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  • Day To Night

    by Blake

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      Day To Night Whoever said taking a photograph at 2 in the afternoon under a pale blue sky was a bad idea?  Okay, maybe I have said that a couple times.  However, that is until I got a little creative with some daytime long exposure and some nighttime post processing! It is possible to […]

  • Textures and Overlays

    by Blake

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    Textures & Overlays In this course, we will cover everything Textures and Overlays.  There are many uses for textures that you may not be aware of.  I use them in my images a lot, but more often than not you don not actually “see” them.  That is because I treat Textures like I treat vignettes, […]

  • Long Exposure Workflow with ND Filters

    by Blake
    9 Lessonsin ,

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    Master the Long Exposure Workflow In the Long Exposure Workflow with ND Filters course, you will learn all the necessary information and skills to start making breathtaking masterpieces.  When I first started shooting Long Exposure photos I was completely lost.  It is not an easy task to put together a robust workflow when you have no […]

  • The Polaroid SX-70 Experience

    by Blake
    6 Lessonsin ,

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    The Polaroid SX-70 Experience course is one like no other.  We are going to look at the Polaroid SX-70 camera, yep, the one from the 70’s.  I am not going to go out and use the camera, nor am I going to tell you to run out and buy the latest and greatest SX-70.  In […]