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  • Ps Foundations - Adobe Camera Raw Advanced

    by Blake

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    Photoshop Foundations – Adobe Camera Raw Advanced In the first installment of the Foundations course for Adobe Camera Raw, we covered just about every button and function in Adobe Camera Raw.  But, as with everything in life, just when you think you know it all another door opens and a whole new world of discovery […]

  • Photoshop Foundations - Cleanup Tools

    by Blake
    10 Lessonsin ,

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    Photoshop Foundations:  Cleanup Tools Did you know that 4 out of every 5 images that I see during the critique sessions require some form of image “cleanup”?  Either there are distractions that are keeping the viewer from enjoying the piece or there are tiny dust spots that will annoy the trained eye.  Either way, these distractions […]

  • PS Foundations Cataloging

    by Blake
    8 Lessonsin ,

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    Photoshop Foundations:  Cataloging Cataloging your photos may be the most important part of your photographic workflow.  If your cataloging system is broken, you will lose images, have a poor backup system, and may be less inclined to post produce your images.   An effective catalog system accounts for your images from the moment you put your […]

  • Ps Foundations: The Inverted Image

    by Blake

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    Photoshop Foundations:  The Inverted Image! What if I told you there is a second dimension in your photos that you are not accessing right now?  You’d probably want to know more right?  Especially if I told you that with that 2nd dimension of data you could make some of the most natural adjustments possible. The […]

  • An Expert's Guide to Workflow Automation

    by Blake
    7 Lessonsin ,

    382 learners taking this course

    An Expert’s Guide to Workflow Automation The final chapter in the Workflow Automation course!  We will be covering everything from exporting images from Adobe Camera Raw to Droplet creation.  This one is not for the feint of heart, and it is strongly encouraged that you watch both the Beginner’s and Novice’s Guides before pursuing this […]