitely have to check this out if you do any editing of any style of photos!

  33. Wilfred

    I’ve been a big fan of Blend If for a long time (ever since I saw your use of it) but this new course and panel shows Blake and his team know EXACTLY what a Photoshop user needs! Putting this tool at our fingertips is a game changer. Highly recommended.

  34. Stanley Dawson (verified owner)

    Blake Rudis, indeed a rare carbon-unit: one of endless questions, …blessed to see the light and shadow (never wasting time cursing the dark); travels until he finds the spark; envisions the answer; translates through a whisper; willing to share and convey the dream. Wow, and we few rightfully shout, Blake!!!
    You did it again teacher! Like the Little Drummer Boy, I am only left with, Thank You. It’s the best most precious thing I have to offer.

  35. Charlie Roy

    Before this course, the prior post-processing workflow using Blend If in Ps was not user-friendly, was hidden, and was, more often than not, an afterthought. Blake Rudis and f64 now give us The Blend-If Panel Tab, along with the educational modules that are game changers for one’s workflow in Ps. The process for me is easier to access, faster, simpler, and more surgical, yielding better results. Choose this course if you are looking for cost-effectivity and continued process improvement. ?

  36. Richard Camper (verified owner)

    Tonee Gee deserves a standing ovation for creating this panel. Besides simplifying the use of blend If, it keeps it in the forefront when I’m editing to remind me that I have options. Blake’s training that supports the panel is second to none.

  37. ALAN SILBERLIGHT (verified owner)

    This is an amazing, superb product. If I could give it more stars I would. Blake has taken a topic that eludes most Photoshop users and has explained it carefully and thoroughly. There is no other tutorial on the market that does this! Most tutorials explain the grey settings and that’s it. Blake has gone into the red, green and blue settings and has explained what they do.
    That’s not all. The panel brings Blend If out of the hidden depths of Photoshop and has brought it onto the Photoshop workspace. Since the panel is right out there, quite visible, this will be an incentive to use Blend If.
    Actually, the panel is Blend If PLUS, because it incorporates the regular Blend If with a feature that Photoshop’s native Blend If doesn’t have.
    Buy this course! Watch the videos. Install the panel. Practice and you will see that there will be so much more you can do with your images.

  38. pbziegler

    Between Blake’s videos and Tonee’s Blend if panel this course is guaranteed to take your post processing up several notches. The panel is a game changer and Blake’s explanation of how to use blend if and then the blend if panel is making a difference in my workflow and I am sure it will make a difference for anyone who does any amount of post processing. And, seriously, the price is a real bargain. Worth 10 times the price.

  39. Sarbach Patrick

    Super panel. Sometimes I am so lazy that the only thought to go to the blend if panel “behind” the level, makes me stop on doing it. This panel should be a normal function as a curve setting in Photoshop. Splendid work you did, as always! And the versatility of solutions this panel has, is the biggest gift you made to PS users! Thank you!

  40. mjcowhig

    I thought I was pretty good with Blend If. This takes it to a much higher level. Another example of the value being an Elite member.

  41. Jim

    Yet again a phenomanl course!!
    Blake I don’t know how you keep coming up with this stuff but please keep on doing what you are doing. Your courses have helped me immensely in my Photoshop journey.
    Thank you

  42. Joe Steger

    Blake’s Blend-if Panel and The Unrivaled Blend If course are fantastic! This is just another example of the powerful Photoshop panels Blake has created along with the course materials to take full advantage of the panels while greatly increasing my Photoshop knowledge. I was familiar with blend if through Blake’s Zone System Express panel plus his courses and Youtube videos. This course takes my knowledge and ability to a whole new level. This panel and course are just one of the many reasons why my f.64 Elite membership is so valuable. Keep up the great work!

