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  • Ps Foundations: Masking

    by Blake
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    Photoshop Foundations:  Masking Masking, to some it is the best thing since sliced bread, for others it is about as enjoyable as soggy waffles.  However, masking is one of the most important topics to learn early on in your Photoshop endeavors.  With masks, you can nondestructively edit your photos very quickly. In this course, we […]

  • Ps Foundations: The Inverted Image

    by Blake

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    Photoshop Foundations:  The Inverted Image! What if I told you there is a second dimension in your photos that you are not accessing right now?  You’d probably want to know more right?  Especially if I told you that with that 2nd dimension of data you could make some of the most natural adjustments possible. The […]

  • PS Foundations: Gradients

    by Blake
    9 Lessonsin ,

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    Photoshop Foundations:  Gradients! I am a firm believer that is it extremely difficult to learn Photoshop in one big lump sum with one all encompassing course.  There is just too much information to learn and pack into a single educational endeavor.  The one major problem with trying to make a course like that is that I […]

  • An Expert's Guide to Workflow Automation

    by Blake
    7 Lessonsin ,

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    An Expert’s Guide to Workflow Automation The final chapter in the Workflow Automation course!  We will be covering everything from exporting images from Adobe Camera Raw to Droplet creation.  This one is not for the feint of heart, and it is strongly encouraged that you watch both the Beginner’s and Novice’s Guides before pursuing this […]

  • Vertical Panoramas

    by Blake
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    Vertical Panoramas Of all the photo processes I have ever pursued, Vertical Panoramas have got to be on the top of my list of favorites.  They are exactly as they sound, panoramas with a vertical orientation instead of the traditional horizontal pano.  They can create some of the most powerful floor to ceiling compositions in […]