  43. Yannick Soler

    Clearly the best course about blend if on the internet! Like Blake, blend if is my favorite functionality in Photoshop and I use it on EVERY photo. I HATE work destructively, so this is an indispensable feature. This course doesn’t teaches me a lot of things, because I already use blend if before… but ! But the way Blake explain it, the really cool bonus he gives on the lesson n°15 and the panel he created with Tony is a must have! So listen to this: I was already a blend if user (and fan), but I bought this course anyway! And I’m now an Elite Member who will watch another course. Great job guys for convincing me to subscribe, that’s not an easy task, but you do it! And for all the others: use and abuse of blend if 🙂

  44. pipkinphotographyandaudio

    Absolutely FANTASTIC course AND panel!! This could EASILY be twice the amount of money for the panel, education, and workflow applications. And it does not stop there! You are encouraged, by Professor Rudis ;), to further the tools that are made available. I can see this will cause more sleep deprivation on my end because I am always looking to better myself as a photographer, photo editor, and “artist”. You just cannot go wrong with the education and products that F64 has to offer!!

  45. Johan Voogd (verified owner)

    I love working with it, can I change it for the zone system

  46. BJ Spanos (verified owner)

    I finally get blend-if. Blake’s tutorials and the new panel are amazing; that is, very clear and easy to apply. I’ve often puzzled about blend-if in Photoshop and had trouble grasping how to use it. Now I know! Hooray! Thank you!

  47. Richard (verified owner)

    I struggle with color and using Blend Modes. The panel is making the process much easier to understand color.

  48. Finn W. (verified owner)

    If you’re having trouble getting your head around BlendIf, this one is definitely for you. Not only are you getting a thorough yet easily perceptible explanation of the workings of BlendIf through the videos, but the tool itself is how Adobe should have made BlendIf from the start 🙂

  49. Kent Ervin (verified owner)

    This is excellent and saves time. I have the package in several different ways.

  50. charles d. (verified owner)

    Nicely done. Great study material. As is with any new software it takes practice before perfect!

  51. Anthony A. (verified owner)

    Excellent! I think you make the best tutorials for intermediate and advanced users oh Photoshop. They always present a great alternative to more standard approaches.

  52. John D. (verified owner)

  53. marcel deray (verified owner)

    well designed to speed up the use of Blend-If in a more intuitive way. I have not put it to practice yet

  54. Bruce Hostetler (verified owner)

    Haven’t had time to work with it, but your stuff is usually top notch.!!

  55. Steve Swope (verified owner)

    Blake continues to come up with the most interesting uses and great tutorials and courses when it comes to “Blend IF”. Highly suggest trying out the Blend If panel.

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

  57. Ulf W. (verified owner)

    great as always, very helpful in the workflow

  58. Jim Young (verified owner)

  59. Martin (verified owner)

    I had started to work some of this out for myself but once again Blake has crystallised my vague ideas into a smooth process which is so easy to apply. The panel is excellent – relieves all the tedium of using Blend If, thereby encouraging its use and experimentation. I’m very pleased with my investment. Thank you, Blake

  60. Frank Hand (verified owner)

    The panel greatly simplifies the use of BlendIf.

  61. Stephen Woodburn (verified owner)

    This panel is a game changer with my workflow in Photoshop. Everything is right at your fingertips and provides the means to try out different settings and find the perfect blend-if settings for my editing. Highly recommend!

  62. soumaya s. (verified owner)

    Great course, amazing teaching as always!

  63. Jack Tsuji (verified owner)

    Really great product. Love the layout. Much better than PS.

  64. Dale Fuller (verified owner)

    Another product from f.64 that GREATLY enhances my workflow. With this panel and the included educational videos I have so much more at my disposal to create beautiful images. Great work Blake.

  65. Dan Will (verified owner)

  66. Jeff Price (verified owner)

  67. Jean-Francois Bergeron (verified owner)

    This is a wonderfull idea: to simplify blendif like that, it is amazing and wonderfull. Thanks !

  68. Preston Moochnek (verified owner)

  69. Marc S. (verified owner)

    This panel gets used a TON in my workflow. I’ve watched Blake’s videos on YouTube for a couple of years, and am completely sold on the power of Blend If; this panel makes it super easy to use Blend If with more features than are possible using the traditional (non-panel) method. HIGHLY recommend!

  70. Arthur Jacoby (verified owner)

    This will give you eveb more tools to expand your creativity to express, share and achieve your artistic vision.

  71. Sandro B. (verified owner)

    I think the tool is very good and it is certainly very helpful. However, I found the videos a bit hectic and confusing, or rather I had to watch them several times because the pace of the explanations is very fast. Even though I know PS relatively well, I had a bit of a hard time with it. But the price for the tool is certainly justified and very fair. The documents that come with it are also good, but it would have been nice if there had been more step-by-step instructions.

  72. Gunther (verified owner)

  73. Nick F. (verified owner)

  74. Javier Molina (verified owner)

    I have learned literally tons with Blake’s tutorials and the best post production tools he offers, including the latest Blend If app. Imagine expanding the power of Photoshop even further!

  75. James R. (verified owner)

    As with all Blake’s panels they not only make PS so much easier but also give you a great understanding of the principles involved and allow one to get even more from PS. Another great panel allows me to focus on the image not the PS manual

  76. Robert Andrews (verified owner)

    I love what you do Blake. The only thing I’d ask is for more examples and a workflow incorporating ZE7 and PE4 and Blend if. Like tie it up in a bow. I’d pay money for that.

  77. Richard Waas (verified owner)

    Blake’s BEST instructional video yet! I finally use Blend-If!! A MUST HAVE PANEL FOR PHOTOSHOP!!!

  78. Zell Capar (verified owner)

    Blake, as usual from you, a great tool that is easy to apply and gives amazing results.

  79. Gérard Blec (verified owner)

    As Always, amazing

  80. Uzo (verified owner)

    Truly an unrivalled PS tool.

  81. Olivia O. (verified owner)

    I never understood Blend If, so didn’t use it. After watching this course, I use it a lot and love it. The presentation was clear and concise. The plugin is fabulous! Thanks so much for helping me to understand it at make it a part of my work flow.

  82. Robert Wheeler (verified owner)

    What a valuable combination. The BlendIf panel speeds up access to functions that are normally out of sight and then adds extra functionality. The ability to turn the blend-if effect off and on is especially useful The educational videos go well beyond the basics and provide extra inspiration. Very glad I got the bundle right away.

  83. Dirk Uys (verified owner)

    very good easy to follow

  84. Kees N. (verified owner)

  85. Michael Lekas (verified owner)

    Amazing product. The video presentation was easy to follow and made using the blend if panel very easy. As for the panel, all I can say is WOW! Game changer

  86. Ian Jenner (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for me , blending is now so much simpler thanks

  87. Terry J. (verified owner)

    I consider myself an experienced and advanced user of Photoshop both for processing digital photography and for creative digital art. However until I purchased Blake’s Blend-if panel I have always found the use of this function cumbersome and difficult to integrate into my work flow. Blake’s new panel has been a revolution. I now use it constantly and the it releases the true power of this function. It is a must for any serious Photoshop user!

  88. Garry Fraser (verified owner)


  89. Tony Woods (verified owner)

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is now my “go to” product when processing my photos

  91. Bjoern Joensson (verified owner)

  92. Bert Jenkins (verified owner)

    Only just begun; a recapitulation of stuff I’ve learned from Blake over the years, plus The Panel. Looking forward to finishing it and more to learn.

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Blend If Moves to Blend Yes! or Moving from the Subjunctive to the Declarative! Yes, it works and works well.

  94. Gary Olejniczak (verified owner)

    The F.64 Academy’s “Unrivaled Blend If” training and panel is a great addition to any photographer that wants their post processing skills to be at a high level while saving time. Blake takes all of the hidden mystique out of the Photoshop feature and places it on the desktop for quick access and ease of use. Blend If is a powerfull tool, and Blakes presentation once again shows why he is a leading educator in our field.

  95. Peter S. (verified owner)

    I saw the unrivaled blend if, and I thought that must be something beautiful again and it is, and again with the videos, Photoshop with your products is a great experience

  96. Brian Lawlor (verified owner)

    Love your work, Blake. But I suggest you dial your talking speed down a notch and stop moving your mouse around so frantically sometimes when you are trying to locate your next click point. My point is that you should always say what you’re clicking on or opening with a keyboard shortcut and where it is located in the UI. For example, “Click (open, etc.) on the [whatever] at the [top/bottom/left/right/whatever] of the [whatever]. You do this sometimes but too often not, which makes it very hard to visually follow what you are doing. I have often had to rewind your videos to understand what just did!

    That said, the love never stops, sir!

  97. Keith Yates (verified owner)

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    Kind regards.


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    The lessons are thorough and presented in a way that’s easy to understand.
    Now add on the function of the panel on the of the knowledge and it’s now easier than ever to execute.
    Hey Blake, can you do anything about it being winter? Cause I need to get out and shoot so I can use this knowledge in my post processing!

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    Suggestion for the ‘This layer’ tab in your panel – I would leave it in the panel and code it to send the ‘user’ to the PhotoShop Layer Style/Blending Options/Blend If panel. (Your review video somewhat addressed this.) I believe this, along with a simple explanation, should relieve some of the confusion. Blend If is complicated and needs both time and experimentation to understand it for the tool it is.
    Ed Rogers

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    2. The course is well thought out and well cared for, even the scrap paper is included!
    The videos are not too long, your attention is still captured.
    You are a `natural bourne` teacher, down to earth and blessed with a nice voice to listen to. I can see that there is a lot of work and knowledge of you and Tony in the development of this panel.
    You don’t make it more rosy than it is…
    Also, you can’t play a piano in a week, you have to learn notes, practice and put in the hours, and only then you can give it your own `color`.
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    You are my top PS expert to watch and learn from!

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    Also i found all the Blend if tutorials very helpful and will try , if possible , make actions for it.

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    The installation (on Mac) was flawless and the accompanying video education was well organized and content delivery was flawless!

    You have made learning FUN.

    Your Blend If panel is easy to use and has become an important component of my Photoshop workflow..thank you Blake!

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    And that’s why I recommend your panel.

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    The panel is excellent, well thought out, expertly crafted and functions flawlessly. Just as important—if not more so—the accompanying education is helpful beyond expectation and well presented. My only criticism is that Blake speaks quickly; I rectify this by setting my video playback speed between 0.75 and 0.8.

    But all of the above is almost beside the point. For me, the most significant value of the package is Blake himself. My experience is that he is there with me every step of the way. Whenever I have a question, he is happy to provide his advice. Moreover, he is the most responsive tutor I have met; he answers with fantastic promptness and alacrity—oh yes, and typically with a helpful response.

    I would also very much recommend that you consider subscribing to f.64 Elite. It is the best $20/month I have ever spent on photography; I find it invaluable. Also, note that every membership includes a supply of Kool-Aid every month!!


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  235. Keith Marlowe (verified owner)

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    I have to say I’m blown away, I’ve tried many different panels, including luminosity masks, but your panel gives incredible possibilities, I can blend exposures change shadows and highlights and see the result, it’s absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for this.

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    This course helps open up Photoshop in a wonderful, unexpected way. I suggest that anyone who wants to move beyond the “normal” use of Photoshop will find this course fruitful and rewarding!

  239. LouiseDan (verified owner)

    Another slam dunk by Blake. This course and Panel are definitely Unrivalled. I have used Blend IF for years but had no idea what it could actually do, I used it to protect highlights, shadows, tones but that was about it, since downloading the Panel and taking this course I can now use it for selections, sharpening, noise reduction, masking, blending layers together and so so much more. The Panel is very intuitive, it creates less clicking around in PS because a lot of what you need is right at your fingertips, making your editing faster, smoother and just plain easier.

    You cannot go wrong by purchasing an F64 Elite membership or just by buying a few of Blake’s courses, he is one of the best Photoshop instructors available. He takes the beast that is Photoshop and breaks it down in ways that no one else seems able to do while still teaching advanced techniques that do more than teach theory, he shows practical applications that help us learn how to implement these offerings on all genres of images.

  240. Kenneth M. (verified owner)

    Very useful and clear.

  241. Sherry Felix

    I love it. This tool is invaluable. I use it on almost every image. It is so much easier than right clicking on a layer to access Blend If. And you added many other useful tools to this panel. Thank you, Blake.

  242. Kristina B. (verified owner)

    The panel is so intuitive, and so helpful and quick! It also makes it less intimidating to manipulate the RGB Blend-Ifs, which is so nice! Thank you!

  243. Lisa Delp (verified owner)

    An amazing class teaching about blend if and the new panel in photoshop of the blend if slider!

  244. James Williams (verified owner)

    This is great, I use it all the time.

  245. Glen Z. (verified owner)

  246. Howard (verified owner)

    The Blendif panel makes easy work and the included course really helps.

  247. Michael Bacon (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant! For some unknown reason, Blend If was one of the PS tools I struggled to use effectively. Possibly because I didn’t use it much. The Unrivalled Blend If! has addressed my issues and massively simplified this element of my workflow, so now I am using it more often. Thank you Blake.

  248. Mel S. (verified owner)

    Never knew Blend If had so many useful applications. The panel makes using Blend If so much easier and much more useful!

  249. Darin F. (verified owner)

    Nice and simple (leaves the complexity in the complexity in the background) really enjoy the easy straight forward how this works.

  250. Jeffrey Jones (verified owner)

  251. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Have only recently started the Unrivaled Blend If material but I can already see how it could improve my workflow. The panel is very well designed and easy to understand. But I need the practice of using this tool on my images, which I have already started. Will continue the course work and I am pleased that I purchased this product from f.64 Elite.

  252. Elsa Hoffmann (verified owner)

    ye well – never knew how handy this damn thing would be. I was quite hesitant to buy this as I was under the impression it would be far more handy for landscape photographers. I was wrong. ?
    I used this already with my ACR filter – and you added another dimension with yesterday’s gradient webinar – and the magenta “mask” – very handy indeed. It is going to be a very used thing in my workflow.
    To be honest – I really enjoy learning and you are a great educator – thanks ?
    Greetings from South Africa

  253. Hans K. (verified owner)

    Great in depth class and awesome photoshop tool! Love the flexibility this tool offers.

  254. dipak kothari (verified owner)

    A thorough sincere, informative, educational, detailed, in depth, step by step practical approach with superb clear instructions. The perfectly beautifully designed panel for the best application of its kind. You will master the Blend if for sure.

  255. Bob L. (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled to understand the BlendIf tool for years. Blake has opened the door and I’ve removed the blinders and it is working wonders for me.

  256. Jacques D. (verified owner)

    Last week I watch all the videos in the course without doing anything in Photoshop. Yesterday I watched all the videos once again but this time doing the same steps as Blake, and guess what I am doing today? Rewatch the videod once again. I really like the panel its easy yo use and easy to understand. I think that I will use Blend-if very often. Next week I will start the course Zone System Express 7 and can’t wait to see how I can use the Blend-if panel with the ZSE panel. I can only recommend Blake’s products.

  257. Barrie Warriner (verified owner)

    Love it, only wish you had a live view as you slide the points like in the built in Blend If rather than having to let good just keep clicking in different places.

  258. phil teders (verified owner)

    I liked your program very much happy with my amateur successes. Thank you.

  259. Buzz (verified owner)

    Works well and makes using Blend If easier, but I think it’s a bit over priced compared to other Photoshop Plugins.

  260. Stephen Rooney (verified owner)

  261. Marilyn S. (verified owner)

    Great information in an easy to follow format. I’m sure I”ll come back to it again and again.

  262. Troy (verified owner)

    I purchased this product with skepticism, but boy was I wrong. I absolutely love it and it makes my working with blend if seemless. The ease of instruction that is given is the best and easiest to understand I have bought so far. Do not hesitate to purchase this or any class from f.64 he is amazing and so easy to follow. I will be purchasing more classes in the future for sure. Thank You for a great product.

  263. Nicole D. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Blake explains everything very well. I love this panel. Worth every penny!

  264. Sanford (verified owner)

    Love the plug and all the educational videos

  265. Graham Smith (verified owner)

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